(Closed) Pregnant Bees with cats… Did you get toxoplasmosis testing?

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Busy bee
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….I’ve never heard of this. The things you learn on the bee. 

I don’t think I can give you much advice, but if you are just looking for a blood test I’m sure you could just take the EuroStar over and find a doctor or lab who will do the test. I have no idea if you need it or not, but if you just want the peace of mind ant minimum I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to do. 

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Nope.  My doc said the risk was relatively low (they didn’t even offer a test) though it was higher if your cats spent time outdoors.  She said just stay away from the litterbox and wash your hands frequently, and she wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

In 100% honesty, I didn’t really worry about that after she said not to–and I enjoyed not having to change the litterbox.  There were so many more (IMO) likely things to go wrong, I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with toxoplasmosis.

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@Sea_bass:  I don’t have cats, but I was tested in my first set of blood tests following official confirmation of my pregnancy (there are a lot of friendly feral cats here thanks to tourists feeding them constantly and they keep coming to rub themselves against you when you’re sat outside or walking down the street).  The doctor warned me to stay away from cats following the all clear from my test.  I had to be re-tested once when a cat under the table at a taverna we were eating clawed at my legs.  I can’t understand why they’d refuse to test you – how strange!

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I have two cats that are somewhat indoor/outdoor cats.  One only goes outside occasionally and doesn’t hunt (seriously, I watched her sniff a mole the other day and then herd it out of her fenced in yard).  The other cat doesn’t go out unless it’s in the enclosed “condo” that we built on the side of the house (there’s a cat door leading to the condo).  I don’t know if my doctor is going to test or not.  I suspect that I have been exposed in the past and even if I haven’t then the cats I have now present less of a risk than undercooked pork.

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Sugar bee

Here is some good, solid info:


My husband cleaned the litter boxes while I was pregnant, to be on the safe side, but I would comfortable doing it myself if I were pregnant again. I would wear gloves, scoop twice every day (first thing in the morning & before bed) and wash my hands very well afterward.

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Busy Beekeeper

i had always heard you can’t change the litter when pregnant, so to get your DH to do it for 9 months. I was happy to oblige, but decided to look up as to why and that’s where i learned about toxoplasmosis.  From what i researched, I found that if you have had cats for a long time, chances are very likely you have gotten toxoplasmosis in the past and then developed antibodies for it.  Since I grew up with cats, this made me a lot less worried.  Not to mention the actual risk of getting is so incredibly low that I also read you are probably safe to change the litter yourself (but you know, why take that miniscule risk when DH can change the litter?!). 

So I did not worry about or think about it again, my doctor never even asked if i have cats.  Then when my cat got sick and i took her to the vet, the vet saw i was pregnant and stated telling me i should be testing my cats poo for toxoplasmosis. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was not a bad idea.

In the end, i never did it. It was going to cost money to do the testing and had my cat never gotten sick, it would never have come up as something i needed to do.  So far we are all fine and i am about 38 and a half weeks pregnant.

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Busy Beekeeper

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@Jijitattoo:  i just read the link you provided and it just gave me more reassurance (not that i was really worried to begin with), because my cats are indoors and they dont eat raw meat.

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I didn’t get tested while I was pregnant, but I did give up litter changing duties!  

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I have two cats as well (indoor, though). I am not getting tested, my dr said as long as I give up litter duties during pregnancy, I should be fine. From what I understand, the chances of your cats even carrying this is extremely slim. Use common sense, wash your hands after you handle them, have hubby change the litter- and leave your worries at the door lol. I’m learning more and more to just go through the motions of being ‘safe’ while pregnant as the what-if’s will drive you into hibernation for 9 months. 

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I was tested with my first blood draw and it was negative. I’ve had cats all my life and have been changing litter for years. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just have your DH scoop the litter for you. 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I have a cat and haven’t been tested.  My OB hasn’t even asked about cats.  I don’t have a litter box as she goes outside in the flower bed.

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I haven’t had any testing and most likely won’t.

I’ve been around cats most of my life and my current kitties are indoor only so I’m not really worried. Of course, I haven’t told DH that those things make toxoplasmosis less likely, because I love having him clean the litter box. 😉

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I have a cat as well. I also grew up with cats. My OBGYN did not test me for toxoplasmosis. He said that people who do not have cats are at a higher risk and like some of the other bees said, if you have cats you have probably had it in the past and now have antibodies to fight off future infection. They were telling me that people who never had cats had gotten it from digging in the yard without gloves and accidentally coming across cat feces. I wouldn’t sweat it too much but definately give DH the chance to clean the litter 🙂 I actually let DH continue to clean litter box until I weaned DS–not sure if there was an increase risk but what the heck-haha.  

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@Sea_bass:  I just saw this one and actually spoke to my GP on Wednesday about it after I was in hospital Tuesday night. She said that chances are you’ve been exposed to it at some point while you’ve owned a cat. Which basically means you’d test positive to it even though it’s not a current threat which means they don’t always know how to interpret the results and don’t want to give you antibiotics not may not be necessary or prevent any harm to your baby. So try not to stress out and just make sure you wash your hands after playing with your babies and cook all meat through and wash and scrub fruit and veg before consumption. 

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