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How much do those cost?  I may be interested.

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I work for dental office in MI, and we charge approx $300 for custom bleaching (take home trays).  While the Zoom lets you have in office whitening, you still need to wear trays at home, and I have heard the sensativity is insane because it is so rapid. 

 I whitened at home about 6mos before my wedding for about 3 weeks, and then I touch them up once a month or so for a couple of days.


Good Luck!!! 

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I’m so excited to be posting because I’m dentist and we do Zoom in our office. From our patient’s experiences there is some sensitivity afterward. I would definitely recommend you getting the bleaching now so that the sensitivity goes away by your wedding day. The discomfort will drive you insane and you don’t want something like air sensitivity to ruin your special day.

Plus your teeth will be nice and white for your festivities beforehand. If you’re a little apprehensive, try over the counter whitening strips and see if that makes a difference. Make sure you don’t drink any red wine, coffee, tea, smoke or any other discoloring types of activities that can compromise your pearly whites! 

Good luck and let me know if you need any other advice!

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I did tooth whitening at home with custom trays and bleach solution from the dentist two years ago, and my teeth are still significantly whiter than they were before that.  It took about a month for them to get as white as they were going to.  I touch up about every six months since, which is about a week of application.  The less concentrated the solutions you use, the less sensitivity you will have.  You do want to finish up at least a week before the wedding, because the drying effect that the solutions have on your teeth can give you spots that are whiter than the rest of the tooth, which looks a little odd.  If your teeth have a chance to rehydrate completely the color will be even.  I paid about $200 to have the trays made, and another $50 or so for the solution.  Once you have the trays, you can buy new solution whenever you want for touch-ups, so its a good investment.

Since you have time, I would go for the slower method (also less expensive and less discomfort).  I just think that the extreme sensitivity from the office treatment, which results from extreme drying of the tooth enamel, can’t actually be good for your teeth.  Also you can end up with chemical burns on your gums from the concentrated solutions if your dentist isn’t careful – it happened to a friend of mine.

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I did Zoom about a year ago.  The results were really good, but it hurt A LOT for a few days.  As I was told, the procedure dehydrates your teeth and the nerves swell as a result, so it’s painful.  I recommend having it done on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning on a weekend where you can just stay in and veg — especially since you can’t eat or drink anything that might stain for 24-48 hours.  (As a side note, Advil works better than Tylenol to help the pain.)

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Both my fiance and I got the BriteSmile whitening 3 months prior to our wedding.  The results were definitely worth it.  I think if you do it anytime between now and May, your results will still be good come wedding time.  The couple of months between now and May won’t make your teeth less white.

The critical part is the 24-28 hours afterwards, if you drink coffee or eat anything dark like ketchup, your teeth will absorb it and decrease the results.

There definitely was some major sensitivity in my teeth after the procedure, but it was very weird…it was sore for exactly 24 hours and then it instantly went away.  Definitely agree with the poster above to do it on Friday, so you have the weekend to recover. 

It was a really easy process, only an hour in the dentist office which I preferred because it was over and done with.  I tried the strips about 6 mos. prior which I was also sensitive to, so I was glad to get it all over in one shot rather than haveing to do it over and over.  We paid $500 each for the treatment. Good Luck!

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simagirl – your dentist can also have you whiten at home and then replace the bonding.  The main reason I actually did the whitening was because I was having my front teeth capped, and my dentist didn’t want the caps to be darker than the rest of my teeth if I did decide to whiten later.  That’s also how I know when I need to touch-up – because the teeth begin to look not as white as the caps.  You will have the same issue if you have your bonding replaced – you want it to be a color that you can maintain reasonably for the rest of your teeth, because it will look just as weird to have the bonding lots whiter in a year as it would to have it be significantly darker.

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Went to my dentist and he said no Zoom for me as it will cause sensitivity.  Got a at home bleaching kit from my dentist and wore the plates with 10% solution for (10) days and OMG beautiful. 


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I have just had zoom done and I tell you it hurts a lot! I was scared of the procedure as some of my friends told me you can get gum burns and stuff but wait for afterwards! you get brain freeze and pinned feeling so badly!! the procedure is 2 hour thing but I only managed to stay 1 hour. I was jumping out of the chair every 5 minutes. I couldn’t bear the pain and my dentist did custom made trays for me for home bleaching and gave me calcium gel, e vitamin gel and lots of pain killers! I couldn’t open my mouth for a day and speak a word as the air gets into your mouth it just kills you! thinking of sinking your teeth into a big block of ice! yes they are sooo white and look beautiful but sometimes I am asking myself if it does worth the pain or not?? 

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