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Wooooow. I am a senior at a 4-year university and have *never* had a professor speak to us like this.

Sounds like maybe he’s a professor because he wants to do research, and not because he likes teaching so much… because he’s clearly not very good at it.

What a crappy situation. I’m sorry. :/

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You deal with this class and hope you never have to take another with him. 

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@Scorpio88:  Crappy situation, but I think everyone has at least one prof they hate. I had a few back in the day. It really isn’t worth it to waste your energy on him.

This is a good lesson for real life. You can’t control everything. You will have a-hole bosses, coworkers, clients, etc. Make up your GPA elsewhere.

At this point it’s unlikely that there’s anything you can do.. especially since he’s the chair. I would write a letter to the dean after you finish the class, and write something on ratemyprof.com as well.

Is he always this bad? We all have our off days. What he did definitely isn’t right though. Hopefully if enough people complain, he will be disciplined. Is he the type you could try talking to? Like “My GPA is usually close to 4.0. I have a 2.0 in your class. What am I doing wrong?” etc., without outright accusing him of anything.

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My Organic Chemistry 2 prof was like this.

After every test (on which the class usually averaged in the mid- to upper-60s), he’d tell us all how stupid we all must be because this test was so easy and we just must be idoits since we couldn’t all get A’s in it, etc.  He never seemed to consider the possibility that maybe he was a poor teacher.

He’d also refuse to answer any questions on material that he thought we should have learned in Orgo 1, even if it related to what he was trying to teach.  This class had over 150 people in it and, at the end of the semester, 2 people had As and 11 people had Bs (thankfully, I was one of the Bs).  Everyone else had a C or below.

There really isn’t anything you can do though.  Ignore it, get through the semester and try to avoid ever having a class with him again.

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It’s a great life lesson on the types of people you will work with or for one day.

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@MrsTVLover:  +1 it was the asshole profs. who I learned the most from.

A. Because I was scared shitless

B. Because of the life experience of dealing with different types of people. 

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@Scorpio88:  Oh trust me, I had plenty of issues with university and I feel ya. Specific profs were definitely a large part of it. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back and pay thousands of dollars for more lol. You get the good and the bad like with anything else, I guess. Just for your own sanity you need to stop letting this jerk ruin your day/week/semester. Overall, to me, university was worth it – I got my job largely because of my degree. I try to think of it that way vs. getting annoyed with specific aspects of it.

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My contracts professor in law school literally boo’d me. In class. Just me. In front of everyone. Booooooo’d. Because he didn’t like an answer I gave. 




Just take heart, you will be done with him in a few weeks and then you can NEVER TAKE HIS CLASS AGAIN.

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I have had this happen before. I also had a professor (a woman) who talked down to me and told me how awful I was for getting pregnant without being married. She flat out said only stupid uneducated women have babies. 

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I have a 4.0 GPA and I am going to fail a class this term. I had a medical excuse for a week and after telling me I can make up my work, he changed his mind. 

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I had a biology professor that would yell at the entire class, red-faced, after every test, before storming out of the room. But he would return 15 minutes later and apologize, cool as a cucumber.

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@beachbride1216:  +1 exactly this. Go to office hours or get whatever help you can, but after this consider it a lesson learned and don’t take another class with him if you can avoid it

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@Scorpio88:  As a girl in a theatre tech program, I completely sympathize! I have one teacher that makes me cry every class. Every class, no joke. I’m really not a sensitive person, but the one thing that makes me cry is someone treating me like I’m stupid. EVERY DAY, I and several other girls get “maybe if you weren’t such an idiot, you’d know how to do it” comments. HELLO – maybe if you were a good teacher, I’d know how to do it! I was making props for a show and paused to look for a pen, and he came over and yelled, “what are you doing?? Stop sitting on your ASS and do some actual work for once! We’re all over here working and you’re sitting here wasting time!” and I said, “I stopped for a second to look for a pen.” and he said, “What?? You don’t have a g***amn pen?! You can’t get off your ass and look for one??” 


I was flabbergasted. And the awful thing about theatre programs is that they can treat you HOWEVER they want using the excuse that “that’s how it is in the real world. If you don’t like it, change fields.” Long story, short, I feel your pain!

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