(Closed) Problems with neighbors, what should I do? ( Sorry, it's long )

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My first advice would be to get on good terms with your other neighbors, you might not feel like you need to but I will say your life will be much better if you are at least on pleasant terms with your neighbors. People who like you are not only going to look out for you and your home, they’re more likely to let things slide like say if you have friends over and its a little too noisy past quiet hours. (Anecdata: My mom is friends with all her neighbors except for one and when one of them saw someone trying to break into her house, not only did they stop the person from getting in, they took pictures for the police)

As far as the witch next door (lol) let her call the police all she wants. If she does it enough she’ll probably be ticketed for wasting their time. The police will come if she calls (they have to) but if they talk to you just explain to them your situation, that she keeps coming on your property leaving things meant to threaten you and that she is calling the police because she doesnt like you and not because you’ve done anything to her. Cops have to deal with these sorts of people all the time, and they will be able to tell from the get go who is telling the truth and who is the rational one.

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a_day_at_the_fair:  I agree. Ignore her, and let her call the cops if she dares.

Make sure you control yourself and not get physical. Running after her was a mistake. Thankfully you didn’t touch her. It doesn’t matter what she says to you, if you retaliate physically you are guilty of assault.

Take photos of the candles and stuff before picking them up. Just remember, though, that until you see her doing it, you can’t prove it was her.

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Pippa28:  Do you have a body corporate that you can lodge a complaint at least with for her messing put the area with powder/candles and such? I wouldn’t worry about the police issue, what you did was not assault etc. so she has nothing to press charges for.

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Start saving and taking pictures of the harassment she’s done to you. Plain and simple. I’d also install a webcam setup hidden somewhere for you to see and record. That’s freakishly fucked up. 

if you’re renting, tell your landlord what’s up and be out. I would want to stay in a weird neighborhood like that. 

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Pippa28:  Seriously start documenting everything. If she leaves something take pictures, if she starts getting in your face or yelling at you take out your phone and start recording it. Just don’t react to it. She’s making threatening gestures and trespassing which is definitely a crime, and if you have evidence of it then she’ll be the one having to explain herself to the police, not you

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If I was you, I’d be hoping she calls the Police. First of all, being aggressive towards someone is like telling me “Oh So and So called me a bitch…..” deal with it lady! As long as you didn’t put your hands on her, freedom of speech goes a long way. You can call her any name in the book as loudly as you want. So dont worry about the Police…. They’ll laugh her ass all the way back into her house. Or they will chew her ass out when they hear all the nonsense she’s been doing. 

And if you are renting…. I’d move…. there is nothing worse than coming home to a space that stresses you out because of something like this. You guys are better off moving somewhere fresh and new and full of new neighbors. The peace of mind you’ll gain with that is unbelievable. 


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All you can (and should) do is put in the best effort you can into maintaining good, strong relationships with your other neighbors. The police aren’t going to consider someone burning candles and spreading rumors as harassment. It’s just not worthy of their time. So don’t even bother with involving the police. If the crazy neighbor goes to the police, nothing’s going to come of it unless you’ve threatened her with violence, so just don’t do that and you’ll be fine. Once your neighbors know you a little longer, they’ll know she’s the crazy one, and once she stops getting attention, she’ll probably shut  up.

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Ugh, I’m sorry you’re going through this.  Neighbors can be a real pain.  I’m having issues with a neighbor who complains about noise all the time and knocks on my door, although it’s just me and my 20 lb dog who live here and we don’t make that much noise!  Anyways, my advice would be to ignore her.  I do agree with getting along with other neighbors, but there’s nothing wrong with just minding your own and keeping to yourself.  If you engage her it gives her ammunition against her.  Good luck

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You need to be on good terms with your neighbors. That lady may be crazy, but ignore her and focus on the rest of them. If she really is crazy than the other neighbors already know that and probably are nice to appease her.

You should not have ran after her. But that situation would have never happened if you had never have tried the key in the car. Somebody is always watching. Honestly, if it was my car I would have appreciated a knock on my door or even a note, but to try the key… That crosses a line, IMO.

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