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  • poll: Pregnant bees, will you get a flu shot?

    Yes. I always get a flu shot, and I will get one during pregnancy

    No. I usually get a flu shot, but I won't during pregnancy

    Yes. I don't usually get a flu shot, but I will during pregnancy

    No. I don't usually get a flu shot, and I won't during pregnancy

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    My dr said they recommended that I get one. 

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    You are suppose to get one when you are pregnant. I think you are more susceptible to the flu while pregnant and catching the flu while pregnant can be dangerous for both you and the baby. I am definitely getting one.

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    I didn’t get one through my first pregnancy, though it was STRONGLY encouraged.  After giving birth to my son, they wouldn’t let me leave the hospital without getting one.  Well I mean I COULD have, but the ped. doctors would have been unhappy with me. It was actually my first flu shot ever.  I will be getting a flu shot with this pregnancy probably in October (one year since last time).

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    I’ll be getting one!

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    The dr does recommend it because its believed to help the baby, and because your immune system is weaker during pregnancy.

    However a lot of people claim to get a reaction from the flu shot and get “sick”. The flu shot is for influenza A and B which are actually respiratory problems.. its cold like symptoms and aches. And people some how come down with the 24 hour vomit and hershey squirts and say the flu shot gave them the flu… could be a reaction. though I tend to doubt it.. but whatevs for them I guess!!

    I think me and Fiance will get it. He actually got really sick and went to the DR to find out he had influenza A this past winter!


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    Just got one today. Check with your OB at next visit if they don’t bring it up. I asked if it is safe for pregnant women and they said that we get a diff version without live cultures. Also it was a super quick shot in my arm. 

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    I plan to get one this year and I have never had one before.  I just think it’s the best thing to do when you’re more prone to sickness and have another life depending on your health.  My sister didn’t get one when she was pregnant and ended up going to the ER because she had the flu and was getting dehydrated.  That combined with all the doctor recommendations makes me confident that it’s a good idea.

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    My Fiance is a physician’s assistant and he said pregnant women should definitely get the flu shot.

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    The first time I got the flu vaccine (nasal) I got the flu about a week later. I’m on the fence about if I’ll get it. I will admit the vaccine induced flu was only a few days and a walk in the park compared to the real thing. I have read that the shot doesn’t have as much of a chance to cause the flu either. Interested to see what others say.

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    @Cory_loves_this_girl: OHMIGOSH GET ONE ASAP! The year there was a huge H1N1 epidemic (09-10), pregnant ladies were among the hardest hit. Like, formerly healthy young women going from fine to on a breathing machine in less than 24 hours, emergency C-sections in the ICU because their babies weren’t getting enough oxygen and their bodies couldn’t meet the demand. Pregnant women have little pulmonary reserve (areas formerly populated by lungs now populated by a growing human) and a decreased immune system. Get the shot, not the intranasal injection (pregnant women should only have killed or inactivated virus shots, NEVER live-attenuated)


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    @lovemygsp:  The nasal spray is a “live” virus versus the shot which is “dead”, the shot cannot give you the actual flu, the virus is in pieces just enough to trigger your immunity, the nasal spray is live attenuated virus and causes a local infection at the nose, and can cause flu symptoms but much shorter and less severe than a true flu. Aso, per the CDC, pregnant women shouldnt get the nose spray. 

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    I’ve only had the flu shot a couple of times as an adult, when I was working as a nanny and when I was flying out of the country for a long vacation. (I didn’t want to be sick in a foreign country). From what I’ve read about the flu shot and pregnancy I’m planning on getting one. I got a post card about Flu shots today and my doctors office will have them starting September 28. I have an apt with my OB on Oct 2 so I’ll get it then.

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    @lovemygsp:  The shot has zero chance of causing the flu, not just a reduced chance. Definitely get the shot!

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    I don’t usually get it, but definitely will this year. I would feel terrible if I caught the flu and gave it to my newborn.

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