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@PrettyinPink45:  I’ve been there SEVERAL times for extended periods of time because my Grandma lived there. When she passed away this past year I was there for about a month because I had a possible job offer not too far away and I helped out when she was in the hospital and stuff. Anyways, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE drivers. and the traffic sucks. The drivers are really aggressive and have a tendancy to drive in your blind spot. BUT that’s just what I’ve experienced. This is coming who grew up dealing with DC traffic and then went to college with Norfolk/Newport News bridge/tunnel traffic. Anyways there are some nice areas. My Gma had a house in Spring (suburb to the north of Houston) and now my Uncle owns that house. It’s fairly pretty there. Not gorgous, but okay. There should be lots of job prospects there. The job market is doing well there despite the recession. Also a lot of oil and gas companies are there. Weather isn’t too bad, but I’ve never been there in the summer. I have lived in FL for a while and the humidity sucks during the summer and from what I can see the weather is similar between the two places. Great bbq and mexican food though.

I personally like Austin better. Better looking city and not as crazy, similar food and weather. 

EDIT: It’s not one of my favorite places in the world. But if it meant having a good job, I’d find a way to make it work despite the crazy drivers and real estate tax.

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It’s as hot in Houston as it is cold in Michigan.

Cost of living will be roughly equal to Michigan, I would think……..  but it depends on where you are in Michigan and where you live in Houston.

I lived in Katy.  If I would have had the money I would have moved to the Woodlands.  If I had it to do over again and/or if I had kids I might have moved to Spring.

The cost of living piece is wierd…. now, I lived there 12 years ago.  steak?  WICKED CHEAP.  But my Christmas Tree cost me over $100.  $5 to have a GROUP of people to wash my car spic-n-span clean.  Gas is expensive and you will use ALOT of it because everything is spread out.  There is also this bizarre Texas Pride thing that I will NEVER understand……. You will NEVER be a “Texan” because you weren’t born there, but ZZ Top will always represent Texas…. even though they aren’t country.


All in all I liked it there and I would move back again….. so I say go for it.

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It totally depends on where in Houston you are. There are some super scary sketchy areas like any major city but it also has some incredibly nice sunburn areas and if you are a real urban person a huge downtown area. It is HUGE which is a pro or a con depending on your view. I wouldn’t ever live in Houston itself but Cypress, Jersey Village, Sugar land and a few others are nice suburban areas that are still close enough to commute to the main part of the city.

It is pretty much straight city from the gulf of Mexico and inland probably 50-75 miles. It’s hot and 200% humidity so a whole different kind of hot. Also the mosquitos are the size of sparrows. But it does have a lot to do, restaurants, shopping, arts and theater. Also it’s not far to the beach! But be warned, Texas beaches aren’t exactly tropical paradise but they work. Also Houston is only 2.5 hours from Austin and the hill country which is a wonderfully rugged beautiful place. 

It really just depends on what you want and what part you’re in. If you get near the refineries it’s pretty nasty smog but that clears the further you get from the industrial area. Also, as far as major urban centers go, it is much cheaper cost of living, a downtown penthouse will still be $$$$ but a little out of the city isn’t bad. 

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Having lived in Texas my whole life, Houston and Dallas/FTW are always my least favorite places to be.

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I love Houston as a business traveller. I’ve been there in May, September and October. October was ok but May and September were nasty. I can’t stand humidity and extreme heat, so if that’s what spring and fall are like I would die in the summer. It’s great in winter though!

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I moved to Dallas from the Midwest last April.  The job market is much better, but it is hot as balls in the summer.  I prefer heat over ice and snow though, so am very happy.  Can’t speak much for Houston, I have only been there a handful of times.

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I went to college an hour outside of Houston. Cons: It is HOT AS F*CK in the summer. Summer is approximately 7 months of the year. It is also crazy humid. There are 41 species of mosquitos that live there. The freeways are both perpetually under construction and completely stopped with traffic.

I grew up in Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth), and besides the awful suburban sprawl, traffic, weather, bugs, etc, I honestly just would never move back because of the ultra-conservative politics and overbearing religious zealots. Texas is officially not an option in my book.

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Well clearly I’m biased, but I’ll share some of my thoughts. I grew up here, left for 7 years for college and work and ended up back for a job. I’ve traveled quite a bit so I’ve seen a lot of cities and I personally think that Houston has a lot to offer, but like everywhere, it’s not for everyone. 

A lot of people that I know here are transplants, Fiance included, and say they thought they would hate Houston but now love it. I hear this all the time, and I know a lot of people that moved here to make a career, intended to stay a few years, and here they are 25 years later.

Pros: Something for everyone. Theater, pro sports, parks, beach, not too far from the hill country if you’re into outdoors stuff like camping, mtn biking, etc. There’s concerts, bars and the food is pretty incredible. Housing is cheap for a big city so you can afford to live closer in. Tons of jobs and room for career growth. People are friendly and we love showing new people around town. The winters are amazing. We may get one to two freezing days each year. Today it was in the 70s and I played golf this morning in shorts. Can’t beat that, if you’re looking for ‘warm’ as a criteria! Also, if you’re looking to get your grad degree there are some great universities here and many of the companies hiring right now will pay part of your tuition.

