Prenatal vitamins – the debate continues.

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I think I took the Olly ones and vitafusion depending on how much money we had at the time. I just tried to make sure I was getting the beat folic acid I could and go easy on the vitamin A or make sure it used a certain form of it. Unfortunately I dont remember which form it was. Beta carotene maybe? Not sure. Your doctor would know better 🙂

I also went gummy. I have a bad gag reflex and can’t handle the big pills so I went chewable  and if it had anything missing that i was low in i took a separate gummy for that. Like calcium. I noticed a lot of gummies miss calcium.

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I’d just like to add that I have a cousin with spina bifida, and it is a horrible, awful disease.

Take the folic acid/folate at the very least, even if you opt not to take a full prenatal vitamin. It is not worth the risk IMO.

The vitafusion gummies are like $10 for 45 days worth.

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What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? With my son I took the up&up brand. Right now we’re TTC and i’m taking naturemade multi+DHA

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? Yes, my OB has always recommend I take a prenatal and i’ve taken one in place of a regular vitamin since before my son was born. 

In your experience, what worked best for you? I don’t really have an intolerance so I’ve used multiple kinds of prenatals with no real issue. 

What would (or did you change) the second time around? Nothing, still taking a prenatal. I do try to eat more whole foods while i’m pregnant. 

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I started taking the NatureMade prenatal with DHA when we were TTC and have continued taking it throughout pregnancy. I chose it because it was on sale at CVS lol. My doctor wasn’t too fussed about prenatals…she was like just make sure to find one with DHA and you’re good. I always take it at nght when my stomach is full and have never had an issue with nausea from it – even when I was barfing my guts out in the first trimester. I’ll do the same thing if I’m pregnant again in the future.

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What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I’ve taken the Vitamin Code, Mama n Baby 2, etc

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? I went to get a physical yesterday and my new Dr told me to just make sure I’m getting folate (over 35) and not to worry about anything else. Perviously, my Obgyn told me to take a prenatal 3 months before trying. He also added to get folate in and said any grocery store brand was fine. 

In your experience, what worked best for you? I personaly prefer taking less pills so I liked Mama n Me although they taste horrible. I’ll probably switch when these are out! 

What would (or did you change) the second time around? NA 

Any good pieces of advice you want to share (no matter the source)? I’ve always been conscious of my diet and try to eat on the healthy side – I regularly eat fruit smoothies, spinach, wheatgrass, coconut water, organic/grassfed meats, nuts and I was deficient in Vitamin D, Zinc and B12 so I don’t really necessarily buy that “most people” with balanced diets get what they need from food. I am hypothyroid and have my blood drawn regularly which is why I know I’m in the lower range. To each their own though!

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The biggest issue I had was finding a prental with DHA that didn’t have fish in it. So if anyone has any good ones that fit that parameter let me know.

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my brother has spina bifida so i was at a slightly higher risk  to have a child with spina bifida.

i took kirkland (costco brand) prenatals for both my pregnancies.

it was recommends to take ones with DHEA, but no specific brand.  i guess the one you can keep down.  i know some women have issues with iron.  i took mine after lunch.  i needed a good amount of food in me when i took them or else i would get sick.

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 With my first 2 pregnancies I took flintstone vitamins at the recommendation of the nutritionist. Those worked great for me! Also, those two pregnancies are healthy and active (10 and 12 year old) boys now. 

This next time around I will be taking a vitamin with folate and selenium. My sister tested positive for the MTHFR gene mutation after having a stroke at 27, and even though I haven’t been tested yet, I take folate instead on folic acid just to be on the safe side. The selenium is because my fiance rented an apt from a scientist at the University of ND who participated in a study that found women who took selenium while pregnant had children with an average 10 point higher IQ. I haven’t looked to see if his study is published yet or still ongoing, but it’s important to my fiance and lots of prenatal and multi vitamins have selenium in them anyway.

I plan on starting the vitamins as soon as my regular ones run out here in the next couple months and we plan on TTC May 2019.

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I am going through IVF so I have had A TON of discussions with the doctor about what I can do to prep my body so I am successful right away. I am taking COQ10 and 200mg of folic acid so that is what I would recommend! Start at least 3 months before you start trying to build up your levels (for the folic acid) and to improve the quality of your uterus/eggs 🙂

Good luck!

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By the way I am taking Costco branded folic acid and COQ10

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MissKristi :  how much coQ are you taking? I was taking 600mg/day 3 months before ttc.

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lifeisbeeutiful :  Yep, same! Also my husband is taking it as well because we were told it will improve his sperm quality. Worst case scenario, it does nothing for his sperm but it’s supposed to be wonderful for heart health haha

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*I am not currently TTC, but I was a few years ago with my ex-husband. No pregnancies resulted, so I’m only going to answer the first two.


What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I take Puritan’s Pride prenatal plus a DHA supplement. I bought a bunch of them back when my ex and I were TTC because PP is always having crazy sales like buy 2, get 4 free. I didn’t see the point in switching back to a regular multivitamin when we stopped TTC, since my stash was so large. By the time I ran out, I was with my current SO and we both knew we were going to eventually try for a baby, so I just kept ordering them. 

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? My doctor says taking a prenatal is perfectly fine, even if you aren’t currently TTC. Plus, accidents happen and I’d feel better knowing I had already been taking them for a period of time if I did end up pregnant. She admitted it was probably overkill, but said there were no negative consequences so if put me at ease, go for it. My OB definitely recommends being on a prenatal at least 3 months before TTC. She was the one who originally recommended adding the DHA supplement, as well.

Any good pieces of advice you want to share (no matter the source)? Always take them with food, or you may end up barfing all over yourself on your way to work one morning. 🙂


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slomotion :  SmartyPants has an organic and vegetarian prenatal gummy – the DHA comes from flax seed. However, from what I’ve read, it’s impossible to find DHA that’s NOT sourced from fish. Both flax seed and fishies are sources of Omega 3’s, but the respective Omega 3’s are made up of entirely different acids.

(Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil contain a particular omega-3 fat called ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). Fish and fish oil contain two very different omega-3s, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The vast majority of the research on the health benefits of omega-3s has been done on DHA and EPA.)

But if you’re still interested:

OP, I’m taking Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete. I can’t tolerate pills, much less multiple large ones at a time, and I can imagine if I have any pregnancy nausea, I will ESP not be able to handle them. So I default to gummies, and these are by far the best ones out there for me.

They have the L-methylfolate version of folate, which is the most bioavailable form. It’s the correct form for anyone who has metabolic difficulties with folate.

They don’t have iron (I believe iron is hard to get into gummy form?), which is a plus for people like myself who are iron-sensitive or not yet TTC. Iron can build up in your body and become toxic, so I’m happy to add a gentle iron supplement to this prenatal once I’m pregnant, if I need it.

The dosage is 6, but they taste very good, so I don’t mind at all. I consider them my “breakfast dessert” at work.

We won’t start TTC until April, but I like to be prepared in case of an “oopsie.” 

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piper628 :  

What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I just switched from Rainbow Light Prenatal & DHA to Premama because it includes DHA so I only have to take one capsule and it uses folate instead of folic acid (Rainbow Light has folic acid). 

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? I didn’t get to see my regular doctor at my annual appointment (she never came back from her maternity leave) and the one I saw just said take a prenatal, they’re all the same. I have a fertility appointment with a different doctor at the end of November, unless we get lucky. This is #1 so I have no success story to speak of yet. 


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