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I am a big planner too, so I understand your impulse to want to feel like everything is under control.

The decision when to share the news with friends and family is a personal one. For me, I only told people I was very very close with during the first trimester. In case anything bad happened during that time, I did not want to have to discuss that with a huge group of people. When I hit 13 weeks, I shared the news with everyone. Do what feels comfortable with you.

The nursery can be done gradually or all in one spurt- I want mine done in the 7th month, just in case I give birth early and also so that I can rest up as much as possible in the last month before birth. But again, others have theirs done even later than this- in their 8th or 9th month.

Making lists may make you feel better.

Here are 2 To-Do List Suggestions:

1) Registry List/What to Buy for Baby

Here’s a list from Dr. Oz- http://www.sharecare.com/health/baby-care-essentials/baby-things-before-give-birth

2) To-do list for nursery (furniture, decor ideas, painting walls, etc)

Also, maybe you can buy the Mayo Guide to Pregnancy book and a few newborn care books to read throughout the pregnancy at your own pace.

No need to stress! There is plenty of time for everything you need to do. Really enjoy and appreciate every day of this gift!!


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Black_bird:  Well, I’m 23 weeks pregnant and haven’t done a thing yet. Partly because my seasonal job ends in April so then I’ll have a lot more time to shop and nest and stuff. Partly because before it just felt too soon. I didn’t want to get really excited about the pregnancy or buy anything before 12 weeks in case I had a miscarriage (I was just trying to protect myself a little but in case that happened). The first thing I did was buy a pregnancy book (Mayo Guide). I told my family and some close friends around 9-10 weeks. I scheduled an appointment to see a birth center and meet some midwives at 8 weeks (to decide if that was a good fit for us), and I had my first pre-natal appointment at that same birth center at 11.5 weeks. Congrats and good luck to you! Seriously, you have LOTS of time! No need whatsoever to stress out. 

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I told people whenever I was comfortable, other than that there isn’t much to do for awhile.  I would wait until after you find out the sex (if you do) to really do a registry, nursery, etc. 

You can always look out for exceptional sales or great offers, that’s a good idea IMO.

I would probably think about what type of birth you want and pick out a doctor if you don’t have one.

Maybe in the meantime just do research and read some books, that should give you an idea of what expect and what baby really needs (I tried not to buy useless items, for example) and what good brands or picks would be.

I didn’t get the nursery set up until I was 34 weeks after my shower.  I wasn’t doing any painting or extreme decorating so I waited!  I also waited until after this to organize everything and wash all the baby stuff.  I wanted to do it just once.  Installed the car seat after this as well.  Packed my hospital back after 35 weeks.

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Congrats on your pregnancy!

When to do things is such a personal thing. I am also a planner, so I was planning everything before I even got pregnant. lol

If you think you’d like to keep a journal, start now! If you’d like to make things for baby, learn to crochet or knit. I spent a lot of my early pregnancy energy and exitement crocheting. lol

We told our close family almsot right away when we got pregnant, and made an announcement at 12 weeks to the rest of the world. I’m in my second pregnancy now, and we just told the world again at 12 weeks. Seems like a good time for us!

For the nursery, I got lots of theme ideas put together and started buying a few things here and there over time. It was probably around the 7th month that I started to put things together. This time I’m not even planning a nursery.. lol

It will be good to see a doctor relatively soon to get started on prenatal care and any testing you opt for.

I had my pregnancy bag packed by 32 weeks, only because I had complications and wanted to be ready at any time.

I also enrolled in prenatal classes by mid-pregnancy.

Have fun planning 😀 It’s an exciting time!

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Black_bird:  It’s awesome you want to get a leg up on planning and figuring stuff out now even though there may be people who say you have time. You truly don’t realize how fast that time goes.

I put everything off, and I am a planner. I took my birthing classes about 4 months into my pregnancy, so you can consider those almost any time if it is an interest of yours. After that was when I got pretty serious. I had my baby shower when I was 33 weeks pregnant (I believe, might have been 34 weeks), but at any rate I did it after I knew the sex of the baby, if you plan to find out.

After that was when I really nailed myself down because I felt I was getting down to the wire. I made a March calendar and marked down everything I needed to do because when you look at everything, it is overwhelming especially since you won’t know how you’re going to feel. Maybe make monthly calendars and give yourself a task once a week to get something done (deep clean one area of the house, make a few days for exercise, make appointments, read, etc).

On the flip side of things, I have everything done. I can still find more to do, but now that I got everything done by 35-36 weeks, my weeks are going by slower and they are more painful in terms of my foul mood and seem longer because everyone constantly reminds me of how much longer I have. it isn’t long, but repeating it every day and realizing only a day goes day makes it seem like forever.

At this point you can:

-Get some books (Mayo Guide to Pregnancy is fantastic)

-Discuss with DH/SO when you want to tell people (before or after the 12 weeks–we told parents and sibs right away and waited until 12 weeks to tell everyone else).

-Also talk about names and if you want to find out the gender

-Look into birthing classes if you’re interested and try to take one your hospital offers. I learned a ton at mine but it was more specific to the hospital and doctors themselves rather than the birthing experience so that made it worth it for me.

-Start journaling. You can start something online or writing. I actually started letters to my son before I even knew his gender. Whether or not he gives a crap to read them when he’s older it has made me feel better to at least collect my thoughts and write about it. Plus if my son does appreciate it they are going to make for a very sweet momento someday 🙂


Have fun! It’s exciting and goes by fast (I slightly cringe as I say that since right now I am 38 weeks pregnant and in a foul mood and in pain and feel like this will never end. My body seems to just be teasing me with contractions right now).

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Black_bird:  We told family at 11 weeks.  I am 36 weeks right now and still trying to get things straightened out.  I researched a ton and made a list of baby items that need to be bought.  I am almost done with the essentials.  Once the list was done it took us a few days and trips to the store to get everything.  If we were in a crunch we could have done it in a day or two though.  I figure I will find out what really works and what else we really need after baby gets here.  I really need to get start/finish packing my hospital bag tomorrow though.  I don’t want to be in labor having to run around to pack my things.  One thing I didn’t think about was picking a pediatrician for the baby.  We have a meeting set up next week for that.  Also, we are planning on getting baby baptized and I had no idea people take classes for that even before giving birth!  Husband and I also took baby care, labor/delivery and a breastfeeding classes.  We are due mid-April and started doing those end of February/early March.  I am glad I got those out of the way because now I am starting to feel uncomfortable and have less energy.  Plus my OB-GYN appointments are now twice a week so that would be a lot to do on top of everything else. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed.  You have a lot of time left to plan.  Make lists and research.  Researching took me the most time.  Stay disciplined and set deadlines for everything you want to accomplish so that you aren’t rushed trying to get everything done at once.

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