Cons: Hands down the traffic is the worst part of the city. For this reason, you would have to be careful about where you both work and live – you don’t want offices on the opposite end of town because one of you will get screwed on the commute. The summers are hot, but more so they are just long and humid. I’d take that over the cold winters though so that’s a personal preference. It can be a little ‘concrete jungle’ in certain areas. Meaning, it’s flat and not a lot of natural beauty. I would say to pay careful attention to where these companies are located. Assuming that you are young and looking to start off somewhere with Fiance, you may not be as happy in areas such as the Woodlands, Spring, Cypress etc. Those are more suburban and great places to raise kids, but I know a lot of 20 and 30-sometimes out in those areas that are bored to tears. It’s really not the same to move to The Woodlands as it is to move to Houston.

I don’t know what your degree is in, but if you are in engineering or business you can expect a decent amount of money to come work in the energy or medical industry. There are so many jobs!

Anyway, now that I’ve written a novel, feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions I can help with 🙂

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@PrettyinPink45:  If you are looking for a quiet place and area to teach then those areas are perfect! I don’t mean to discount them – actually grew up out there and want to move from in town when we have kids- just not what most are looking for as newlyweds. There are teaching jobs in those districts from what I hear. And most of the bigger schools have pretty reputable bands, sports, you name it. If you are looking for palm trees, or living near the coast, then check out Clear Lake as well which is on the opposite end of town.

The Woodlands is newer than Spring and a very Master Planned Community type place. One of the major oil companies you have heard of is about to move their HQ there so property prices are rising but you know there will be even more to do out there. Since yall are so into music you’d be interested to know there is a major concert venue as well – The Woodlands Pavillion. Spring is a little older, but still a very nice area. I would guess homes out there are pretty affordable.

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@PrettyinPink45:  I live in NW Houston, the Jersey Village area. Everyone’s right about the traffic, it’s the pits, but any Houstonian can tell you the best roads and times to take to get you where you’re going. Spring is nice and The Woodlands are lovely, though a bit pricey and a little hard to get around in, if you ask me. I would live here and work in Spring, if only to avoid the 5 o clock rush. Plus real estate is cheaper and it’s not SO far from the nightlife that you’ll be bored out of your mind. There are a lot of opportunities for educators here, but you may experience a culture shock. PM me if you have any specific questions, need job recs, etc. Heck, I might even know a few people you’re looking to work with!

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I live in Northeast Houston, at the Houston/Spring line, pretty much. COL is crazy where we’re at, b/c apartments on other side of the intersection, $750 for a 3BR about 1000sqft. BUT, we pay $950(with water/sew/tr), for a 1400sqft townhome, with jacuzzi tub, tiled bathroom, hardwood and a formal dining room. There’s $400k houses a mile down the road, and $78k homes around the corner.

Weather is hot or wet, or cold. Driver’s suck(I learned how to drive in central TX, got my license in FL). I can’t find a job aside from the one I got through a friend, to save a life, b/c they kept giving priority to Katrina/Ike victims. My last job, we had an Ike victim actually COPY several of my ex-bosses cc numbers, and somehow her husband was using the numbers in New Orleans, THAT NIGHT. IDK how. But my boss had the walmart and target sec. vids.


I hate it here, been here since 2007. FH has only been here a couple years, as his dad was a Katrina victim, who’s company was able to transfer him. We’re thinking of moving into the WAY north side of Houston, into Cleveland next year at tax time.

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@PrettyinPink45:  Haha yes, palm trees grow in Houston! They’re an upscale shopping area near downtown Houston called Highland Village, and the entire street is lined with palm trees. They get decorated for Christmas, too! Here’s a photo:

I’m originally from Seattle, and I miss the outdoorsy environment in Seattle (mountains, woods, evergreen trees, lakes, etc). But I have to say, I do love that it’s pretty warm year-round. Darling Husband and I have been going for runs and bike riding in January/February in T-shirts. That would NEVER happen in Seattle! 

I’ve heard that schools in The Woodlands are really good. The Woodlands is a really nice place to live – Darling Husband and I aren’t ready for suburbia yet so we’re living it up in downtown Houston, but we have friends who grew up in The Woodlands so we’ve spent a fair amount of time there. There aren’t many cool, unique restaurants and bars, it’s like your pretty average suburbia – but there some beautiful spots. And all of the shopping centers are hidden by trees, so when you’re driving down the road, you don’t see all of the obnoxious signs for gas stations and Jack in the Boxes. There’s a really nice area by a man-made waterway with restaurants, and in the summertime all of the restaurants and bars along the water will be packed in the evenings. It’s a great place for date nights 🙂

Our friends (who are mostly in mid- to late-twenties) seem to have no problem switching jobs – the job market is pretty hot here in general. Like a PP said, the pay is great, especially considering the low cost of living. Our house near downtown Houston cost $250k, which is unheard of in a lot of cities on the East Coast and West Coast. And there are so many things to do, we really never get bored. I miss the mountains and rain of Seattle, but there’s enough to do here to keep me occupied. I think Houston is a good place to live.

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