Prenatals and miscarriage

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Soton85 :  Great! Talk to your doctor about dosage. Mine has me on 1000 mcg of active folate (L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate)/day on top of the prenatal that I mentioned above but that may because I had an ectopic in the fall and was given methotrexate.  If you were given methotrexate for either of your miscarriages, you may want to supplement with extra folate for a while to get your levels back up. 

Fingers crossed for you!

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Soton85 :  I have no knowledge to add here, I just wanted to say good luck TTC again. I’m thinking of you girl. <3

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MargaritaVille :  Right, but that is why they take folate instead of folic acid. The only difference in the two is that folic acid is the synthetic version of folate, a B-9 vitamin. Pure methylfolate is probably better for anyone, since your body can break it down easier. It is also what is found in foods like spinach and leafy greens.

Soton85 :  I agree! And sometimes it’s just hard to stay off of google. I know that I often tried to “find” reasons for my losses or TTC failures, but the reality is…it’s nearly impossible to do. Good luck! I’m cheering you on.

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BeeBlake :  I take Thorne basic prenatal also- I don’t take it 3x a day, I just take all 3 at once at night before bed. I HATED them when I first started. I took them the first two weeks with chocolate pudding and did a lot of whining like a little kid before getting used to them. lol  (after 2 years of prenatals, I no longer complain except when I have to order them at $25 a bottle)

I’m on a list of suppliments thanks to my crazy mother (who I love dearly and she does know her stuff…):  vit D, vit K2 (to help the D), DHA (nordic naturals CLO), a fancy probiotic, magnesium (got rid of my migraines!), and my prenatals (Thorne)

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Soton85 :  First off, I am so, so sorry for your losses. As soon as I saw the title of this thread my mind went to MTHFR. I didn’t even read the article you posted as I think the Daily Mail is a terrible source of any reliable information. But I have a MTHFR mutation and think it is incredibly important to get as much info as possible on it. Do you know which mutation you have and if you are heterozygous or homozygous for it? Have you had your homocysteine/B12 levels checked? I am homozygous (two mutated copies instead of just one, which is more serious) for C677T. It is very important for me to take the methylated forms of B12 and other B vitamins as well, not just folate. Folinic acid is important as well. I take a prescription prenatal called Enbrace HR, but I know there are good over-the-counter ones as well! High homocysteine levels (caused by low B12 levels) can increase your risk of some birth defects, as well as long-term health problems for you. Also it can increase your risk of depression/anxiety/PPD so really important to know before a birth, and if you have the MTHFR mutation that is important to know for treatment options. Also, since I have two mutated copies I know my toddler (and the baby I’m carrying now) both must have at least one mutated copy so the gummy vitamin I give my toddler has B vitamins in their L-methyl forms. It’s called Smartypants and they make a prenatal as well, although it sounds as if you are taking a MTHFR-friendly prenatal already- that is awesome. Anyway, I am no doctor but since finding out I have the mutation in January I’ve been reading as much as I can on it to learn more. I’m an exception I guess (I feel like I dodged a bullet) in that I have had one healthy baby and apparently, hopefully, another healthy one on the way, but I have struggled with postpartum insomnia, depression and anxiety that has thankfully responded really well to B12 and folate/folinic acid supplementation. I am so, so glad I figured that out before my second baby comes in May and wish I had known before even becoming pregnant. Anyway, best of luck to you. It is possible the MTHFR mutation was a factor in your losses or it may have just been bad luck. Either way you definitely shouldn’t blame yourself or the prenatal you are taking. Feel free to ask me anything else and I can PM you some of the online articles and websites I’ve found heplful.

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KatieBklyn :  

This! Or the fact that about a quarter of women have unplanned pregnancies and so were not taking prenatal vitamins. Women having greater difficulty conceiving would be more likely than the average population of pregnant women to be on vitamins beforehand. These women may be more likely to experience miscarriages too.

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