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What works for one girl might not work for the rest. Talk to your doctor and if you guys decide that it is a safe option for you – try it out. 

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I have used both before. To be honest I don’t recomend the shot to anyone. It is very common to put on weight quickly while on the shot. I put on 20 pounds in 3 months. At the time I was 120lbs and no matter how much I exercised I could not lose the weight. When I talked to the nurse at my doctor’s office she said this wasvery common.

I am currently using the progestorine only BC since I had a baby and had been breastfeeding. My periods are only a couple days and I have not noticed any other side effects. Some people report an increase in appetitie.  Like Jamie said  above, everyone is different.

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I lost 10 lbs on the shot (made me sick) but my periods were all over the map.  It worked great as birth control since my bf is squeemish about period sex and didn’t want to touch me half the time, LOL. (Sorry if that is TMI!)

I have had a lot of success with spermicide foam.  Used it for years and no baby so far!  It’s like 95% effective if used correctly and consistantly.  Note that I said “foam”.  Spermicide gels are not as effective.

You can also look into the diaphram or cervical cap.  There’s lots of non-hormonal birth control out there.  It’s just a little less idiot proof than pills or shots, so you have to make sure you know how to use it and you use it every time.

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A non-hormonal option would be an IUD – there are two kinds, one with hormones and one without.  I haven’t tried it myself but it came highly recommended since I don’t like taking hormones (but I’m not ready for the switch).  Here’s the planned parenthood link to info on IUDs: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/iud-4245.htm

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I have been on the POP (Progestin Only Pill) for about 4 years now and have been satisfied. My periods are relatively short and sporatic, which can be a bit worrisome at first. Once your body adjusts, you will get used to waiting for your period and knowing when to expect it. I cannot take any other form of hormonal BC due to a bloodclot I had as a child, so I cannot speak to any other hormonal options.  I would highly recommend against Diaphrams and spermicides as they are messy and do not allow for spontinaity. 

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I take Desogen which has very very little (or no) estrogen.  Its recommended that I take pills with very low estrogen because I have a very high risk of breast cancer.  Its worked great for me so far.

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I won’t suggest a shot to ANYONE! Just progestin pills need to be taken at the SAME TIME everyday, and like right at the same time, to be useful, so be careful with that. I have the generic version of allese because it is really low hormone, so maybe that would be an option for you too?

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I’ve been on the POP for about a year and a half. I’ve been on the NuvaRing and a regular estrogen-progesterone BC pill before this. Honestly, the only difference I’ve really noticed is that I’m not as “ahem” dry as I was while on the Nuvaring. So far so good, no babies!

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I just switched to the shot, and have lost weight.  My periods have been light but a little eratic (I.e. I spotted for two weeks rather than had a full period)  On the plus side, I had NO cramping or headaches which were common for me when I was on nuvaring.  price is about the same as nuvaring and it works much better in my schedule to only have to remember to do this once every three months !

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Like you, I can’t take anything with estrogen (bad migraines).  My health insurance pre-marriage was awful, so I took POP until my first period after we were married (with great insurance).  So now I have the mirena IUD- it’s mostly idiot proof.  I have had it for 2 months and still bleeding more days than not, but that is SUPPOSED to settle down soon.

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I’ve been on the progestin shot. It’s okay I guess. Does its trick. You won’t know how you like it until you try it. I was more emotional on the shot than i was on nuvaring and had some breakthrough bleeding but that’s just me. The every 3 months thing sure is nice tho =]

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I was on Depo for 9 years – didn’t have any problems with it. Had some weight gain in the last year, but I don’t think I can blame that on the shot Wink

I just switched to Yaz, which has a pretty low estrogen count – I only switched because it’s supposedly better for my skin. Still getting used to having a period again – that (almost) decade was really nice. *sigh*

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