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  • poll: How would you handle someone proposing to you that you did not want to propose?

    Reject the proposal outright and allow him to accept any repercussions associated with his decision

    Accept in front of the others and then gently let him down in private

    Grab the ring and then run with it....leaving him without any answer

    Faint and panic

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    I said accept, not because I think it’s right or ok but because I think in my panic and knowing people were watching, I know myself well enough that that’s probably what I’d do 🙂 In private I hope I’d say “I’ll think about it” which I think would be the nicer, more honest thing to do. A friend of mine was proposed to and accepted, the engagement didn’t last very long and I think she knew from the start it was a bad idea, since the relationship was already wrong. But she wanted to get married young and didn’t want to ruin her proposal, so accepted. Luckily she came to her senses and is now married to a wonderful man who she did not hesitate to say “yes” to 🙂

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    I would answer honestly. If my answer is no, I would very gently say no (like, try my best not to cause a scene, but still say no). I don’t think it’s right to say yes and then later say no, personally. First of all, that’s pretty hard on his feelings, (I would be pretty upset if I proposed to someone and they said yes and faked being excited and then later said no. Much more upset than if they had just said no to begin with. I’d be crushed infact.), and plus if he knows any of the people he proposed infront of, I think it’s way more embarrassing to have to go back to those people and explain the engagement isn’t happening after they already started celebrating for him. Bottom line, if the answer is no, say no. If you honestly aren’t sure, say that. Don’t string someone along with a yes (unless you mean it)… I think that’s pretty mean, no matter the circumstances.

    If he is proposing in front of a crowd, than he should be prepared for the possibility of her saying no and be mentally ready for that. This is why marriage should be discussed before hand, and decisions should be made together. The guy shouldn’t just propose without knowing how his girl feels about that, imo. Especially if he is planning a big elaborate public proposal.

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    Sugar bee

    I really don’t understand how someone can be so out of touch in their relationship where they think it is leading to mariage but the other partner is not ready. I don’t say this to offend any waiting bees it is just a foreign concept to me. Before you plan an elaborat TV proposal, I would assume you at least talked about the possibility of getting married.

    If someone proposed to me and I was not ready, I think I would say no out of instinct. I can imagine I would be shocked and honesty would be the only opten when put on the spot.

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    This actually happened to me, right after high school so I was about 18.  It wasn’t in front of anyone else, thankfully.   It was a guy I’d been friends with and very casually dated for a few months.  I knew his feelings were stronger and for some reason his parents ADORED me (that was NOT usually the reaction I got from parents, lol)… anyway I tried very hard to not lead him on and keep it casual.  We had a lot of fun together and he was a super nice guy but I really wanted to make it clear that we weren’t serious… I guess his hopes lied elsewhere.

    Anyway he proposed to me while we were sitting in the tree swing in my mom’s front yard.  It wasn’t an on the knee thing and he had no ring.  Thank goodness! It was more “casual”… but still freaked me out.

    I said no right away.  I was very gentle about it and I was very flattered and told him so but I didn’t see any point in getting his hopes up.   We didn’t see each other much after that.   Years later he found me on classmates.com and we chatted and he was divorced with a couple kids.

    Sadly I remember his sister more often than I remember him. (she was GORGEOUS).. so what does that tell ya? 

    Anyway that’s how I handled it.  I hope I handled it gracefully but I was 18 and it totally took me by surprise!

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    I put accept in front of others, but I think it depends who the others are.  If we’re at a restaurant full of strangers or on the jumbotron at a sporting event, I’d say yes to avoid embarrassing him in public.  (And tell him as soon as the focus was off of us.  Like within 5 minutes.) But if it’s in front of friends/family, I’d have to say no outright because I don’t think it would be any less embarrassing for him to have to reveal later to these people that the wedding wasn’t happening.

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    I would say no. I couldn’t bring myself to let someone get so excited and happy and then to let them down later in private. I would much rather just tell them straight. 

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    I would probably say something ambiguous, like, “Wow, what can I say?” and put the ring on. Then as soon as we weren’t with people, the poo would hit the fan.

    Poor guy!

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    I COMPLETELY agree, Slicey! Honestly, he should KNOW the answer before he asks you. Know beyond the shadow of a doubt. If he asks me prematurely (ie i’d say no), well, it happens. I’m not going to lie to him and get his hopes up and say yes, when really, in my heart, i know i’ll take it back later and say, “oh by the way….i really meant ‘no'”.

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    I would say no straight out.  I am not very good at hiding emotions or lying so even if I said yes (which I probably couldn’t bring myself to do), it’d be really obvious what I was actually thinking.

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    I would outright say “No” on the spot.

    As a guy, you should not be asking a girl to marry you if you both haven’t discussed marriage, proposal, spending the rest of your life together.  As a guy, you should already know that she’ll say “Yes”.  So if you’re not bright enough to have had these discussions, you kind of deserve the repercussions.

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    I would have to accept and let him down in private…… I’m not much for a show so it would have to be something I did in private.

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    I would say no. In my opinion, it’s terribly cruel to let the guy THINK you’re saying yes when really you’re just trying to save face.

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    How is accepting right then and there then letting him down “gently” after the crowd is gone any better than just saying no? The first option would be worse in my opinion because then he would have to turn around and tell everyone you accpeted then turned around and said no which to me is worse! So, i vote for telling him outright no then letting him take the reprecussions.

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