(Closed) Pregnant ladies: how often do you eat?

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I went through a huge eating phase my 2nd trimester. My 1st I wasn’t that hungry and had no appetite.  I am barely in my 3rd trimester and am not that hungry. I eat breakfast and then lunch and a snack during the afternoon then dinner. A lot of times I forget to do the snack. Most of the time when I eat is because I know the baby needs food not because I am hungry 

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I eat breakfast (sometimes a Special K bar, sometimes eggs and bacon)

I have lunch (sandwich or salad or burger, yogurt and maybe some fruit)

Snack around 3 (yogurt or cheese)

Dinner (normal size)

Dessert (I’ve cut back, so only rarely)


I haven’t really eaten any more than I did before pregnant except for my need for a snack in the afternoon.



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I feel like I eat all day!  I start with coffee and a breakfast bar on the way to work, then about an hour later have cereal or oatmeal and fruit.  Then I have a snack about 2 hours after that, usually nuts and more fruit, followed by a normal lunch (salads, veggies, etc) an hour after that.  Then two more snacks in the afternoon, followed by dinner and then I end the night with a protein shake and maybe a little something sweet. 

The bigger the belly gets though, the smaller the portions I eat and the more often I need to eat to keep my energy up. 

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I was eating constantly in my 1st trimester, just to fend off nausea. I was pretty much always munching on a cracker. My breakfasts were also bigger during the first tri (also to fend off morning sickness- for me, throwing up was really only a morning issue).  Most of 2nd tri I was eating every couple hrs (pretty much on your schedule as you, but with smaller snacks & bigger lunch), but oddly enough, there have been a few days over the last couple weeks where I went without the 10am & 2pm snacks without noticing. Then paid for it later by being STARVING (one day to the point of shaking) by the time I got home from work. We’ll see how this 3rd trimester pans out. I don’t snack too much after dinner, but I’ll have dessert if it’s there, or if I’m really hungry, some cheese or toast w/cinnamon butter before bed.

ETA: This isn’t too far from my normal (pre-pregnancy) eating routine. Except the addition of the afternoon snack, bigger lunches, and allowing myself dessert more often.

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I’m not pregnany nor have I ever been, but I am a health care professional and I encourage all my patients to eat small frequent meals throughout the day.  I myself am always munching and manage to stay quite fit. For you, your body needs lots of energy to help that baby grow so it’s good to add fuel to your fire, otherwise you might end up tired and cranky. So I think it’s good how you’re eating!

I would, however, recommend adding some veggies to your list. You’ve got lots of fruits and protein which is good but vegetables are an important part of being healthy as well. Maybe some celery with your nut butter or carrots and hummus for one of those snacks.

Happy baby-making!!

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I feel like I’m eating all day too. Sometimes, the hunger will seize me and I just absolutely MUST eat or I literally feel like I’ll die. I know this sounds extreme but the hunger pains are very strong! Other days I have no appetite, but it seems like eating keeps the nausea away even on those days. So, my typical day:

7am breakfast- either bowl of cereal, english muffin with PB, a Van’s waffle, oatmeal, or just a granola bar (was my old breakfast but now not filling enough usually)

9:30/10- Some kind of snack. Banana, cottage cheese with an apple, almonds, something like that

11:30 – the hunger starts, but this still feels too early for lunch, so maybe another snack or just eat lunch. Today I had a fiber-one bar and lasted til 12:30 for lunch. 

Lunch- leftovers, or salad, lean cuisine, soup, sandwich. Not that big of a lunch usually. 

3pm- Another snack similar to morning snack. Piece of fruit or some veggies, or nuts. 

Then I may bring something on the train just in case I get hungry but I try not to eat this unless I have to. Though yesterday I missed my train because I didn’t bring anything and I was so hungry I HAD to get a snack. 

I get home around 6 and eat dinner around 6:30/7. Usually it’s hard to force dinner down but the carbs seem to go down easily. Not the meat. 

9 or 10- something light before bed just so my stomach isn’t empty. Half an english muffin, slice of blueberry bread, or a banana for example. 


Wow. You are not the only one eating more often!! This is crazy now that I typed it out. No wonder I’ve gained 5 lbs and am only (just about) 11 weeks. I wish I could stop but I literally cannot. I just need to increase my exercise which I plan to do as I start feeling better. Right now I’m getting in about a half hour of walking most days. I’m going to up it to 45-an hour a day I think. 

