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@MrsPinkBONBON:  I haven’t had any kids yet, so I might be wrong about this, but I have a feeling that the emotions of the moment – seeing your child for the first time – might override any ewww-ness that you think you’ll have.  However if it’s something that really bothers you, maybe talk to the doctor when you get pregnant and see if you can request that your child be cleaned before being handed to you. 

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I’m not a mother, so I can’t say much about the “you’ll be in the moment & won’t care” part. However, from a different viewpoint….I’m in nursing school, and on my mother/baby clinical rotation I saw that after the first few mins of the newborn’s life they are taken back to the nursery to get their shots/eye ointment/baths. (I know that different hospitals may have different policies, so I’m speaking only on what I have seen) This took some time because before the newborn could have his first bath, his body temperature had to stabalize and be at or above 98 (if I remember correctly) degrees for a certain amount of time. One baby didn’t get back into the mother’s room until 45ish minutes later. Like I said, I’m not a mom, but I can’t imagine having to wait that long before I got to hold my child!

If you bring this concern up to you doctor or nurse, they might have some good suggestions to help you.  I honestly don’t think this would qualify you as a bad future mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@MrsPinkBONBON: Don’t feel bad! I feel the same way when I see those scenes. I think if you bring it up with your doctor you can ask that the baby be wrapped in a blanket? I do believe that the clean up process can take some time, you might change your mind in the moment after all of that work.

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You’re going to have a hospital gown on, and you can request that they lay a blanket or towel on your chest before laying the baby on you so you won’t be skin to skin unless you want it. And I’m pretty sure you *can* request the baby be cleaned up before you hold him/her.

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I didn’t get to see my son for 45 minutes =( he had no pulse when he was born so they rushed him away.

I was sooo tired I really didn’t  notice the bloody stuff and they drugged me pretty hard afterwards so that time period is fuzzy. However I know you have to push shortly after the baby arrives to remove the afterbirth and they stitched me and removed a few large blood clots the size of my fist (no lie) they even asked me if i’d like to see them… I was so out of it I actually did ask to see them. HA! 

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I dunno, I am OCD, literally, I am DX’d with it. I am a SERIOUS germaphobe. Can’t touch doorknobs, sponges, trashcans, etc. But you know what? ALL of my babies have been on my chest within seconds of their birth. Their cord was even still pulsing. There is *nothing* that compares to the second you get to meet the person you’ve been sheltering and growing for months.  My OCD didn’t stop the emotional tidal wave that rolled in ๐Ÿ™‚

You may change your feelings in time. Or not. Either way, what you need is what you need and no one gets to tell you it’s wrong.

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The hospital that my nephew was born in wiped the general funk off of him (not a total cleaing mind you) and gave him to my SIL immediately. They say it really helps the “bonding process” to be together first thing like that.

That could be total crap, but I don’t want to wait forever to hold my baby when I have one. I might just ask for a lil’ squeegee before he/she is laid on top of me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I am very squeamish with all things health related. For sure, first thing after telling the father will be going in to therapy. The idea of another person inside my body is beautiful and natural but I know I will freak out. Maybe that’ll be what you need also.

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@MrsPinkBONBON: Sometimes when you’re in labor any kind of clothing can feel restrictive. I personally, kept ripping my gown off..it felt very instinctual. I eventually had them staple it on because of all the people in the room. I was literally the only woman in labor at 4am, so EVERYONE on the floor was in my room. Seriously. My son was born to an audience of about 15 people. I joked “When’s the bus coming, I’m ready to go home!” because it felt like a damn bus station in there!

And really, bonding with your baby immediately is very important and you’ll have a strong instinctual desire to act like an angry bird when people try to take the baby. I saw my son for about two minutes and then he was gone for 4 HOURS in the nursery, it was horrible and five years later I am still mad about that.

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I had a c-section. She was shown to me then weighed, washed and diapered. 

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I feel the EXACT same way!

My husband and I always joke that we want a “clean baby”. Meaning that we don’t want to hold it the second it comes out….we want them to wipe the baby off first.  Now that I am pregnant though….I am starting to think that I will be so eager to meet him or her that I WILL want to hold it for a sec when it comes out

But you are in no way a bad person or a bad future mom. We are all different and my husband and I are ALWAYS talking about how we don’t wanna hold the baby until it’s “clean”

I just wouldn’t stress about it. There is nothing wrong about how you feel.

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