(Closed) PRO-LIFE BEES: What happens if the clinics close? Where do we go from there?

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@futuremrskirkman:  I donno what facts you give, but I know that many facts that pro-lifers give are often not facts at all.  The difference betweeen pro-lifers and pro-choicers is that pro-lifers have an agenda, while pro-choicers don’t.  Always if you have an agenda, you try to munipulate and convince someone to do something no matter how nicely, compassinately or supportively you do this it is still munipilation, sorry.

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@Atalanta:  I’m sorry, you are on a pro life board? Yes? You have no clue the conversations that I have with abortion minded women so please do not jump to conclusions. 

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@futuremrskirkman:  I’m sorry, you are on a pro life board? Yes?

No, I’m on a wedding board, on the internet, free for all.

You have no clue the conversations that I have with abortion minded women so please do not jump to conclusions. 

I’d like to know.

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@Atalanta:  Well, I don’t know your religious background or beliefs, but God’s Word commands Christians to forgive and to show God’s love to everyone, even those who have committed grevious acts such as murder. 

And, even thought many pro-life advocates do believe that abortion involves killing an unborn child (and I am one of them), the fact remains, that, in the US, women do have a legal right to choose these procedures.

If you’ll notice in my first post on this thread, I noted that I do not view those who advocate on behalf of abortion, or those who perform abortions, or those who choose to have an abortion, as the enemy.  I view this issue primarily as a spiritual battle, where very real forces of darkness seek to steal, kill, and destroy the life that God has created. 

If Jesus did not condemn those who handed Him over to be crucified and who physically nailed Him to the cross, and if HE said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do,” I must conclude that those who have, out of fear or convenience, chosen abortion, and those who choose to advocate on behalf of abortion, and those who have chosen to perform abortions also do not truly  understand the ramifications what they are doing.

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@Bridey77:  Unfortunately though there is a recorded bias in who gets adopted. For example, black babies are less adoptable, particularly boys (and frequently cost less to adopt). Here is one article http://jezebel.com/black-babies-cost-less-the-racial-realities-of-adopt-597148155

It means adoption isn’t as easy an option for some women than others (although usually a healthy infant in the US will currently be adopted). Same goes for babies with disabilities. There are currently adoptable children in the foster care system, but there is a strong market for a specific child (infants, especially white infants & girls)

Furthermore, adoption isn’t always an option for women – it is an extremely emotional, personal decision. No women should ever be expected to adopt against her will.

On top of that, there are currently more than one million abortions performed annually. Whilst there may be a glut of adoptive parents currently, will there still be if one million more adoptable babies are added yearly?

I am completely pro-adoption, in the right circumstances (with fully consenting women who have not been coerced), but I find there is a lot of danger with the “adoption is a solution for abortion” rhetoric. I think it is more important to prevent pregnancies in the first place and ensure that mothers who chose to parent are in a position where they can.

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I may comment further on the subject at hand… Abortion Clinics, after I read all the replies… but for now

— — —


Point # 1

We have Abortion Clinics as stand-alones in some Provinces… definitely Quebec & Ontario (c/o Dr Morgentaler).  Altho it is my understanding, that there are Hospitals as well that provide the service… but going thru a Family Doctor / Hospital Referral program may take longer overall.  Something that most women don’t want when they make the decision… they want it done ASAP.

Point # 2

The $ 7 a Day Daycare that is provided in Quebec, is part of a bigger Social Issue…

Proved out by Stats Can Data:

Quebec has the lowest Marriage Rate (highest Common Law Rate) as well as some of the Lowest Birth Rates in North America… and therefore a diminishing Francophone Population (a whole other ball of wax politically, as fellow Canadians know)

BUT this is the motivation behind the Cheap Daycare… in the same way that Quebec previously introduced the “New Baby Allowance” (baby bonus) whereby they pay out $ 8000 upon the birth of a child.

Until such time as other areas of Canada, or the country as a whole feels that there is A NEED to increase population via our Citizens having babies… don’t look for any sort of the incentives currently being offered in Quebec.

Their situation truly is an anomaly.


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You two are wonderful in sharing the Truth. Keep up the awesome work. You both said things perfectly. Hate the sin, not the sinner. yeah?

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@Bridey77:  I think it would make such a huge difference. I know that there are plenty of people who don’t know any better, so they can’t teach their children, so schools should also have more extensive sexual education to help pick up the slack.

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@Bridey77:  Sorry for not understanding but if, and I quote:

Yes, I believe that abortion is murder. 

is true, shouldn’t your friend be behind bars?  Sorry but there must be a difference for you as well becasue you admit that if she murdered adults she should be put away for life, but I don’t see why it would be any different for a fetus, because you say that it is murder.

So I guess I’m wondering what is the difference for you, in murdering a fetus or an adult?  Didn’t your friedn murder people?

Do you think your friend is going to hell?

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