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Bumble bee
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I’m in my first trimester, so it’s the nausea phase of things.  I nibble literally all day long, but I’m not sure that I’m actually getting enough food intake overall right now.  Today I only managed to eat about a quarter of the pasta w/ turkey sauce that I brought for lunch over the course of an hour.  Yesterday was better.  Despite the nausea I ate —

1 banana, 1 cereal bar, bowl of soup, saltines, small serving of cottage cheese, small slice of pizza, half a serving of pasta w/ turkey sauce

I know I need to eat more like that every day, but it’s so hard to force the food down my throat 🙁

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I feel like I’m eating constantly since when I get hungry I get nauseous, but in mini portions b/c getting full = nausea as well…. I know that I’m still not taking in enough calories but I’m trying to eat best I can… I need to eat more fruit but otherwise I’ve been pretty balanced (I think).. =/

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I feel like I snack all day…but I am not very hungry in the evenings. I wake up at 5 am every day (even weekends) and go to bed around 9 (sadly, also on weekends anymore) so I eat much more during the early part of the day.

I eat breakfast at 5:30 am, and that’s my biggest meal of the day. I have a HUGE bowl of cereal (I switch it up, but my favorite is Kashi Toasted Oats, lots of protein and fiber and not much sugar), plus usually either toast, or my new thing is frozen waffles (which I toast and eat plain).

Then, around 8:30 or 9, I usually have a snack- most often a banana, or sometimes a granola/fiber bar.

Lunchtime varies, but it’s most often between 11 and 11:30, and I usually have rice and beans, or soup and a sandwich. Sometimes I have leftover casseroles or spaghetti. I always have 2-3 servings of fruit at lunch as well.

Sometimes I have an afternoon snack, sometimes I don’t. If I didn’t eat all my fruit at lunch, I’ll have that. I have tapped into my emergency goldfish crackers that I keep in my car more than once.

I wake up absolutely starving, but by 4-5 pm my appetite has kind of dropped off. This is hard because my husband and I always eat together, and this is where I try and jam in as much protein as possible, since up to this point I’ve probably gotten less than half of my recommended intake. Husband is a HUGE meat and potatoes guy, and I’m not a vegetarian, but not really much of a meat eater either. I would honestly rather have a bowl of cheerios for dinner than a steak. But, I am working on it because I know I need the protein. I was trying all these alternate ways to get protein- soy products, protein enriched bread, nuts, etc. and then I found it was just easier to suck it up and eat the damn meat, even if it wasn’t what I wanted. I just grab the smallest portion possible and eat extra vegetables instead.

You know what I’ve found the hardest? Kicking my diet coke habit. I’ve cut way down, but pre pregnancy, I was drinking at least 2 cans a day. I never liked coffee, never drank juice, milk, or any kind of smoothie/shake, so as far as non alcoholic drinks go, it was either pop or water. On the upside, I’m getting a lot of water now.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, my work usually puts out candy, or dessert bread, or chips and salsa, or some kind of snack, almost every day. I’d be totally lying if I said I didn’t often indulge.

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Helper bee

I’m only 4 weeks and I’m already eating every 2 hours! Its crazy! I haven’t had the morning sickness yet, but if I don’t eat when I start to get hungry, I get a little sick to my stomach. Nothing extreme, but when I’m hungry I’m HUNGRY.

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I ate all day long. It was pretty bad at first b/c I wasn’t watching what I was eating, so I gained a lot of weight. Towards the end I smartened up and ate healthy snacks all day, and the weight gain got a lot smaller.

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I am still in my first trimester – 11 weeks tomorrow-  but I eat all the time as well.

For breakfast I either have a protein shake with banana and strawberries mixed in, and a bowl of cheerios or I’ll have cottage cheese with peaches, and toast with peanut butter. And lots of water! 

By 11am I’m hungry again, so I eat a handful of strawberries, or a granola/clif bar

Around noon I eat soup, salad, sandwich, cheese or rice with some veggie on the side.

Dinner is always different, the other day it was tilapia with rice and green beans, one night it was just two large baked potatos, or salad and cucumbers, last night I had cucumbers, zucchini, and rotisserie chicken.

I as well usually have a before-bed snack, a little popcorn, nuts, fruit, last night a piece of chocolate cake!! ( my midwife said carbs before bed help my stomach feel less unsettled in the morning!)

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How do you eat so little??!! Maybe this is why I am gaining so much weight! haha!

I am referring to your lunch. You only need a granola bar and stawberries? I’m impressed! Your daily diet makes me feel like I eat A LOT 😉

Here’s what my day looks like:

9am: Big bowl of Special K cereal

10:30am: yogurt

Noon: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhich and a piece of fruit

3pm: String cheese, crackers, fruit

6pm: Dinner  (typically things like chicken, rice, and veggies) & glass of non-fat milk

8pm: snack  (usually fruit)

9pm: A bowl of light ice cream

11pm: ANOTHER snack….popcorn, or crackers, or fruit or whatever I can find.  haha!

Often in the mornings there is also a Tall Non-Fat white mocha added in there. Lots fo water throughout the day and some apple juice.

I feel like I eat really often now-a-days. I used to be someone who never ate breakfast and sometimes didn’t even eat lunch. Now I HAVE to eat breakfast and am starving for lunch and then find that I am grazing throughout the day. I am pretty good with what I eat until the end of the day…then it’s low-fat ice cream, popcorn, crackers, etc……

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