Prenatal vitamins – the debate continues.

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The only one that had evidence behind it prenatally is folic acid for 3 months pre conception and first 12 weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defect. Iodine is also recommended but not until you are actually pregnant. All the rest are added extras unless you actually have an iron or other vitamin/mineral deficiency

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piper628 :  I’m not a doc, but this is my take.

Folic acid is definitely recommended, but for everything else I’d suggest getting a detailed blood test done by your GP and only supplement if you are low in any vitamins or minerals.  If you are healthy and eat a balanced diet than you shouldn’t be. 

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No help here, as I’m researching the same thing! Commenting to follow.

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Id look into folate, it’s the pure form, solgar folate 800mg (available on Amazon) is really good and affordable. That’s what I’ve been taking this pregnancy. 

A lot of people can’t metabolize folic acid as it’s the synthetic form of folate. 

I also recommend looking into supplementing your vit D.


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Most of what they put in your vitamins, prenatal or regular, you just pee out if you don’t need.

Take the prenatal or folic acid.  It’s fine. 

Ask your OBGYN, if you want a customized opinion.

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i take this one

Pro: it has real food in it & folate instead of synthetic folic acid

Con: the dose is 3/day

Pro: it does not have gelatin or other animal product binders

Con: it smells funny

My doc said you can take any one as long as you’re getting folic acid/folate. The other vitamins are more dependent on what your diet is low in. I also took a omega3 dha while pregnant. I’ve heard iron can be good too (this one has some iron). 

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The other thing to consider is that your body will be working a lot harder when your pregnant. I ate a healthy balanced diet, took my pregnancy vitamins, and my bloods were great in the first trimester. By third tri my iron levels had dropped off significantly, despite maintaining my everything. I ended up needing a very high iron diet and double doses of iron supplements, plus my pregnancy vitamin, to keep my iron levels within low normal.

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I’m currently pregnant and my midwife advised folic acid for the first 12 weeks and vitamin D for the whole pregnancy (am based in the UK).

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I just take the vitafusion gummies all the time. About halfway through my pregnancy with dd I switched to ones with iron because I was anemic.

Folic acid/folate is the major important one though.

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This is the vitamin I’ve been taking for a few years now. I started a couple months before getting pregnant with my first. I continued to take it after she was born while breastfeeding for 14 months then continued as I intended on getting pregnant not long after (did when she was 16 months). I am currently 30 weeks with my second. Folic acid is important but really all B vitamins are important for proper spinal cord and brain development. I’m naturally low in iron, especially when pregnant, so the higher iron is a bonus for me, even when not pregnant. I like that this one includes DHA, not all prenatals do. DHA is great for brain and visual development.  I do not eat fish so this would be my main source of DHA. I would say diet is the best way to get all your daily vitamins but it’s hard to know the exact amounts of what you are in-taking. Also, if you are very sick during pregnancy, like me, this ensure you are receiving all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy.

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I’m sure there’s benefits to pre-natals, but I’ll be honest…I think they’re kind of a gimmick. As PP said, you’ll just pee most of them out. The baby will take what it needs from your body regardless, so the supplements are more for your sake and to ensure there’s plenty to go around. I didn’t take any supplements until my third trimester, when my iron dropped too low (I was told it’s normal for iron levels to drop during pregnancy, although mine dropped a tad too much…but was back to the safe zone by the time I delivered) but even then it wasn’t a prenatal, I took Floradix and some liquid vitamin D. 

I’ve never heard about the folic acid/folate thing so I didn’t deliberately take any before/during pregnancy…Probably wouldn’t hurt to take that though,  along with whatever else you’re specifically deficient in. Prenatals can be really expensive, so I think it’s better for your buck to customize your supplements rather than taking a generic medley of things your body will hardly need/use. 


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piper628 :  What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I drank green smoothies so I’d get my vitamins naturally.  Folic acid is not folate or they would be able to call it folate.  Not everyone metabolizes the acid properly and there is a study loosely connecting it to autism (more research necessary)

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? She said as long as people eat balanced meals and get those greens, spina bifida is a non-issue.  So I continued with the smoothie plan

In your experience, what worked best for you?  No morning sickness at all (barely any pregnancy symptoms until the last few months) eating healthier in general, the greenery was just right for me. I should probably do it all the time

What would (or did you change) the second time around? I’d stick with them longer. I stopped when the weather got too cold and I’d passed my first trimester.

Any good pieces of advice you want to share (no matter the source)? It’s easy to stress and it’s easy to say try not to stress. But try not to. Also cantaloupe can be helpful for heartburn, lol.

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