(Closed) Prince William Won’t Wear a Wedding Ring

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  • poll: Would you be okay with your husband NOT wearing a wedding ring?



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    Just an FYI, I read that it is common in the royal family, dating back many generations, that the men did not wear wedding bands. His father and grandfather didn’t. It is not an issue with me, my husband loves his.

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    My parents have been married over 25 years and never have worn rings. Just recently my dad inherited his parents’ wedding rings and wears them together. Which I think is sweet because it reminds him of both of his parents whenever he looks down at his hand.

    On the other hand, I would probably want my FH to wear a ring once we’re married. I plan on doing it, so why can’t he. It’s sorta like why the heck not..it’s just a piece of jewelry.

    As for Prince William, I thought the same thing a lot of y’all pointed out..the article gives no good reason why he’s chosen not to wear one! He could at least exchange rings with kate on the day of his wedding and then just never wear it again after that. But then again..EVERYONE IN THE WORLD knows the man will be MARRIED. So I guess it’s really not that big of a deal either way.

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    I’d be super upset =( but my Fiance and I already bought our bands and he is more excited that I am to wear it lol. I don’t think i’ll have to worry about this, whew!

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    Yeah I wouldn’t be happy with that.

    Luckily, my fiance is jealous that I get to wear an e-ring and can’t wait to get a ring of his own. ^^

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    I think I would be a bit upset if he didn’t want to wear one, but I also think that being upset would be irrational. (I know that sounds stupid!) What I mean is, it shouldn’t matter to me in the slightest whether he wears a ring or not – what’s important is that we are getting married and vowing to spend our lives together. He doesn’t mind me not wearing my engagement ring (in fact, he thinks it’s quite amusing if I leave the house without it and get upset!). I guess the rings are symbols to the rest of the world, but that isn’t that important to me so long as we are together and happy.

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    My husband has always worn his wedding ring, he never takes it off, whereas I only wear mine when going out. I can’t stand the feel of a ring on my hand when at home, so I just leave it off indoors. I don’t see it as strange and it means my wedding ring is still in very good condition, not scratched or anything. I really wouldn’t be bothered if my husband didn’t wear his wedding ring. If I needed a ring on his finger to prove his commitment to me I’d have serious doubts about our relationship. 

    As for Prince William, it’s up to him what he does. I can sympathise if he doesn’t like the feel of wearing a ring and, has already been said, everyone will know he’s married anyway. It’s in no way disrespectful to Kate or anything like that and I’m sure she’s fine with it. Royal men often wear a ring on their little finger instead of their third finger; maybe at some stage in the future William will follow this tradition, but it’s totally up to him. 

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    If I was marrying the prince I probably wouldn’t care because everyone would know that he was married. But being that we aren’t famous whatsoever he will be wearing a wedding ring, and I will be wearing a wedding ring and we are both proud of it!

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    I heard that on the news, and I thought it was strange, in my opinion.

    I asked my bear what he thought, and he said “that’s weird”

    Than we followed that by a long conversation about the royal wedding, and the symbol of wedding bands.

    We both already wear purity/promise rings.

    He will not go anywhere without his purity/promise ring I already got him.

    He was visiting me and my family, and he took a shower (The well water will ruin the metal that’s what happened to my ring. We had to bring it to the jeweler, and since it is white gold, they recoated it with rhodium.) and forgot his ring in the bathroom, and left to go to the store just to drive all the way back to get it.

    it is very important to him to wear his wedding band also.

    To us as an individual couple wearing our rings are important.

    However, we do believe in the saying “to each their own”


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    I think Kate is putting up with a lot of his crap. It was a SUPER LONG relationship without an engagement in sight. I mean, they obviously have the means to get engaged/married. They weren’t in school this WHOLE time. Yet he pretty much made her wait for over 8 years. And now this! Ugh!

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    Whether or not a guy wears a ring after you’re married–YOU’RE STILL MARRIED.  A ring is only as good as the guy who’s wearing it, anyways. 

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    As a newlywed, I think it would bother me if there was no good reason.  Years down the road though, I wouldn’t care, even if there was no good reason 🙂

    As far as Prince William goes, the entire world will know he is married, so I don’t see it as a big deal at all.

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    I would be irate.. I dont even know what it is but i know if he told me he didnt want to wear one.. Im pretty sure my response would be tuff cookies your doing it. lol

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    @deetroitwhat: I like that: A ring is only as good as the guy wearing it Smile

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    My husband rarely wears his but that doesn’t bother me at all.  He works for a cable company and has to go under houses & in attics and has heard stories of guys getting their rings caught on things so he doesn’t wear his to work. He’ll usually wear it when we/he go places but sometimes he forgets and I forget to remind him.  LOL! He also told me once that he finds he gets hit on more when he’s wearing than when he’s not!!! Which is so crazy to me! We’ve been happily married for 3.5 years and a ring does not equal happiness and trust.  I’ll admit when we were first married I wanted him to wear it all the time but as time went on I realized that the ring wasn’t as important as our love and commitment to each other.  Sorry to be blunt but a ring does not stop someone from cheating.


    I wear my rings everyday but that’s only because I love them.  Yes there are times when I forget to wear them, even when I leave the house.  This doesn’t bother my husband either…

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