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Busy bee
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  • Having a sex drive again. I didn’t realize how drastically it cut into my drive. 
  • Not having the constant worry that my birth control will fail and I’ll become pregnant (only, now I worry about becoming pregnant hahahah)
  • Feeling overall more emotionally stable. Sure, TTC has done some crazy things to me, but aside form that, I feel much, much more in control of myself now that I’m not on it.
  • Lost weight that I didn’t even know I gained while on it. 


  • My hair hair seems to fall out much more so than it did while on it. It isn’t drastic or anything, just an annoyance.
  • Not being able to control when I get my period. Ugh. 
  • Cramps. I dont’ have severe cramps, but cramps at all suck.
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Helper bee
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Pros: slightly higher sex drive, no more severe PMS, lost some retained water weight, less headaches, no more menstral migraines due to artificial hormones ( knock on wood!)

Cons: no period for 6 months (and counting), acne, hot flashes, oily hair

I was on birth-control pills for 15+ years and will NEVER take them ever again! Hindsight is always 20/20!

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Bumble bee
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PRO: feeling like I was in control of my body again! Sex drive! No pills to remember!

CONS: I got acne at first like crazy.

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Honey bee
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I’ve only been off for 1.5 months, so..

CONS: No period so far (who would’ve thought that could be a bad thing!); less control over cycle; eventually probably longer periods/worse cramps

PROS: Fewer migraines; no worry about a missed pill; slightly higher sex drive

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Honey bee
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anna4041:  We’re not TTC but soon I’ll be going off BC because Darling Husband had a vasectomy and I cannot wait!  

CON: Like you said, OP.  No controlling your period.  I have cysts and apparently the hormone dosage in my BC helps control them!

PRO: Just read yesterday that taking BC for 3 years or more ups your chances of glaucoma by 50%!  It was in reader’s digest!

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Bumble bee
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CONS: 1) No control over AF  2) Acne 3) Sore breasts for longer – especially when body is first readjusting to life without drugs.

PROS:  1) No migraines – some headaches but they arent even bad.  2) Having body function naturally.  3) Getting pregnant (hopefully soon!)


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Busy bee
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<br />I love reading this…I will be going off BC in a couple of weeks to TTC in April. I have only been on it for 4 month, but I haven’t really enjoyed the experience.

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Busy bee
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I have gone off the pill because I hated it and wanted to try the au natural BC by charting until we’re ready to TTC. I am SO happy to be off the pill, and anyone considering doing it for reasons other than TTC, I highly recommend getting the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s like the female sexed we should have gotten in school. 


  • Being wayyyyy more intune with my body, knowing what’s going on, charting is kind of fun. You know when your period is coming within a few days, and the day my temp drops, I know what to expect.
  • Feel less crazy and emotional. I find that I can control my emotions way more. I am happier for sure.
  • No pill to remember 
  • Saves money
  • Increased sex drive/better sex


  • Condoms (when ovulating and until cycle is more regulated)
  • The temptation of TTC is way higher/easier to have a moment of lapsed judgment and with the raging baby fever in our home, it’s going to be difficult for the next year and a half!
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Helper bee
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To all those mentioning acne, mine has become terrible! I’ve been off BC for 6 months and it’s continuing to get worse… I’ve tried tons of OTC scrubs and astringents, as well as prescription topical antibiotics. I’m at a loss of what to do next 🙁 We are TTCing so I’m hoping it will improve once pregnant? True or no? 

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Pros: fewer headaches 

cons: developed cyst and it took over 7 months to get my period back!

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Sugar bee
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Bazinga:  I heard that oily skin people wrinkle less than dryer skinned people, I like to remind myself of this daily as a deal with my awfully slick, shiny skin. Hopefully it’s true! 

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Busy bee
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Cons: I went from no acne ever to SEVERE cystic acne everywhere. Gross. My self-esteem took a nose dive. I stayed off BC for almost 2 years thinking at SOME point it would have to balance out and go away, right? WRONG. Also, my periods became almost unbearable. Like…I felt like I might legitimately pass out.

Needless to say after two years of waiting for things to regain some sort of balance, I went back on BC since we cannot TTC right now.

Pros: My sex drive was through the roof. *hubba hubba*

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Buzzing bee
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not off yet, so based on what I believe pill has done for me, I’m predicting….

Pros:  no pill to remember, increased sex drive, decreased cravings

Cons: Acne, longer/ unexpected periods, cramps

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