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  • poll: What do you think about artificial wombs?
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    I don’t think this would be the solution for all women who wish to have abortions though – I don’t think the sole  reason everyone has one is because they don’t wish to carry the baby to term and then adopt it out, some would not want to have a child of theirs being born/adopted out at all regardless of where the foetus incubates?  I definitely wouldn’t want this to be in place of abortion, you’d still need the choice to be there.

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    Bebealways:  I wish it could be that simple though. A lot of women choose to abort because they don’t like the idea of having a biological child adopted out, not just because they don’t want to be pregnant. I’m not saying its a bad idea, but I think more money should go into pregnancy prevention/education and making birth control more easily available and affordable. In my perfect world, every form of birth control would be free to everyone, everywhere, at all times.

    I also had an image of the human battery farms from the Matrix movies……..I’m just saying…..


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    I think they’d be a good idea for women with medical problems who can’t carry a baby to term.

    But I think there will always be a need for medical abortion, for women and their doctors to safely decide what happens to their bodies.

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    Ok the first thing I think of when I hear this is how it could help women with fertility problems, nothing to do with abortions. Fiance sister’s sister-in-law (hope that makes sense) is currently 16/17 weeks pregnant with twin girls. She has lost around seven pregnancies already, she doesn’t have any children already and for a large amount of her pregnancy she will be on bed rest. This is because she has an unstable womb. They’re hoping she gets to thirty weeks, which when you think about it is crazy seeing as the norm is 40. This could help women like her so much, not give more choice to people who don’t want to carry babies.


    Also, I voted wrong on this poll, I am pro-life and I like this idea.

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    I can’t imagine it would be a solution. I’m pro-choice, and it seems to be it would be a much more involved process to remove the eggs to be put in the artifical womb than to perform an abortion.

    Secondly, I’m not interested in my DNA being added to the gene pool. I’d object to leaving my offspring, that I didn’t even want, to be put in a baby farm and then maybe adopted out.

    I also think that many people would have religious objections on the pro-life side.

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    Bebealways:  Honestly? Hate it.

    For many reasons, but my main sticking point? I can just see women being pressured/forced to going through this rather than an abortion, regardless of their actual wants. I would not want to go through having my foetus removed and incubated to be “birthed” raised in an orphanage and possibly adopted.

    Also, there would be thousands upon thousands of mothers who would be forced into contact with their children as they grow up, which is obviously NOT what they want..

    If I am being totally honest I don’t think there is any need for this. Why do you want to keep every possible baby alive to be brought into an overpopulated and crowded world where no one wants them? This is just going to multiply an already bad situation re: overpopulation of the planet.

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    Bebealways:  I resent the suggestion that pro-life people are about controlling women. (If we were, we’d be anti contraception too for a start).

    If artificial wombs ever get feasible than it sounds reasonable. But campaigning for it is impractical because the science is a long way off.

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    Bebealways:  I do see your point, but I must stand by my own. I can see some women wanting the option, but to me this will create more problems than it solves.

    I can also see this artifical womb service like a guilt-free pass for young mothers who made “the mistake” and rather than dealing with the guilt or consequences of abortion, or pregnancy/adoption, or raising their child, this could give them an opportunity to unload their mistake onto the system and community who will ultimately pay to raise the child, put their time and energy into the young ones and mummy gets off free.

    Never mind that I can only see every woman choosing abortion instead of the artificial womb being shamed for her decision, especially were it the same price, accessible etc. etc. It yet again creates the problem of making abortion less accessible and a less viable option for women which is not what we all want. It will never be held in the same stance as abortion, it will ultimately push abortion back into “uncivilised” “uncouth”, whatever it may be called, territory.

    I know many people want every child/foetus to be kept, raised etc. but the sheer fact is that if we did we more than likely wouldn’t survive. Plain and simple, this planet and our culture cannot survive with such rapid growth.

    It doesn’t seem viable to me at all.

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    I am pro-life but against this idea as a replacement of abortion. But it would be beneficial for people with fertility issues/are unable to carry the baby themselves. So I’m on the fence.

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    I’m all for this idea, regardless of what its primary purpose would be. The idea alone is not a new one, and has been used in many science fiction stories, and it has always interested me. I honestly don’t care if people are against the idea, because there will be people who are for the idea. It will be benefical for some and could be harmful for others. But whose wants/desires/feelings should we consider more? The women who might be forced in to not aborting because of this alternative? Or the people who use this alternative to produce a happy, healthy baby for their own homes?

    We can’t make everyone happy, however, I think that it would be more helpful than harmful, so I would say that those that it helps would outweigh those that it harms. I’m pro-choice, and will never understand the anti-choice crowd.

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    These are more general thoughts I have on artificial wombs…

    1) I don’t think we’re close to this technology for human use.  Like at all.  Like my estimated timeline is MAYBE in 50 years, on the low-end.  The technology is still being developed, and then you’d have to have hundreds of animal tests.  And don’t get me started on the political tape you’d have to wade through.  That on it’s own would take decades.  And then there would need to be human tests, and chances are they would wait until the first “set” has grown some- 10, maybe 20 years old- to see what side effects there could have been before it would be released publicly.

    2) I think that this would be an interesting development that could be beneficial for some people.

    3) This sounds like Man of Steel.  I fyou haven’t seen it, the gist is that everyone from Krypton is grown artifically, with pre-determined genetics and roles.  Until Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent.

    4) “Why are we not funding this?”  I ask myself that of other things.  Maybe instead of the pro-life/anti-choice billboards, people could fund better ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place- classes, birth control, better assistance…

    5) Could this end up making “old school” motherhood a luxury?  I would think this would be protected, but an employer could pressure a mother-to-be to do an artifical womb so they wouldn’t have to take off work.

    6) The cost of this will likely NEVER be close to what an abortion would cost, as cold as that sounds.

    7) How would this socially affect the child?  I suppose after the first couple of generations it may be normal, but imagine telling a kid they were grown in an aquarium…  Don’t get me wrong, some might find it cool, but others probably wouldn’t.  Because it’s never been done, we may find some strange effectin the first run.

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