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    I have the Mirena and was told by my doctor that it is 99.9999999% reliable – moreso than the pill or any other contraceptive (except abstinence, obviously).

    There is always that chance in hell but I’ve never known anybody or heard of anybody and neither has my doctor (as of 2 years ago when I had mine put in).


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    I have mirena.. I am the only one I know who has it.. and I haven’t gotten preggers… I have read horror stories about being preggers with mirena though.. I don’t know any one personally. Its the same as the pill I was told..

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    I work witha guy whos daughter got pregnant, she had to have emergency surgery to have it removed and they had to remove one of her tubs because of it, but the baby lived and she just had another one! She is filing a law suite against them now, and it looks like she is gonig to win. Ill let you know the outcome! 

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    I have never even heard of mirena… so I must be living under a rock or something because I seriously dont even know what it is

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    @Cash000: If you have good reason to think you might be pregnant, you should probably make an appointment with your doctor ASAP! I don’t know much about Mirena but I doubt that it’s good for you or the baby to have it in if you are pregnant.

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    i don’t know anyone that has gotten pregnant on it, but i did want to share something i just learned about it: my bff just had hers out after her periods resumed while she had it in. it is supposed to last 5 years, most people have whacky periods for 6 months and then it often goes away completely. BUT, if you are on it and have not been having periods and then they return, the dr told her the hormones have run out and you CAN get pregnant at that point. hers was in for 4.5 years when this happened, they said if she wanted they could put another one in right away. just thought i’d put it out there for those interested in getting a mirena.

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    Well my personal experience with mirena was a bad one..i had it put in after my second son was born..i had it removed over a year ago because of the crazy side effects I had..i had vision problems and my right side would go numb from time to time and a few dizzy spells.. I had it a total of about four months until I decided to just get my tubes tied. It does stop your periods..well for me it did..but everybody is different..but I have not heard of anybody getting pregnant while using mirena

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    honestly, you need to ask your doctor for this kind of information. when you ask a message board, you are going to get some anecdotal evidence that’s charged with personal opinions. I’m not saying it will be bad advice, it’s just that it will not all be based on science.

    in a nutshell: yes, it is possible to get pregnant. if you do, there may be complications or a miscarriage. or you can have a healthy baby. but your chances of actually getting pregnant are really really low. but read the fine print on the website for more information.

     and talk to your doctor! if you don’t trust her or him, find a new one!

    PS: here’s my personal experience: I’ve been on the mirena for 5 years and I’m about to go get my 2nd one put in, I like it so much! this is coming from a girl who had bad side effcts from every pill I tried and had a history of menstrual issues. very few side effects on the mirena for me.

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    Yes I had a close family member get pregnant while on mirena.  She had it taken out but ended up losing the baby.

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    @MrsE.ToBe : omfg! you just gave me a heart attack! This totally happened to me! But my doc said that this happens all the time,, that sometimes your body gets used to the hormones and your period resumes

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    @Karissa: that’s really interesting! I figured that the mirena can technically last more than 5 years, but they tell you 5 years just to be on the safe side. (I read somewhere that they were testing to see if women could safely leave it in for something like 7 years.)

    I find it really interesting how wildly different women’s reactions are when it comes to birth control. 4.5 years is really short!

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    I have 100% seen multiple people on Weddingbee say they got pregnant on Mirena and know people who got pregnant on them.

    They aren’t 99.9999999999999% effective. They are 99.999% effective, which is actually not as high as it sounds.

    1 in 1,000 women on this form of birth control will get pregnant every year. When you scale that up to a population the size of the USA, that’s a lot of women shocked every year when they get pregnant when they thought that wasn’t possible.

    I know that 99.999% sounds really high to most people, but as a scientist and statistician, it kind of makes me laugh. For example, I groan every time I see a cleaning product commercial that claims to kill “99.99% of bacteria!”. Do you know how many bacteria are on a square inch of the average household surface? Around a million, depending on the surface. You’re leaving behind 1000-10,000 cells – PER SQUARE INCH!!! That would be unacceptable with the antibiotics I help create.

    Look beyond the comforting numbers and scale up the risk to a population. Unintended pregnancies happen all the time to people who think they should be 100% covered.

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    I’ve been on the Mirena for 5months. I had spotting for about 2 months which sucked but then my periods just went away.

    I am also VERY fertile…like my gma will joke that I can’t walk past a guy in the hallway and brush elbows without getting pregnant. And, I’m good so far with my Mirena and I love it.

    Both my sisters have it as well and neither of them have any issues either.

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