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A lot of dog trainers have classes “preparing your dog for baby”, you might want to check into that.

And if your dogs have any behavior or training issues, get them resolved now before the baby comes.

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aww love boxers. Just remember NEVER NEVER NEVER let your dogs have access to your baby, I would place baby gates between dogs and baby AT ALL TIMES!

Dogs regardless of breeds find things like babies as prey items or game so they will try to play with it and that results in injuries and death. Dogs and baby should always be supervised if dogs are outside of the baby gates.

Also when baby comes it is very very very important that you make time for your dogs (this is where your husband comes in) Dogs notice when the balance of the house has been disrupted and they will know why. You never want to just give ALL of the attention to baby and they are suddenly ignored. Be sure to provide each individual dog with special attention, even if it’s 5 minutes per dog through out the day. It’s very important that they feel like they are still part of the family. This will also prevent jealousy of the baby. Your husband can take them on the walks and then when baby is old enough then throw baby in stroller and walk with the dogs.

As you said in your post dogs are part of a pack and you are part of their pack. If you exclude them when baby gets here and they feel like their outside of the pack then that will result in bad behavior and jealousy and then the pack will be broken.

It will be difficult since 4 dogs are alot to handle, but if you can give them the attention they need daily then it will be very rewarding for you and your family.

I have 3 dogs and I know how they need to feel special. I jog 5 days a week and I will take one dog out a day so each of them have alone time with me, and this makes everyone very happy.

It sounds like you really love your dogs and I’m sure you will find a creative way to incorporate dogs and baby into one happy family. 🙂

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We have a boxer too!  See my profile picture.  He is my big baby and I’m nervous too when we have a real baby how he will react. 

We have had friends babies over before and he’s really good with them (again, we don’t let him have free access to the baby but he is in the same room).  His problem is that he wants to be literally on top of you at all times.   He doesn’t just want to sit next to you, he has to be touching you.  When a baby is around, sometime the baby just needs some space. 

I think we are just going to slowly start having to adjusting him to getting less and different attention when possible. 

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We have two, so not quite your pack, but enough to have an interesting dynamic. We aren’t pregnant or even TTC, and may even have three by the time that happens. We’ve already discussed/worried over this a little though. And I think that letting them become accustomed to the energy of babies could be helpful.

My dogs have been exposed to a lot of children, and generally act fine around them, but not very many baby-babies. My youngest sister was 5 when we got them, and we had to work on not jumping on her since she was “their height.” They’re good with her now.

I think the main thing will be: Monitor, Monitor, Monitor! When all five of your babies are around eachother just never let them out of your sight. I think it’s good that you’ve trained them to not sleep in the bedroom. That will be our thing once we are TTC.

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Yup, I’m worried about this too.  Both of ours have been around kids before and are good with them, babies are pretty much ignored by both of them.  However, the one weird thing about my older dog is he wants to lick people when they cry, including babies.  So if we have friends over with a baby we have to make sure to intercept the pup before he gives dog kisses to soothe.

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I would try contacting your old trainer.  Even is she doesn’t do at-home consults anymore, she may be willing to help you out since it’s a special circumstance, or she may know someone who can help you out.

The fact that they have been around toddlers and other kids is a promising sign.  Victoria Stillwell recommends getting a baby doll that cries and treating it like you would a real baby.  When the baby is born, be sure to bring home a blanket with his or her smell on it as soon as you can before bringing the baby home from the hospital.  

Boxers have the reputation of being excellent with children, but no dog should be left unsupervised with children to prevent accidents.  

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i would definitely bring in a trainer before the baby comes and after. watch the dog at all times, and never let them around the baby unsupervised. a lot of things will depend on your dogs’ personalities.

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@shelbifox15: I hear you, it sounds like you are taking all of the necessary precautions and steps. So exciting!

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I feel for you, we just have one dog and I’m worried! We have friends with babies so he gets some experience, he loves them. I think it’s the baby smell. He likes them like crazy, and they always giggle. Hopefully things are just as smooth when he meets our baby!

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I love your posts. I completely get where youre coming from. We also have four dogs and I also wonder how that would work. Thanks and keep us posted.

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