(Closed) Prenatal Vitamins while TTC?

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    I don’t think prenatals are any more expensive than regular vitamins.  The biggest thing is folic acid though, so a regular multivite and folic acid supplement would be fine too.

    I take NatureMade brand prenatals.  Started on the regular tablet type at first, and switched to the gel caps with DHA recently.  Both are just one pill a day and reasonably priced.

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    My regular multivitamins have folic acid in them, which is the main thing for people TTC. I think the big thing about multi vs prenatal is the iron content. When you’re pregnant you need a lot of iron because your blood volume doubles but I think a multivitamin is fine for TTC. In fact, I’m not anemic and all the excess iron (156% DV in the prenatals alone! Not counting my daily intake from foods!) was making me throw up…. aka serving no purpose. So my CNM told me unless I become anemic that taking regular multi-vites with folic acid is fine 🙂

    Sorry…that was long.

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    My gyno said the prescription for prenatals was a rip off. She suggested I take a multi-vitamin, folic acid, and an iron pill (i’m anemic) however then she said that at Target over the counter, they sell a prenatal that’s exactly the same as the prescribed one. So for $11 I got a one time a day 200 count bottle from the big bullseye

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    I’m TTC and I take a woman’s multi with B vitamins and 300mg of Folic Acid and I also take a 300mg folic acid supplement.  I get mine at the grocery store and the combination seems to work ok.

    In NZ there is a pre-natal vitamin called Elevit and it’s ridiculously expensive!  Who knows how long we’ll be TTC for and taking Elevit could get very expesnive.

    My friend who is a medical professional said the only thing to look out for with standard multi-vitamins is that they don’t contain too much Vitamin A.

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    I’ve compared prices and found that Pre-natals are more expensive than multi-vitamins. I personally don’t like taking one huge vitamin and so I take multi-vitamins that are equivalent to Pre-natals. I basically compare the extras in the pre-natals and supplement.

    It works for me! It’s not only cheaper but I get to take smaller pills so it’s easier. Here’s my daily cocktail:

    • multi-vitamin 
    • folic acid (tiny pill)
    • iron
    • calcium (2 large pills)
    • Omega-3 

    I don’t take the Omega-3 gel caps everyday. I only take it when I don’t eat properly. But the calcium is the same type of pills I’ve been taking my whole life, same with my multi-vitamin, so it doesn’t get me sick, which is important to me.

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    I don’t have an opinion on whether prenatals are a rip off or not.

    But when we were ready I went to my ob/gyn for a preconception visit. I asked her about prenatal vitamins and told her that I had already been taking multivitamins daily and if I could just continue with that. She said that as long as it had 400 mg of folic acid I’m good to go.

    So that’s what I take.


    Totally agree. 🙂 I think when I AM pregnant I’ll talk my doc then as to whether I need more of whatever a prenatal might provide me that a multi can not.


    Do you know what is considered too much Vitamin A? Thanks!

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    Right now, I’m taking a gummy pre-natal with folic acid and fish oil in it. I also take two calcium supplements since I’m not a big milk drinker. My gummy doesn’t have iron, but for now, it’s not a big deal since I try to get enough iron through food. I’ll start really focusing on that when we TTC or conceive.

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    i didnt take prenatals when i was ttc, but did take a basic gummy multivitamin. im sure millions of women around the world have perfectly healthy pregnancies without taking vitamins beforehand, but im sure it can’t hurt. now that i’m pregnant, i take a pretty inexpensive prenatal – target brand. it doesnt upset my stomach and is less than $6. i take it in combination with a DHA supplement (plus an extra calcium and vitamin D for other reasons), but an inexpensive store brand alone might be a good option for you.

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    I just took my multivitamin regularly, it had folic acid and iron and all the good stuff in it.  Plus I had just won a huge supply of fish pills so I didn’t need anymore supplemental omega 3s.  Right now I’m taking a prenatal but it was about the same price as the multivitamins.  There’s some websites that talk about the absorption of different vitamins, I looked into it a bit but then got flustered so made sure I was eating lots of leafy greans and other natural sources of folic acid just in case the vitamins I was taking weren’t absorbed well. 

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    I’m taking a prenatal (the rainbow light one, it’s all natural/vegan or something like that), but I did see that some of them are more than one pill, like the one a day prenatal. I just chose one that I could take once a day, but I can’t iimagiine that a multivitamin with folic acid wouldn’t be okay. As long as you’re getting everything that you need, I don’t think it matters if it’s specifically prenatal or not.

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    I would read the label carefully of your regular multivitamin. I was taking a “women’s” blend, it had some chinese herbs and other things I hadn’t heard of, along with a warning not to take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I stopped taking that while TTC just to be on the safe side. I mean, who knows? But a generic pre-natal is not expensive, it’s only one pill, and it doesn’t have extra stuff in it.

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    Yowzer! Since TTC I have been reading all packages carefully for that ominous “don’t eat when you’re pregnant”.

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    I decided to not risk it, and I take a prenatal. I take the Rainbow Light ones… If you look around it goes on sale every once in a while. I get mine from Whole Foods. I like that it is made from plant/food sources– it is not synthetic.

    Mine is a one-a-day vitamin. But you can buy it in the lower dose where you take a few pills a day. I think that helps your body to absorb the vitamins better, but I know I would forget to take it a few times a day.

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