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@seAprilbride:  ‘Most’ good photographers don’t cut their teeth shooting $500 weddings. They would not shoot a wedding until they were experienced enough to charge good money for the day.

I cut my teeth shooting for free as an assistant and then second shooting for $20 an hour for a whole year before I ever shot a wedding. Not only that, many of the weddings I second shot and assisted didn’t let me use the files to promote myself. I had four weddings worth of second shot images that U was actually able to show people when I booked my first wedding for $1200. I had shot a lot more, but wasn’t give the files to use. 

People who are charging $500 to shoot multiple weddings are making it impossible for people who know what they are doing to make a living because everybody thinks it costs nothing to run a photography business. 

Just sayin’. 

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@MrsHRC:  I did say charging $500 OR second shooting with a pro.  You just described second shooting with a pro. 

I don’t disagree at all that wedding photographers deserve more than $500 a wedding, or that people without experience should not be shooting weddings and marketing themselves as “professionals.”  But I do not believe that anyone who charges $500 to shoot a wedding is ruining the wedding photography business.  Primarily because, if someone shoots a wedding without experience and without the right equipment, which is what a $500 shooter is going to do, their photos are going to reflect that and be terrible.  If having professional photos is important to the bride, she should be able to see from looking at these terrible photos that a $500 shooter just is not going to give them to her, and then she will hire someone else.  It’s like saying that Kia selling their cars makes it impossible for Lexus to ever sell any.  Not at all… people who want good quality and not crap are going to seek out a professional photographer even if it costs more.  It doesn’t take a professional eye to see that many, many “budget” wedding photographers offer garbage.

Unfortunately though, not everyone does realize how much worse an amateur’s photos, whether they have a “nice camera” or not, is actually going to be.  I think it should be our job as pros to educate people about this.  And I think that we will get some help from the many brides who share their horror stories of being devastated by terrible photos after trusting their “friend with the nice camera.”

That all being said… I started out by charging less than $500.  I shot the weddings of people who would otherwise not have even been able to hire a photographer at all.  And I did a damn good job at it, learned from the mistakes I did make, went out and bought better and better equipment, and built my business up to where I feel proud to consider myself a pro.  I understand that I am very much the exception among budget photographers.  But it does happen…. and I’m not the only pro that started this way.

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PitBulLover:  Yeah.  I’m not giving the photographer 100% blame.  YOU need to learn to smile and pose for photos.  If you know someone is taking your pictures for engagement photos, SMILE!  KEEP GOING!!! DON’T STOP!!!!  SMILE AGAIN!!!  While yes, your photographer should have been getting you to smile, you see if they are behind the camera, and hear the shutter flapping away.  As far as filters go, you live in the age of overfiltered photos.  Everybody has their preference and it is not always good.  If you communicate with your photographer, they typically can give you more of what you are looking for from your photos.  I did a wedding and caught the bride smiling three times.  The rest of the time she was shouting or laughing and looked like a muppet.  If she saw me taking her photo, full on ducklips.  Some people are just destined to have bad photos.  I hope you wedding turned out okay, but I am gonna guess you weren’t too happy with those either.  -A Photographer

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My M.O.H and DH told me I was being a bit harsh on our photographer because of my own backgound but he missed a lof of stuff.


First, he brough a different style of camera than what he had adversitved with (a mirroless verse DSLR) which was fine for the most part, but a lot of our pictures ended up grainy and kinda washed out.

I never recieved photos of my dress hangng with my bridesmaid dress (which again, was ok, because I plan to take that shot later ) never got shots with my grandma (but i did get a lot of pictures of her with other people)he missed our first kiss (but got it from sills) my photos with my bridesmaids and groomsmen were akward looking, pretty sure he was just learning angles and he left before our grand exit with all of our spraklers (but that’s ok because we got in on video and we took stills) Also, his editing wasn’t to my liking (I reedited them all with his premisson, but I’ll leave his work below).

Also, it took forever for him to get us our photos (4 months longer than the agrred upon time). I understand falling behind, because it happens to me too, but I atleast contact people and tell them whats up lol. But he atleast responed to me whenever I texted or emailed (which is more than what could be said about other people lol) 


Also when he upload our album, he accdenitly added ultrasound photos from another client of his. I didn’t notice that until after I sent the link to my parents, who then told me how excited they were for their grandson to come (awkawrd…)

All and all he wasn’t bad though. We did get a lof of photos we truly enjoyed and if he practices more I think he could be great




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This happened at my best friend’s wedding last year but the second shooter, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, got wasted at the reception. And this company is very respected in our area for great photos. Luckily the photos weren’t a disaster but you could tell that the two photographers had very different styles once the one was drunk. 



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