Pros and cons of having 3 cats

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Honey bee
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I think if you’re prepared to have 2, 3 isn’t that big of a step. Obviously it will cost more for vet care and pet supplies, but experience wise it’s not different. Both of my sisters have had 3 cats and they acquired the third after already having two. There was no huge impact on the day to day experience for them. 

I currently have 1 cat and I’m considering getting another. If I find a single who gets along with my current cat, that’s great. If I find a pair, that’s equally great. It won’t make much difference, but yes, costs will be slightly more and you’ll be cleaning more litter boxes. 

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Blushing bee
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Biggest thing is get then spayed and neutered! Cats can have babies super young and will inbreed with siblings. Plus itll save you from the spraying that intact cats tend to do to mark territory. They are cuties though! 

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Buzzing bee

The baddest thing is just going to be the cost of vet bills. They will triple. You might have to buy food and litter a little more frequently but honestly cats are the easiest pet to add more of IMO. They are pretty self sufficient and don’t require a drastic change in how you care for them. 

We will be adding another cat to our already two cat household eventually and I foster cats quite frequently it doesn’t require much of a chalnge. 

I say keel them both! First make sure they get along with your other cat after they are vetted. 

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Busy Beekeeper

I am not seeing any cons? tongue-out

We unfortunately lost one of our two cats a few weeks ago. Definitely not emotionally ready to get another cat yet, but when the time comes I’d def consider a bonded pair. Having two cats wasn’t much more work than one and I can’t imagine three would be a huge difference aside from the increase in cat hair everywhere!

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Busy bee
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We have four cats. We adopted two sisters about a year ago, then one of them went missing and we adopted another set of 2 sisters. Then the missing cat came back, so there’s four now. 

The sheer amount of poop was something we really underestimated. They are poop-machines. And the younger two eat a LOT. Also, both of the young ones still need spaying and one of the older ones will need surgery soon. So yeah, vet bills are something you really need to consider. I agree with a previous bee about making sure you spay them asap. And really do your maths. We are financially stable, so can afford all four of them even if things go badly wrong but it’s still no fun seeing those vet bills (the two older girls needed their teeth fixed soon after we got them).

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Bumble bee
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Having 3 cats was a joy but our house STUNK no matter how much we scooped our boxes 

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Busy bee
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Ooooh they are CUTE! I’ll take one if you end up keeping just the one 🙂 

i think my main concern would be the volume of poop. When we had multiple cats they wouldn’t share litter boxes and if one went in another’s litter box it was like the world ended 

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They’re so beautiful!!! Love that your friends adopted the little girl.

I have had 3 cats for almost 10 years. When one of the oldest passes, we always end up adopting another. I feel like my house would be empty without 3. They bring so much love! 

The biggest hassle is the litter box; if you keep up with it on a daily basis it should be manageable. I would recommend the XL litter boxes so they don’t get too finicky about someone using the litter before them. 

And we all hope all 3 stay super healthy, but you always need to account for vet bills. I would suggest putting money aside each month as a “just in case” for vet bills which can be a relief if any emergencies happen (I put aside the same amount that I would normally pay for pet insurance).


Keep us updated on your decision!!

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Bee Keeper

Omg they’re adorable! I say keep all three IF you can afford more vet visits and pet food. Even start saving more in the kitty (pun intended) to have a good cushion just in case. 


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Sugar bee
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They are gorgeous!!

The cons are more vet bills, more poop, more cat hair, and more cat vomit. 

There are many many pros!! We had 3 cats for awhile and we really enjoyed it. We had a 2 bedroom apartment and they were all indoor cats. We had a cat tree for them. 

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Helper bee

We have 4 cats rn. 

The reason for that is basically the same problem you’re having. We had to chose between two ladies and we each fell for different ones. It was fated. 

I honestly feel like 3 is the perfect amount of cat to have. 

Just be aware that multi-cat households can be a little bit more work.  You want to have multiple cat boxes (1 per cat plus 1) in different locations of the home. The idea behind that is to stop liter box guarding, but also give the cats the ability to mark their territory.  

Also multicat households do better with open boxes rather than the ones with covers.

Having a layout where each cat can get private time is nice, so enough beds, a large enough cat-tree, and etc. 


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Bumble bee
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I have 3 cats. Two of them are brothers from a litter of 3 strays? where the girl found a home with friends! No kidding 😂 The two brothers are best friends! They’re so attached. And the 3rd is another stray boy but he’s the new addition. Needed an extra litter box but that’s about it. 

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Busy bee
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Pro: You have three cats!!

Con: You still don’t have enough cats! 

Seriously though, I’ve had anywhere between two and eight cats at any given time, and I’ve noticed that there’s very little difference between 2-4 cats. Once you get past 4 it gets a little crowded. 

You’d really only need a couple of food and water bowls (as opposed to one each for two cats) and at least two litter boxes. Playtime will be easy with them since they’re the same age. Cats of three different ages can get tricky with playtime, since older cats aren’t as active, but that isn’t a big deal with your situation. 

Vet costs will be a bit higher initially with two kittens, but as a general rule mixed breed cats have very few health issues. I’d make sure you have the funds in case of an emergency, but that’s pretty standard. 

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