Pregnant on the Pill + Withdrawal Bleed

posted 4 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: Have you ever/do you know anyone who has fallen pregnant while on the pill AND had withdrawal bleed?
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    It sounds like possible symptoms of taking the pill. If you were pregnant and having this many symptoms, a test would be positive now. Take a test, and if it’s negative and you still have concerns, talk to your doctor. I would also check out some resources on birth control effectiveness, because I’ve never seen 99.9% effectiveness listed for the pill, even with perfect use. “Perfect use” isn’t just about taking it at the same time every day, the effectiveness can be compromised by being sick, having diarrhea, other medications, etc.

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    joko:  Usually it takes something signficant to get pregnant on the pill if you are taking it as religiously as you say you are.  Have you taken any other medications lately?  Some can make the pill less effective/not effective.  Otherwise, you might be symptom spotting.  I know I did that last month (I’m not on the pill, and my Darling Husband and I are NTNP right now) 

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    If you take the pill same time everyday, you probably aren’t pregnant. It sounds like symptoms from the pills. I’ve had all those symptoms also when I was on them. Many times… 

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    Well I didn’t get pregnant on the pill, but I did get pregnant my first month off the pill.  And I had bleeding at the “normal” time (well so I thought) that was just like all of the other withdrawl bleeds I had (so light periods).  So I didn’t actually realize I was pregnant until I missed the next period and was 8 weeks along.

    Since you were on the pill I think it’s pretty unlikely, but it’s definitely possible to get pregnant (that 1%) and have bleeding and still be pregnant.  Most women only have spotting if they’re pregnant but it’s possible it can be heavier (mine was).

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    joko:  most likely you aren’t pregnant. Id take a test now this to make sure. You don’t want to continue taking your pill of you were… But I’ve had that a ton! It was like being pregnant at sparatic times! LoL… So I wouldn’t worry. 

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    joko:  If you last had sex 5 or 6 weeks ago a home pregnancy test would definitely show up as positive at this point! (Usually two weeks after ovulating is enough time for it to show up as positive if you are pregnant). Just take a test ASAP if you want to know.

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    You most likely aren’t pregnant but there’s still a possibility. My friend took her pill religiously at the same time every day, had sex ONE time and got pregnanat! Good luck for whatever outcome you’re hoping for! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    joko:  HI Joko, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, I fell pregnant whilst taking the pill relegiously.  We fell on the 10th March but I didnt find out until 16th April.<br /><br />On the 17th March I had a short period, It was a week earlier than my pill expected break and lasted 3 days instead of 5. At the time I thought nothing of it as I was going through a lot of stress at the time. At the end of March I did a test just to be sure and it was negative. 


    Anyway one day I cooked a lasagne and salad for me and partner, on the salad I usually dressed it with my mustard abd honey dressing, my fave. As I dove into my salad, I couldnt taste the dressing. Initially i thought it had gone out of date but then everything started to taste blande, I literally couldnt taste anything. I thought I was coming down with a throat infection. 


    On 16th April I realized it had been a month since I had my period, but I was also confused since I came on early last time and I was still taking my pill as normal, so I thought since I had a test remaining from the duo twin pack I bought in March, that I might aswell check. It’s funny I never took the test seriously I kicking my legs on loo singing whilst doing it I could of bet my life that it was negative. But no the test read 2-3 weeks, later a scan confirmed I was much further gone which explained my lack of taste for food. <br /><br />As for early signs, at week 6 was when I got my morning sickness, only bread made me feel better. The worse was the constant need to spit, all the extra saliva made me want to hurl. It wasnt until now that I felt exhausted and my nipples are tender. I started to show at 10 week, but everyone is different, personally I think to have all the symptoms this early sounds more like a pill side effect, but everyone and every pregnancy is different. <br /><br />Hope everything goes well xx


    Just to add, I took my pill 6am every morning, I too had an alarm. I wasnt ill or on other meds. I even had a mini period in between, but I still got pregnant. So it can happen. I used to be a firm believer in the pill that if you took it correctly you won’t fall pregnant. 

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    It’s certainly possible. I have 3 friends who fell pregnant on the pill. They all claimed to use it completely correctly. I believe that 2 of the 3 did indeed use it correctly. In all three cases, taking antibiotics was identified as the factor which was most likely to have caused them to become pregnant.

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