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    I don’t think there are any cons to lab made stones. They are exactly like their mined counterparts. Some people really feel strongly about their gemstones being “natural”, but I think that’s a little silly.

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    @abirdword:  I know there is an inherent snootiness that makes natural stones better/more valuable. But I can’t really figure out a good or logical reason for it. Lab stones have the exact same properties as natural ones, but for some reason a lot of people perceive lab created as a “fake” stone.

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    I think it’s just our preconceived notions. My mom always used to say lab stones were crap…but she didn’t really know why she thought that. It’s just how jewelers want us to think.

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    @abirdword:  I love lab-created stones for all the same reasons you give! And I agree with PP, it’s all just pre-conceived notions about their inferiority. To each their own, but I’d rather not buy into the hype of natural stones and save a little money along the way.

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    I’ve always been a nerd so I kind of enjoy the science/engineering aspects or lab created stones. Plus, no worries about cruelty in mining conditions, right?

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    I think there is a lot of misunderstanding out there. Some people seem to assume lab-created is glass or something, not the same materials as naturals as they are. I see this a lot amongst people who just have not looked into it much. I think this is just a result of marketing or the misinformation out there, or people seeing lower quality lab created stones or true simulated glass stones.

    I like lab-created stones, and old warm and natural antique stones. But for me the pros of lab created are huge (from origins, to price, to quality) and I see no cons, not even the judgments are a con for me. I have natural stones, but I do not ever see buying a significant sized natural stone again (gifts and donations are welcome, ha ha).

    I loved my lab created sapphires as the blue was amazing compared to what I could find in the natural market even if I searched for eons and wanted to spend tens of thousands.  And, well, I am not going to be finding a natural gem-sized quality moissanite on the market so my choices were a bit limited there to begin with! I love moissanite over diamond (even lab created diamond). However, I would take an old OEC or transitional in a low colour if it fell into my lap for free or a bargain…but I won’t pay mich for it even though I could afford it when I can have a gorgeous moissanite OEC anyway which I am more than happy with (which I do – 4 of them!).

    I could have had naturals, but I *wanted* lab created. That to me is the biggest pro of all!

    Some people love naturals only, and that is fine. I think there is room for everyone without attacking another’s choice. I know plenty of people with fantastic naturals and fantastic lab-createds. There is room for it all!

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    I have a diamond e-ring and I love it.  That having been said (and I haven’t let Fiance know) I would like a lab created stone for my wedding band.  Just as some the PP mentioned,  I the pros for lab created outweigh the “sentimental” pros for natural stones.

    Pros for Man made: economical(more bling for your buck!), environmentally freindly (doesn’t blow holes into the earth), sustainable (not a “once their gone, that’s it” type thing) ethical (things are better now, but there is less chance of exploitation at my expense with lan created gems)

    Pros for Natural: The joy of knowing that it is a natural stone…hmmm…

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    I think as PamelaBrit said, the only real pro of a natural stone is the feeling of awe you get from knowing it’s been created naturally and potentially been part of the earth for unimaginable lengths of time. Of course, that’s purely psychological as it’s more about how you perceive the stone rather than what it actually looks like. The same can be said for lab created stones, I guess, because you can get a good feeling from knowing it’s more ethical and/or being in awe of the science behind it, but the ethical aspect also has very real impacts. And then there’s the financial aspect, which is very tangible indeed. If there were no ethical or environmental concerns at all, I would most likely prefer natural in the stones that look just as good as lab made, but as it stands I don’t believe there is an ethical way of mining for many of these gems (or metals), hence I now only go for lab made stones and recycled metals, which also brings me all the other pros mentioned above.

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    @DeathByDesign:  This.

    I like both but prefer lab made partly for cost, but also because I am picky and like perfect stones.

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    There really aren’t any cons.. because they’re lab created, they’re flawless. It’s really just based on personal preference of whether you want a natural stone or not.

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    I like sparkle, so I really don’t care where it comes from.  I have diamonds, moissy, and lab sapphire and ruby.  I am proud of them and happy to share with anyone that I think may be really intetested, but I certain;y do not advertise it.  People can be funny, and I don’t want my DH to feel like he ever should have bought me more, bigger, better etc.  I have 4 weddings sets at this point, and love them all so much.  I would stop disclosing as much info, accept the compliments, and say “BF picked an amazing stone!”  He will feel better about it that way, and you can just tell those that will appreciate  the info.  😉

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    I like that created stones are more environmentally friendly, but for me they are too clear, too perfect. I love the imperfections in natural stones; I think thats what makes them beautiful.

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    I have an Asha

    Pros – much less expensive than mined diamond, clear and sparkly

    Cons – none

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