(Closed) Probably way TMI – need insight yeast/BV issue . . .

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Did you ask your doctor what to do? Your doctor should know.

I was going to suggest probiotics, but you said you already tried taking them? How long? Did you give it a good shot? My mom had an internal yeast problem last year (throughout the body) and probiotics worked well for her. Some are better than others, though, so make sure you try a good one. But your doctor really should be able to help you! Sorry you are stuck in this horrible cycle. Hope you get well soon!

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@Ms. Dove:My BFF has been going through this for years. I told her she was insane for letting a doctor give her meds for 2 years to treat a YI. I set an appointment for her with one of my doctors who gave her a referral to see a specialist at Vanderbilt and her kitty cat is all better. He prescribed a monthly insert that she has to do I think for 6 months. Since she has started 4 months or so ago she has not had a YI since. Go to a specialist ASAP.

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I had recurring yeast infections (and occasional BV) when I was on a certain birth control.  The only thing that worked was inserting capsules of boric acid that I made myself.  All of the other stuff I tried either didn’t work, worked temporarily or had side effects.  Let me know if you need more info but I do suggest seeing a specialist if you have these issues over and over.  Take care!

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@Soladylike: Agreed. As for a refferal to a specialist.

Also, have you figured out what might trigger these infections? My cousin had this problem for a couple of years and found out that it was due to her having a slight allergy to seimen. She had started having unprotected sex with a steady bf and that’s when it all started! When I was in highschool I went through a couple of months of having a similar situation and found out that the lycra gym shorts I had been working out in caused a prime environment for these infections to occur.

I know it might seem simple, but maybe you can try controlling some the the factors that contribute to yeast infections. Wear super breathable underwear, remember to bathe and not just shower every week, don’t sleep with underwear on, go pee after sex, eat tons of yogurt etc. etc.

Finally, I’ll give you a disclaimer first: research this before trying to be sure you don’t have any allergies. When I had that bad bout of reoccuring infections for a couple of months my body wasn’t responding to anti-biotics or the regular monistat treatments. I had a family friend who is really into natural remedies reccomend this to me. Go out and buy a bottle of 100% natural tea-tree essential oil (about $15.00 at a health food store), place a few drops on the end of a tampon, insert and wear for about 30 mins (be careful not to get it too much on your outside skin as it does tingle/burn slightly). Tea tree oil naturally kills bacteria and fungi. I did this once in the morning and once at night for 3 days and haven’t had an infection in almost 8 years. Something worth trying for a little relief.

ETA: Be sure to handle tea tree oil with care around pets. Although 100% safe on humans it has been proven to cause neurological damage in dogs.

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@Ms. Dove: I hope this all gets resolved for you soon. The tea tree oil really did work for me. Recently I’ve been an essential oil and natural remedy convert. I’m all for perscription drugs when needed, but I think they are being over used so it’s a nice break for anyone’s body when you can find a more natural “cure.”

I’m not sure what type of specialist this would be called. I know there are certain OB/GYN docs who specialize even further into their practice, so I would assume it would be someone who knows more about bacterial and fungal infections rather than child birth, menstration, or etc.

Good luck.

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Ms. Dove – I feel for you.  I’ve been there.  I had recurring BV infections for about 2.5 years.  They started as soon as I had unprotected sex for the first time (with my now fiancé).  I’ve done a TON of reading on this subject, so I’ll tell you a bit about my findings (warning: this might get a little explicit).

It appears that for some women, exposure to semen (which occurs to some extent during unprotected sex, even if he doesn’t ejaculate inside you) makes the vagina more alkaline than it should be (it’s normally acidic).  As soon as it becomes alkaline, the good bacteria in there (there are several strains) do their best to restore the vagina to its normal acidic state. But some of us have weaker good bacteria than others, so try as they might, they can’t get your vag back to normal acidic pH levels. As soon as that happens, the bad bacteria start to multiply, because they thrive in an alkaline environment. It’s this imbalance that causes BV (and that can also cause yeast overgrowth).

As you’re experienced, taking anti-fungals and antibiotics is only a temporary solution. The infection usually comes back within a few days of finishing your prescription.  I’ve successfully used a couple of methods to cure my infections:

– Douching with hydrogen peroxide once a day for five to seven days (yes, this sounds horrific, and I know douching is generally a bad call, but the good bacteria in the vagina naturally produce hydrogen peroxide).

– Nightly insertion of homemade boric acid capsules, as suggested by fancypants above.

But even better, I’ve recently found a way to prevent the infections in the first place.  You mentioned that you take probiotics, but you didn’t say what kind.  I took probiotics for years with only partial success.  I was sometimes able to fend off an infection if I took a bunch in a day, but it wasn’t a reliable method.

Then I was browsing in my local health food store and I came across a probiotic called Vaginal Support by a company called Renew Life. It’s specially designed to deliver the various strains of good bacteria normally found in the female urogenital tract to the area they’re supposed to be in. And the capsules are enteric coated, which means they survive the acidic environment of the stomach, and get to where they need to be. They’ve been a GODSEND for me.  I take one a day and I seem to be able to avoid the infections altogether.  I would strongly recommend picking some up (or ordering some online) and giving them a try. 

I hope this helps!  I know how crappy it is to suffer with this, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Let us know how it goes!  🙂

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this may sound gross but it works for bv infections!  dilute one part bragg’s brand apple cider vinegar to one part water.  soak a tampon in it and then insert into your vagina.  leave it there for a couple of hours and remove.  you can do this as many times as you need.  the apple cider vinegar will get your vagina back to it’s normal acidic state.  sperm is alkaline and throws off the vagina’s ph balance, creating the bv infection and the notorious smell that comes with it.  this will f,x it and anytime you notice that familiar smell from a bv infection, do this little trick and,  it will keep you fixed up.  also taking folic acid and acidophiluous pills keeps the bacteria in check too!


taking antibiotics for the infections just keep the flora off balance even more and causes a domino effect.

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