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Blushing bee
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Wondering the same thing. We will be TTC as soon as we’re married in March! So excited.

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Bumble bee
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In my research, I’ve heard a few pieces of advice: 

– take prenatal vitamins, as you said

– eat at least 5-7 servings of fruits/veggies per day to get your nutrients

– exercise, but not too intensely, to make sure you are in peak health

– quit smoking and doing illegal drugs

– cut back on alcohol and caffiene so it’s easier to stop them while pregnant

Hope that helps! 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m going to be TTC in april. I’m taking 1mg of folic acid a day & 30mg of iron to treat my anemia. Together, they’re effectively a pre-natal vitamin (but WAY cheaper). 🙂

The only thing to suggest is keep doing what you’re doing if you have a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t think you do, adapt it but it’s not time for an overhaul. TAKE FOLIC ACID at least 2-3 months before you plan on trying. Neural tube defects usually occur in the first 30 days after conception, before women even know they’re pregnant!

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Bee Keeper
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I stopped BCP a while before TTC (but we used condoms in the mean time to prevent).  I’m over 30 & have been on hormonal birth control of one form or another for over a decade, so I wanted to make sure my body had time to regulate.

About 3 months before TTC (which was about 5 or 6 months off BCP) I started taking prenatal vitamins and trying to eat healthier.  I am an intense exerciser and I pretty much maintained that level of activity up until I got pregnant.  I did a marathon in March and was training for a November race when I got pregnant in July. 

I also started charting using the free FertilityFriend app.  I took my temperature every morning at the same time and plugged it into the app.  I was able to determine if and when I ovulate during my cycle.  I did this for the three months preceeding TTC just to make sure my little ovaries still work! 

I have also heard several Bees suggest reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but I got my BFP before I had a chance to read it :/ 

Good luck!! 

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Bumble bee
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We are starting summer of 2013. I’m eating healthier, doing tons of yoga and running to lose the 15lbs I gained studying for the bar this summer :/, and taking a pre-natal although i’m not taking it religiously (but I plan to start taking them religiously starting Jan). I bought TCOYF, but may be the only person on this board who didn’t like it!

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Busy bee
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We stopped birth control and started prenatals and fish oil in May. I also stopped drinking completely (I would drink with friends a few times a month). And i got myself used to drinking half my body weight in ounces of water since I knew that was going to be imporant when the day came. We waited 3-4 months then started trying in August and conceived in October.

Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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If you can, I would consider setting up an appointment with either the OBGYN or your GP and making sure you are in tip-top shape. There are some vaccinations, for example, that you can’t do when you are pregnant so if they detect it now, they can vaccinate you now pre-pregnancy. I met with my GP last year and did general bloodwork and was caught up to date on a lot of my vaccines. I met with my OBGYN recently and she suggested bloodwork to double-check on vaccines, cholesterol levels, etc. I would also consider getting a flu shot right now if you haven’t already. My doctor’s office suggests flu shots for any pregnant woman between the months of November and March. Since you are TTC now, you’ll definitely fit in that window. Your OBGYN may recommend genetic counseling/testing now while you are TTC, or you can fit it in when you are first diagnosed as pregnant.

As PP mentioned, prenatals are helpful when you are TTC. I personally take the most comprehensive one they have as my normal diet isn’t comprehensively inclusive of exactly the amount of vitamins and minerals I need on a daily basis. If they make you sick, one option is to take them right before bedtime. What to Expect also suggests cutting back on caffeine and alcohol as these can impact fertility and the baby (for example, if you didn’t know you are already pregnant and you are drinking regularly). Personally, since I’m TTC, I tend to eat the way a pregnant person is suppposed to eat “just in case”. For example, I am watching my fish consumption and making sure to avoid the high-mercury fish. I also am avoiding deli meats as recommended.

Above all else, my OBGYN suggests just having fun the first few months and not being super obsessive about temperatures and charting. Granted, it’s good to at least note how long your cycles are and whatnot so you can get a general idea of when you will ovulate, but she doesn’t suggest using the ovulation predictor kits until about 4-6 months of TTC.

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Bumble bee
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achara02 what she said- 

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PLUS starting to track your cycle. there’s lots of great books out there to help you understand your cycle. My best advice is, don’t jsut go by a website or an app, you need to tune in to YOUR body, and get to kow the signs for yourself, so you’ll soon recognize your fertile window really easily.

if you’re coming off BC, don’t expect to start ovulating right away. It usually takes 2 or more months.

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I should add, I made a preconception appointment along with my annual. Unfortunately, it was a complete waste of time. She didn’t say or add anything of importance in the realm of preparing to ttc other than asking if I wanted to go on a birth control pill NOW to avoid. Um, no. Why would I want to put chemicals in my body that close to ttc, when I haven’t been on them in years? 

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Busy bee

I’m taking vitamins, (just regular multivitamins with 400 micro grams of folic acid, plus they’re not high in vit A).


We’re not officially ttc until at least next May. I’ve also thought about taking up yoga regularly, but haven’t got around to this yet.


Have also read ‘the impatient woman’s guide to getting pregnant’, and am charting with fertility friend.


However, being now hyper aware of my fertile times is making me a little crazy… i.e. I’m now startin to see it as a waste when we have protected sex around time of ovulation, which isn’t great for the relationship. I’d love to start ttc right away, but DH wants to wait a few more months – a year, which is annoying because we’re not young (I’m late twenties, he’s mid thirties), and we both have good jobs <sigh>

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Busy bee

Oh, should also add that I’m trying to put on weight too as I’m a little on the skinny side of healthy.


Plus, unrelated, I made an appointment to see my doc as I’m permanently tired, so she checked out my thyroid, iron levels and blood count which are apparently normal. She said I should try to ‘de-stress’ more and consider my lifestyle choices (work’s a bit hectic at the moment).

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