(Closed) Pregnant drinking soda/pop/carbonated drinks?

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I wouldn’t imagine caffeine withdrawl being a major problem at birth unless your consumption was astronomical. Yes, Caffeine is a drug. Thankfully, it isn’t a potent drug and dependance doesn’t always happen (I’ve been drinking Dr. Pepper every day that I can remember and I can stop cold turkey with no withdrawl symptoms) or if it does it can be mild. So, while it is a drug, it isn’t as potent or addicting as say.. heroine or cocaine.

So, using caffeine withdrawl as a fear tactic to shame women into changing their habits is, while true, grossly misconcieved.

A couple sodas or cups of coffee a day isn’t going to hurt anything and you likely won’t have a baby with any sort of dependancy on the drug.


Edit: From my (very limited) google research, diet sodas are far more “dangerous” (Take this term for what you will) than regular soda due to the formulated sweeteners.

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@Hyperventilate:  +1 on the whole dependency issue…pop is not a drug.


I get majorly judged for this, and it is because of the caffeine intake. Basically because people are clueless – yes, you are supposed to limit your caffeine intake. But drinking a Mountain Dew every day or two certainly is not causing damage to my child. And yet I get comments from people every freaking day. Basically because they want to be nosy and apparantely think they know better than my doctor about what is and isn’t healthy for me. Yeah, obviously pop isn’t nutritous…but sometimes I really need one to get my day going (I don’t drink coffee), or because my stomach is upset and water does not calm it down. Non-caffeinated versions have a nasty aftertaste, and again, a pop a day is really doing nothing to my baby, so it is SO aggravating to have people try to lecture me about it. For the record, there is no hard evidence that caffeine intake actually has any long-term effects on your fetus, they just recommend limiting it to be extra safe.

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@Sugaree:  I definitely agree about the two ‘bad’ categories, it’s funny because whenever I turn down lunch meat everyone asks why…but I had a tuna fish sandwich one day (light tuna, only 2oz when they say up to 6 a week is okay), my first one in a month because I was having a serious craving, and the othe rpeople in the break/lunch room’s eyes about popped out of their heads. It’s quite ironic!


So yeah OP, sorry if I’m ranting a little here, I’m pregnant too so it’s kind of a touchy subject for me right now, as you can see! And it’s usually the people who don’t have children and have no idea who make comments. Then again, they’re the same people who ask invasive questions about if the baby was planned and if I’ll be breastfeeding, so I guess I should just get used to the nosiness now!

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I don’t judge. I stayed away from soda my whole pregnancy, because it has so much sugar.

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@Wonderstruck:  Tell them you special order it from Canada 🙂

Ours has no caffiene here, we have weird caffiene laws.  Only colas, one brand of root beer that I know of and energy drinks are pops with caffiene.

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@AB Bride:  Wow, seriously? That’s crazy I had no idea, although now that I think about it the only kind of pop I’ve had in Canada was cola. I could possibly get away with that excuse, we are pretty close to the Ambassador Bridge, haha.

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I think regular pop/soda is okay as long as you’re not having more than the recommended daily amount of caffeine. Diet sodas are another story because of the artificial sweetners. DH is a medical professional and he said he’d rather I drink a regular can of coke than a diet coke because of the Aspartame. Fortunately we have a SodaStream machine and none of the sugar-free flavours we’ve bought have aspartame in them. If you really like carbonated drinks you might want to consider getting a SodaStream. There are a lot of fruity/non-caffeinated flavours. You can also use it to make your own carboned water and add fruit flavouring, etc. to it.

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I drink 1 soda every day.  Regular coke.  I freaking love it.  There is actually only 45mg of caffeine in one can of coke.  Technically I could be having several every day and stay within the caffeine limit!

People always have something critical to say.  If the worst thing I do is drink a can of coke, oh well!  If they don’t like it, they can look away 🙂 

I’ve had two people say something to me about it, and I asked my doc.  She told me to tell them my doctor said to “shut up and mind your own business, because it’s fine” if they said anything again!  LOL. 


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I stopped drinking pop because of the caffinee content (I’ve never like coffee). Some studies show that it increases your chance for an MC. As its my first I’m nervous about a MC because many women to MC their very first pregnancy. So I rather shy on the side of caution.

The March of Dimes website has a lot of good information regarding caffine. 

Does caffeine during pregnancy affect your baby?
Yes. During pregnancy, caffeine passes through the placenta and reaches your baby. Caffeine may decrease blood flow to the placenta, which may cause problems for your baby.

You may have heard that too much caffeine can cause miscarriage (when a baby dies in the womb before 20 weeks of pregnancy). Some studies say this is true and some say it’s not. Until we know more about how caffeine can affect pregnancy, it’s best to limit the amount you get to 200 milligrams each day.”


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