(Closed) Pretty sure cleaning lady is drinking our alcohol…

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Bee Keeper
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If you are sure she isn’t helping herself to other things in the house, I would put a lock on the cabinet and assume that she gets the message loud and clear.

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Sugar bee
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omg lol this is funny! Sorry but the title made me crack up.

Lock the cabinet and if she says anything say that you think your nephew has been siphoning alcohol! But really you don’t know it was her. When I was a nanny I was accused of stealing the guy I worked for’s pot!!! So ridic! And I didn’t steal any…

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I would put a lock on the cabinet also she should get the message.

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Since you asked- I would get several empty bottles of various types of liquor.  I’d move all the good ones from the cabinet, fill the old empty ones with water, or watered down coke.  I’d replace the good stuff with the fake stuff.  She’ll take one swig & quickly realize you’re onto her. 

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Bumble bee
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haha I love the idea of replacing the real stuff with fake. too funny. Otherwise, I would just lock the cabinet like PPs suggested, and then if you feel like she is helping herself to other things in the house, that’s when the next step needs to happen, have it be a serious discussion or termination of employment.

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Sugar bee
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Oh nooo. Good cleaning help is hard to find, I wouldn’t fire her either. Possibly lock the cabinet or just leave the note. That’s sad, so many people have drinking problems and find crazy ways of hiding it. 

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Buzzing bee
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Are you SURE???? You can’t really fire her until/unless you have proof – I would get a nanny cam to see for sure.

I would also put a lock on the cabinet – you’ll have to do it anyways if/when you have children. I think a note would work in conjunction with the lock.

This would also make me weary around my valuables…

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I wouldn’t fire her if I were you, I would just put a lock on the cabinet. If that’s the only thing she’s been taking, it’s a quick and easy fixt that requires zero confrontation.

I feel like anyone wiht access to your home while you’re gone would be tempted to take SOMETHING, so there’s no guarantee the next person won’t start skimming off the top. You can also consider installing cameras or just telling the maid you’ve installed cameras to deter her from stealing.

Also, remember you don’t know for 100% sure that it’s her, so there’s always a chance you could be wrong!

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Buzzing bee
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Don’t fire her, get a nanny cam!  If she does it again, confront her with it and give her a verbal warning.  THEN bust out the lock.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I would probably talk with her, not in a mean your fired way but just be inquisitive. You don’t want to start locking things up if shes innocent as that would be offensive. Or like others you could nanny cam the area- but it would need to be immaculately hidden cause she probably dusts and wipes most nooks and crannies.

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Bumble bee
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Couldnt you put the camera IN the cabinet?  Like hidden somehow?  Give her a note that tells her not to dust/clean the area and then if she opens it to take a swig, SMILE! =) 

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Buzzing bee
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Be very careful. My in laws hired a local guy in town to help with their yard maintenance – he had been doing so for years. He is a little “slow” so a lot of ppl in our community use him to help him pay his bills as he can not drive/get a “normal” job. He is very nice but has a mental disability of some kind.

They had always suspected that maybe he was sneaking the odd beer from the sugar shack in the backyard (they do maple syrup in the winter 🙂 ) but never thought anything of it. The “guys” from the neighbour hood hang out there through the year, so there are often a few bottles of rye, rum etc and beer. They live in the boonies, so it’s not like this is a place that people would just “find” nor is it in an area where kids could sneak in and cause trouble.

Anyways – last year said man from town/yard guy decided that stealing a little liqor was no longer a good idea idea, he would just drink the whole bottle of rye that was back there. It was a 40oz, and full.

No one was home or around as he has never needed supervision prior to this. My husband came home from work to find said man face down in the ditch, one driveway from his parents. He was in an inch of water and not breathing. He called the paramedics, he was unresponsive (with vitals) and rushed to the hospital. CPR, Stomach pumped, alcohol poisoning and released the next day. The guy is lucky to be alive.

My in laws were questioned about where he would  have found alcohol by the police and were ultimately given a warning about locking up their liquor. Had he been killed on his pedal bike on the road as a result of his intoxication, or drove the lawnmower into their large/deep pond they could have been charged.

Not only is it scary that she *might* be stealing, but if she were to get drunk/drive home and kill someone on her way you could end up being involved in a messy situation.

I would definitely lock it! 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My first thought was to put a lock.

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