Prenatal vitamins – the debate continues.

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NatureMade with DHA. One pill a day with everything you need. Also has folate instead of folic acid. Took it with #1 and now taking it with #2. Started taking it 4-5 months before TTC just because I was excited to start the process. I also read the gummies aren’t as good for you and have more added sugar and dye. After my research I was most happy with NatureMade with DHA. 🙂 

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piper628 :  Good luck to you! I honestly don’t think that you need to stress about the vitamin. And if you don’t do well with pills, maybe a gummy would work better for you. Most of them have added sugar which is why I avoid them, and I don’t like things getting stuck in my teeth. 

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What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why?

I have been taking Baby & Me 2 prenatal vitamins. I chose this one, because it’s food based and has folate instead of folic acid. I took half dose (aka 1 pill a day instead of 2 pills a day) and wasn’t particularly diligent in taking them before getting a positive HPT. After seeing two lines, I took 2 pills a day very dilligently. I’m 17 weeks now, and still take them, because I haven’t been told to stop taking them.

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it?

They emphasized taking folate/folic acid and eating “balanced” meals as much as possible. I’m not the best when it comes to eating balanced meals, and take comfort in taking prenatal vitamins to cover anything I am missing.

In your experience, what worked best for you?

Can’t say much as this is my first pregnancy, but I didn’t have any vitamin deficiencies on my first prenatal blood test – which is a first! I always had something low before during my annual health check ups, so I think taking prenatal vitamins helped.

What would (or did you change) the second time around?

Other than trying to eat healthier (i.e. eat less junk food), nothing as of now.

Any good pieces of advice you want to share (no matter the source)?

I also get paranoid about overdosing myself, which is why I took half dose before finding out about pregnancy. I think going with food-based vitamin was a great choice, because whenever I took multivitamins before, I had stomach issues and/or gross, smelly pee which I hated. Nothing like that with these prenatal vitamins, so I think they have been working well with my body.

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 We’re not TTC yet but the time is coming soon. I’m looking in to Pink Stork prenatal vitamins. They’re natural and have folate instead of folic acid, really good reviews, and they’re not too pricey. 

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What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I take Thorne brand Basic Prenatal. It’s one of the ones formulated with methylated folate for those of us with the MTHFR gene mutation. It doesn’t contain DHA, but I was already taking a daily DHA/Omega 3 supplement, so I’ve kept taking that as well.

What advice did your doctor give you? Did you follow it? My midwife recommended the Thorne prenatals specifically because of the MTHFR gene mutation, so it’s the only prenatal I’ve taken. She wanted me to start taking it several months before TTC and I ended up taking it for about a year before because we didn’t know exactly when in 2018 we would start trying.

Any good advice you want to share (no matter the source)? Taking prenatals at bedtime definitely helps with tolerance. The only time I start to feel slightly (but not horribly) queezy is if I end up staying up an hour or more after taking them. Usually I take them right before brushing my teeth and going to bed, so if they bother me at all I don’t notice.


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What prenatal vitamin do you take? Why? I take a prescription that my OB called in for me because I’m pregnant (~5.5 weeks). Prior to that, I was taking Up & Up (Target brand) because it was $5 for 100.

What advice did you doctor give you? Did you follow it? Actually, when I was a broke college student, my GYN told me to take a prenatal because (1) they’re cheaper than regular viatmins; and (2) there’s nothing in it that will hurt me if I’m not pregnant or TTC. That was almost 10 years ago and I’ve been taking them ever since.

In your experience, what worked best for you? I have to admit that the generic target vitamins are a lot easier on my stomach than the prescription ones. I might ask my OB at my first appointment if I can go back to them instead.

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MrsFairyBee :  Question for you- do you know if there’s a specific version of the NatureMade w/ DHA ones that has folate instead of folic acid? I just Googled it so I could send a reference pic to D.H. for when he goes to CVS later today but it looked like folic acid was listed on the ingredients list. 

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bayoubee :  You know, I thouhgt it did say folate on my bottle but googleing just now looks like it is folic acid. I’ll have to double check my bottle at home. 

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duchessgummybunns :   slomotion :  Another option for DHA if you don’t want to take a pill is to take an oil like Udo’s Oil. It’s pricey but they have an Omega 3/6/9 DHA blend and you can mix it into smoothies/foods or take it plain if you can stomach taking a tablespoon of oil with a chaser. It’s vegetarian and the DHA source is algae. 

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