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fiji24:  All doctors and hospital’s handle this differently. I went to a birthing class at my hospital, and it was the best thing I did because they explained what is practice in their hospital.

They said if you were local wait until your contractions were 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for 1 hour. Because I was 75 miles away, they wanted it to be 10 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for 1 hour. Being that I was ridiculous and didn’t believe I was truly in labor, My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart lasting a minute before I finally got on the road–in a white-out snow storm–and had 75 miles to go. Oops!

I called on the way and told them. That way they can get a room ready for you and help if you need anything. Your doctor will explain what door to use as well. Typically you use a patient entrance if its during business hours. If it is after, you use the emergency room entrance (which is where I had to go). They then have you fill out a bit of paperwork and get your IDs (which I recommend pre-filling our your info before. Just go to admissions in the hospital and they can help you), sit you in wheelchair, and get you to your room.

After that its done. You are under the instruction of the staff and your birth plan 🙂

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My hospital was the same as above – contractions 5 min. apart, 1 min long, for 1 hour – in the case that your water did not break. My water broke, my husband called and they said to arrive within 2 hours and advised me to take a shower and to eat. We were told to go straight to the maternity ward where they had my room all set up for me and admitted me right away. My water broke at 12:45 am and I didn’t have any real contractions until 6:30 am. I was only dilated 2 cm on admission. During my birthing class they said they really wanted at least 4 cm before they admitted but I think it’s different once your water breaks. Good luck mama!! Wishing you a quick and healthy delivery! 

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Don’t be nervous. It really isn’t much of a procedure.

I didn’t even call. The contractions were like, 5 mins. apart and I just went in. They took me to maternity. They gave me the gown to change into and they checked me (which I hated…imagine someone in you while you are having contractions…ughh).  After that, it was all a blur until I got the epidural.lol 

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fiji24:  My hospital offered maternity ward tours. It helped TREMENDOUSLY to take away the “where are we supposed to go?!?” panic. They showed us which entrance to go in, what floor, the birthing rooms, maternity rooms, nurses station, where hubby can get food, water, and ice chips…etc. I would call your hospital to see if they offer it.

When you think you’re having contractions, I would call your OB first. They will tell you when you should go in. They know your history better than the Drs on call at the hospital.

I was positive for Group B strep, so I had to go in either 1) immediately when my water broke or 2) when my contractions were 5 minutes apart, so they could start antibiotics ASAP.

ETA: Also, at a lot of hospitals, you can pre-register, meaning you can turn in most of your paperwork weeks before you go into labor. Greatly cuts down on the amount of stuff you have to do once you get there. You still have to fill out a few forms and sign a few things, but most of the big stuff (insurance…etc) is already taken care of.

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Mine told me to come in if your contractions were every 5 minutes, 1 minute long, for 1 hour.  I think you can call and tell them you’re coming in but I’m sure if you forgot it wouldn’t matter.  I was supposed to call my OB’s office and leave a message if I was going in.

We were supposed to go directly to labor/delivery unless it was after hours and to then use the emergency room entrance.

I was induced so I just showed up at the time they told me.

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fiji24:  Don’t worry about the birthing class too much honestly. I am glad I did it, and it let me know my options, hospital procedures and all that, but it didn’t help me during actual labor to be honest. I really just had to focus all my energy into the labor and the task at hand. DH was my rock during the whole thing. He was the reason why I felt so prepared and able to make it through, not the actual class 🙂

Good luck! It seems scary right now, but when its all over and you breathe your sign of relief and look into your little one’s eyes, you will have wondered what you were so worried about. Everything makes sense once your child is here. 🙂

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We followed the 5-1-1 rule as well.  Mine were actually 4 minutes apart and I was shivering in pain, so hubby called the hospital and they said come on it (we’re 5 minutes away).  By the time I got there they were 2-3 minutes apart.

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Like all the other ladies I was given the same 5-1-1 rule, but my contractions never followed the pattern. I pretty much called the doctor because I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t face having to spend the rest of the night that way. Got there and I was 5cm and then by the time the doctor came to check me, I was at a 7.<br /><br />You could always call the hospital to ask where to go. If I had arrived during certain hours, I would go straight up to the second floor, but because I went in at 9pm, I went to the ER.<br /><br />Good luck!

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fiji24:  I had no idea what to do, especially since my water broke at 1 am, so I would definitely ask!  Once it started getting painful I called the on call doc who wasn’t really helpful (in his defense I had an odd water breaking situation…) so, I just waited until the doc opened and called thinking they would see me. Nope! They said if I suspected my water broke to go straight to L&D. They did call them to let me know I was on my way. Once I was there I went to L&D triage where they checked me out and ultimately admitted me since I was in active labor. 

My doc never mentioned the 5-1-1 rule and my contractions never came at a regular pattern. They went from 4 minutes apart lasting 30-90 seconds to 20 minutes apart despite being in active labor that went quickly! I knew it was time to go when I was in progressively more pain as time went on.

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fiji24:  I think a better rule of thumb is the when you can’t talk through them (if you aren’t seeing a consistent pattern).  I knew it was the real deal because they were getting more and more painful. I  have a very low pain tolerance and could still talk through them and didn’t think they were *that* bad, so I questioned if I was in active labor – I most certainly was! I got an epidural before I had to feel them get worse!  I live 1 mile from the hospital so I was never concerned about not making it in time. I guess it would have been a bit more challenging trying to figure out when to go if we lived far from the hospital.

Just listen to your gut, you’ll know when it’s the real deal! Don’t be worried, you really can’t prepare for it.  It will all be just fine!!!

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fiji24: we will be leaving for the hospital when my contractions are 3 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, and consistent for 1 hour (3-1-1- rule since we live less than 30 minutes from the hospital). we are planning to have a natural vaginal birth. i’ve been healthy through the entire pregnancy and low-risk (low-normal blood pressure, normal weight gain, no strep B, etc).

we don’t need to call before we arrive. if it’s before 10 p.m., then we can go right into the hospital to the information desk where we will be sent up to labor and delivery.

if it’s after 10 p.m., then we will have to go through the emergency room to get to labor and delivery.   

if you are unsure of what to do, see if your hospital offers a labor and delivery walk through or clinic tour. we attended one and they gave us a walk through and tour of every place we will go, described the procedure, and told us what we needed to prep for (what to pack, etc). we also found out about the discharge process and things like that.

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