(Closed) Problems with the jewelry store, please help!!

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@fiestapotato:  I am so sorry to hear that you have been through this! I don’t have much experience on this. the only thing I can think of is file a compliant to BBB.

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Is there any kind of appraisal guarantee?  Like if you took it get appraised and they value it at 50% of what your Fiance paid? 

Was this a chain or a family shop?   

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If it was a chain store I would speak to there corporate offices for sure they want to keep there customers happy and if its a local place try to speak to the owner of the shop. Good luck with this.

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I would call them.  Speak to a manager and tell them that you will be contacting the BBB and Federal Trade Commission. 

Did you use a credit card? If so, you might be able to dispute the charges?

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@fiestapotato:  Oh my goodness, what they are doing to you is insane. I HATE places that are terrible quality and on TOP of that they think terrible customer service is somehow acceptable.

I can’t see how you would possibly change their mind, unless it is a chain store and you can write the top executives to tell them how disappointed you are in the way you have been treated and the horrible work they have done.

If all else fails, I would threated an all-out campaigne to get the truth out there. If you have to fib a little, such as saying you are a media representative for some well known business, then it may help in that threat because they will believe that you are well versed in mass communication and getting the message out there. If it’s at a mall, I’m pretty sure you could stand outside their business and semi-obnoxiously warn people. Be advised that this could either result in you getting what you want, or never being able to argue with them again on the matter. If you are at the end of your rope, reputation damage is usually the only way to your point across and your needs met.

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.

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They have a facebook page. Go there, and write on their wall about your experience and how unhappy you are and how the experience has taken all the happiness out of your ring when you look at it.

I have to tell you, I have had immediate success in getting issues resolved the few times I have posted on a company’s facebook wall. They don’t like crap sitting out there that’s bad about them and will usually get right on it. 

A few minutes of your time is worth it to try and get it resolved through maybe a different channel of this company.

If you don’t have any luck with that, I would do what PP’s said, threaten to report it to BBB and follow through if you don’t get any resolution. Also, they need to give you an appraisal with the correct information on it.

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@fiestapotato:  Hey, I acturally pretty familar with credit card (it’s my job)I think your chance of wining a dispute case is pretty low at this point. not because you already paid it off, but because it has been too long. However, you can threaten to open a dispute case, for what it worth, there will be a lot of hassal on their end. Based on credit card policy, they have to provide all the documents to defend themselves, and that will usually take 90 days.

as you mentioned, writing a letter to their CEO is also a good choice. good luck!

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I had issues with my ring as well (stones were falling out and there simply wasn’t enough gold to hold the main sapphire in place). Fortunately for me the jeweler was very understanding, worked with us for months to try and make the setting work, and eventually ended up giving us a full refund b/c she simply couldn’t fix the ring.

But before I knew she would give us a refund I tried to come up with all of the ways to be recompensated for a broken ring. The best options are to file a dispute with your CC (which is why for my new ring I had Fiance pay for it with a credit card), contact the BBB, and write a negative (but honest) review. I would recommend being very honest and use a neutral voice when you write about your experience because when I read reviews I somtimes ignore the one bad review if it’s very brief and angry b/c I just assume the customer made the mistake. You could also get the ring appraised by a different jeweler so that when you make any complaints (BBB or reivew) you have proof that they ripped you off.

If your local news channel does a “Problem Solvers” segment I would also recommend contacting them. New channels can be very helpful if you have a good story (my brother got ointo an investigative news segment b/c he mysteriously ened up on the No Fly List when he was 13, it didn’t solve the issue but it did bring attention to it).

I wish you the best of luck.

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OH MY GOD! I have lived the same nightmare! Similar anyway.  A store that I used to WORK at, that I repeatedly send customer referrals to now (I am in the wedding business as well) sold my fiance (well, my hubby of almost 4 years now) A GIA .60/E/SI1 round diamond and a .25 ct 5 stone wedding band.  He told them I wanted the most basic, standard, skinny, classic 4 prong setting, so they pulled one out recommended it- Hubs says, you’re the expert! looks geat to me! Ok Mr. B, we will get it all ready for you- Pick it up in a week.


