Premarital Marriage Exam_WTH!?

posted 8 years ago in Indianapolis
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Bumble bee
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never heard of it – we became legal last year – just go down to the courthouse or city county building – get your license and have someone perform the ceremony – in fact we were told you no longer NEED blood tests or anything.

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Buzzing bee
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Wow, I would also like to know why it’s necessary only for women?  Unless there’s some good reason for that (and I can’t think of what it would be), that sounds just wrong.

When I was little (like three), I asked my dad how two people got married.  The only part I remember was that he told me “you both have to go get a doctor’s exam to make sure you’re ‘right for each other’ “, whatever that meant, haha.  In my little kid’s mind, I imagined you and your future husband being laid out flat on a steel table, naked, being examined by an surprisingly alien-like doctor.  It was a horrifying image, ha!  It really stuck with me.  But I don’t know if medical exams are still Pennsylvania law as a prereq for marriage.

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Bee Keeper
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Blood tests used to be required in most states. It was something about making sure there were no unknown or undisclosed diseases. I’m fairly certain that’s an outdated rule, and is not supposed to exist anymore. It went the way of first cousins marrying. (True story, I know first cousins that are married with kids.)

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Helper bee
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Medical examinations are no longer required.  I found that out in January when we almost eloped to move to Dubai, but when I first read the requirements listed on some sites, I was surprised!

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It is no longer a requirement in Indiana and a few other states have dropped it as well.

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Buzzing bee
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We didn’t have to do this in MI, although I know that blood testing here was the norm not long ago. I don’t really get the point of a lot of things to get married, buuuut I just go along with it.

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Bumble bee
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I have talked to my mom about this, b/c my parents got a blood test before they got married. She said it was primarily to check your blood type for when you have kids.

Basically, if you have a negative blood type and your baby gets your husbands positive blood type, your body will attach the baby. If you know that it’s a problem, they have a treatment that keeps your body from hurting the baby. (Crazy, right?)

My mom said it was to make you aware of this and any other potential issues (diseases, etc) before getting married and having kids.

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Busy bee
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Like others have said, I think most states have dropped the medical exam requirements in the past 5-10 years.  I thought the blood tests were primarily to test for Save-The-Date Cards like HIV or cyphillis … hadn’t heard about blood type compatibility. 

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It’s a eugenics law.  Women with rubella are more likely to have an

Autistic child.  As if only married women have children!  As an

Autistic woman, I find this offensive.  Since my fiance is also

Autistic, and can’t have children, it’s utter nonsense.  I was

previouly married in 2001, and had to prove that I’d been vaccinated

at that time, and had to pay for an otherwise unncessary doctor’s

visit for that to happen.  I hope whoever above said that this is no

longer done in Indiana was right, since I am getting married this Fall

and I have a severe ethical objection to this outmoded way of

thinking, that somehow autism is a terrible epidemic and we should be

prevented, to the extent that we need to test brides-to-be to make

certain that they aren’t at a higher-than-average risk of having a

child like me. 


Autistic people need acceptance, not to be prevented or cured. Our brains are different, our needs are different, but we are still people.

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Buzzing bee
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bestbuddies : Not sure where you got your info from…?? I just got married in Indiana. None of that was needed. You just apply for the marriage license and your all set. You prefill the application on line – print – take all needed forms of ID listed for you and FI- and complete the process in person. Took us maybe 30 minutes total.

Here is the rest of the info:

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Sorry just realized this is a 6 year old post…. but it has popped up as a recent post.

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