(Closed) Pregnant woman sues man over belly rubbing

posted 5 years ago in Pregnancy
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    Yes it would bother me if a random stranger came up to me and started touching my belly…I don’t mind family and friends touching but ask for my permission first. I don’t think i would sue but probably slap them too.

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    @ValerieBee03:  If anyone tries to touch my stomach without asking they should expect to get slapped. I’d probably absolutely consider rpressing charges against a stranger who did it.  I don’t know where people get off thinking it’s okay, it’s not.  If this is what it takes to get people to realize and back off, then so be it.  I never touch or ask to touch pregnant womens’ bellies, with the exception of my sister and my best friend.  I ALWAYS asked them before, too.

    It’s actually now illegal to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach in Pa.  So, he technically broke a law and should expect ot be punished accordingly.

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    I have never been pregnant, but already know I wouldn’t want people touching my belly. Why do people think that is okay? I never touch anyone’s belly, I don’t even ask – but if they offer, I certainly take them up on it!

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    It’s never okay to invade someone’s personal space.  Pregnant women aren’t open to the public for viewing and handling.

    I’m currently in a cast and I have had SO MANY PEOPLE ask me about it.  Not just, “Oh, are you okay?” but “What happened?  What were you doing?  How long do you have to wear that?  Have you been to a physical therapist?”  And on and on.  People I don’t even KNOW are saying this kind of stuff.  It really pisses me off because my medical history is no one’s business but mine!  I can only *imagine* how angry and annoyed I’ll feel when I’m pregnant someday and people are touching my stomach, asking how far along I am, asking about the gender, asking about the name, etc.  People need to learn damn boundaries.

    By The Way, my issue with the guy in this article is the fact that he HUGGED her.  Unless they’re familiar and friendly, that’s not okay.  Yuck.

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    @ValerieBee03:  It’s now illegal in PA to touch a pregnant women’s belly, and I think that is actually great. I mean, had this happened to me I probably wouldn’t have sued, but I would have had some harsh words and slapped him depending on my mood.

    My family respects my wishes, and they always ask first. My Mother-In-Law is a bit more intrusive, and I had to tell her it made me uncomfortable, and I wanted her to stop because she would vigorously rub it without asking. It was like patting a choking person on the back. That isn’t how I want my belly “rubbed.”

    Plus I feel very guarded. This baby has been growing inside me, and I feel very responsible and just, well, protective about it, so I don’t like when people touch without asking. It’s rude. I’m sure they wouldn’t want their bellies touched.

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    This country is too damn sue happy imo.  It sounds like a stupid thing to sue over.  She pushed him away, he got the message and left.  She probably had some choice words for him, but a law suit?   Surely the courts have more important things to attend to than a pat on the belly.

    And his comment was weird.  Why would he say I just want to be friends?  Was it his child?  Was he making a move on her?  Sounds like more to the story that could possibly make a lawsuit make more sense.


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    I feel like I must be missing something here. Or at least I hope I am.


    She’s suing him because he hugged her and rubbed her belly? Did she hug him back? Because I’d take a hug as a sign for “it’s okay to touch me”.


    I totally support the law that PA has now because no one should feel like they have the right to touch other people and the desire of strangers to rub pregnant bellies has always struck me as rude and invasive (especially when you think about the little tiny life growing in there, I’m not pregnant but I feel like I’d be super protective of my stomach the whole time), but she told him to stop, he did. He left. Not worth suing over in my opinion.

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    @ValerieBee03:  My cousin just had a baby and we used to talk about how she just hates people touching her, especially rubbing her belly. We had to go to a funeral, and the daughter of the person that passed away (first time meeting my cousin) asked if she could feel her belly. My cousin agreed, and then the woman (on a lot of xanax) proceeded to rub and push and prod on my cousin for literally over 5 minutes. It was the most uncomfortable thing ever. After dropping plenty of hints to try and get her to stop my cousin finally said “that’s enough” and got up and walked away. I would’ve had enough after about 10 seconds with that woman, but I would have obliged because her dad had just passed and I wouldn’t want to upset her.

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    I’ll see if I can find it but I read a different article on this same story and that article made it sound like this women continually asked for the man to stop touching her stomach and he refused.

    I don’t even have a bump yet but when people find out I’m pregnant they want to touch me. Seriously?? There is nothing to touch, I don’t just randomly go around and say “hi, how are you” and start touching you in inappropriate places.

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    I am pregnant, and I LOVE when people touch my belly!

    But the hug thing before the belly rub is uncomfortable if she didn’t know the guy!


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    Wow, people sue for just about anything these days! I think if the woman was okay with hugging this guy then he couldn’t have been a complete stranger. Not to mention when they were hugging, her stomach would have been touching *him* anyway. Whenever Darling Husband and I hug lately my belly is completely in the way lol.

    I’m not saying it was right for him to touch her belly like that but I don’t think it’s something worth suing over.

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