(Closed) Prenatal (8 week) Blood test results – nervous about voicemail?!

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giaf1 :  I’m not sure they do any genetic testing at 8 weeks (for the baby) unless you opted to do genetic testing on yourself- like to see if you’re a carrier for something.  I wouldn’t worry.  Do you know your blood type?  It could be something as simple as you are Rh – and need some additional shots.  They can’t do the fetal DNA testing until you are least 10weeks as far as I know.  And um…you would (should) know if you were signing up for that.

As far as I know the prenatal bloodwork I’ve always done has been HIV, syphillis, iron levels, blood type, etc.  Unless you opt to do genetic carrier testing on yourself?? I would think you would know if you agreed to do that…?  That is the only genetic testing at 8 weeks I can think of- to see if you’re a carrier for something. I don’t have any family history or risk factors for certain diseases/conditions (neither does my DH) so it’s never been recommended for us to do that type of testing.  Some people have risk factors and the OB will recommend testing to see if you’re a carrier.

I’m not sure on their handling of it, some things it might be their policy that you speak only with the doctor and receptionists are not able to give out information over the phone.  Of course, if you’ve waited more than 24 hours to hear back, I think you can complain about that.

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Im guessing if anything your blood sugar came back high and the nurse got confused and said genetic instead of gestational. Like PP I havent heard of genetic testing that early unless maybe you’re over 40 or high risk but Im not a dr so I cant be certain. I hate they did that to you and then say “dont worry”. OF COURSE you’ll worry. Bug the crap out of them until you get Dr on the phone

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As far as I know they don’t do any genetic testing at 8 weeks. Do you know your blood type? Maybe you’re RH negative which is no big deal.

Are you AMA?

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I refused the tests with both mine – I highly respect the disability equality movement and would never abort because of these tests, I would love my baby regardless of issues and it would only add extra stress ontop of standard pregnancy stress

I did test as a carrier for a type of sickle cell in my standard bloods… they repeted the test a dozen times because im not the race usually associated with it and have no reason to have it and they thought they must be mistaken but too be honest they didnt really care (they where more curious about why I had a random unexplain genetic) and it had no effect on our son as both parents need to be carriers for it to cause issues


so somethings are automatically tested but aren’t really a big issue

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I’m thinking RH also.  She may just need to tell you that you are RH negative and that you will need a shot at 20 something weeks or if you start spotting sooner.  Just a guess.

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It’s not genetic testing of the baby, they are testing YOUR genetics for any risk factors. The genetic testing for the baby is done aroune 12/13 weeks. Right now they are testing your RH factor, HIV/STDs, and genetic predispositions, etc. Some genes if they test a certain way, they’ll want to test the baby’s father to see what the compatibility is. It’s not going to be your blood sugar. They check that via urine until later in the pregnancy. 

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It’s probably Rhesus factor, which is hardly anything but please do update us when you find out what it is. 

I’m quite concerned that your care providers don’t explain their screening tests, all of which has implications. In future I would ask them to explain fully what a test is for, how this affects me and the baby in short and long term, and what happens if a result comes back as positive. This should help you decide whether you want to have the test or not in an informed manner to prevent something like this happening again.  

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Sometimes they test you for Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell, Tach Says, etc.  It could be you are a CF carrier – it happened to me, 1 out 25 people are or something.  My hubby had to get a test to confirm that he wasn’t, and all was good.  I really wouldn’t blame the office staff in this case, they can’t give you any info and it’s not like they can force the doctor to call you.  They are just trying to calm you down and reassure you nothing is wrong with baby.

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I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I can’t help but panic whenever I do a test and the doctors office calls. For my first bloodwork (at 6 weeks I believe) they called me to discuss “medical options”…I was shitting my pants for the two days it took for me to get in for my appointment. Turns out my blood work was fine (thought I am a Strep-B carrier), the doctor just wanted to know if I planned on using a midwife or OB.

Also, I work as a Medical office Assistant, so I know how easy it is to forget how the patient hears things on the other end of the phone. 

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I got a voicemail like that too and it was because I was RH negative. I had recieved a rho-gam shot super early on because I was spotting and I forgot to tell them that! My blood came back like I had antibodies against RH positive blood. Scared the CRAP out of me. 

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My doctor called to go over my results only because I’m negative for the antibody for toxoplasmosis and he wanted to make sure I knew not to change the cat litter. I’m sure it’s something very simple like RH. 

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