So he did. Just before the wedding, I snuck and got my wedding band for its hidey spot and tried them on together- immediately I could see 2 issues. 1. The wedding band was white gold, engagement ring was platinum. 2) the diamonds on the band (shared prong) rub halfway up the prog of the e-ring.  I went to the jeweler, the son of the family that owns the business, and declared I had a serious problem- two different metals that have different colors and age differently, and prongs that were going to be damaged from my wedding band. He said, No problem, we can re set your e-ring in white gold. Ok, well then, what about the price adjustment? He says – DONT WORRY, WE WONT CHARGE YOU TO DO IT.


WELL NO SH*T, GUY. Platinum was way more than 14 kt white gold at the time and it pissed me off so much I didnt go back until last month. Spent 4 years being pissed off about it. The experience sullied the joy of our new marriage and the most important purchase we had made together. Hubs felt like a jerk for trusting the jeweler and being taked advantage of, I felt like a jerk for noticing and caring… The rings had a little rain cloud hanging over them.  Last month, the prongs were so damaged that my diamond was SPINNING and RATTLING in the setting for the 2nd time! So this time I went to the original jeweler to have it fixed and ran into the same guy I dealt with before. (UUUGH) SOOO seriously, like 4 years I have sat and stewed about the lack of guidance he offered as a jeweler to clients, how these were the most important purchases people make in life and he tried to back us into a corner. He purposely set the e-ring in platinum, charged hubby for it and figured 1) if hubby didnt notice, cool, it was an extra $1k in his pocket. or 2) put us in a position where we had to BUY a platinum and diamond wedding band to match. (because, as Mr..Salesman pointed out… WHY would I want to downgrade from plat to white gold? as he put it) and still replace the damaged head on e-ring. I had been in and out of that place of business for 10+ years and I would have at least expected on a personal level, that he would have sort of TRIED at least. Never mind the fact that my diamond was GROSSLY over priced, for $3k there are plenty of options with similar stats and larger sizes… and he acted like NONE of this was a big deal. He even tried to deny the ENORMOUS indentions in my prongs count as “damage”  ugh it makes my blood boil and then i ramble.. sorry.


This trip I verbalized all of the above. He asked me what I want him to do about it and I told him to find a white gold setting that my diamond can be reset in to accomodate my wedding band. Sure, he says, and I will give you $150 for the platinum setting as a credit towards the $800 new setting………………




And then I said- EFF THIS>> (not actually, I politely left and told him ill call him when Im ready, but he will be waiting a loooooong time because I am never going to call them) Instead I am just going to change my ring entirely. If I am going to pay ANYTHING else, its not going in their pocket. Cut my loss, Keep my diamond and reset it with small sidestones as a 3 stone.  Shake all the bad juju out of it so I can love it again.


IF I WERE YOU, and had no personal relationship with the business, I would give them ONE last chance to resolve it.  Tell them EXACTLY what it is that you want- full refund, or completely different ring- or else you WILL go directly to the BBB. And probably tweet and fb your disappointment with the business.  Be loud.  If they dont give in and accomodate you at that point, it might be hopeless. Lodge a complaint with BBB…. and then when you can afford it, change your ring entirely. (5 year anniversary is a perfect time 😉




WHEW> sorry that was so much longer than I wanted.  I really did try to keep that as short as possible lol.


Good luck to you! Give ’em hell girl!


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Here is what you need to do:





1. Draft a very professional/formal letter of complaint detailing the issues you have had.





2. Find the email address of the highest person you can (CEO is good) and send them a copy of your letter AND send a hard copy to them in the mail.





In your email/letter, specify that you are going to open a dispute and report them to the BBB if no rectification is offered. You will also make FB, yelp, google reviews about your poor customer service experience. Also, tell them very plainly how you would like them to fix the issue in your letter. Would you like a complete refund? Would you like them to just fix it and give you the proper paperwork? This is important! You have to be clear with what you want. Be calm and professional, but firm. Make sure to use any names of employees you know and their less than satisfactory customer service. This is important also because if there is someone to blame, you will get better results. 





They might not do anything, be prepared for that. But this is the best shot you have. Good luck!








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