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I think it should depend on how bad it is. The street I live in is VERY nice. Fairly big houses, quiet, green, nice cars all around. There’s just ONE house that was rented out for about a decade. The garden is pretty wild, the roof will need work and it there is quite some noise sometimes. And the couple who lives there… long hair, beard, banged up car.

That’s the house we live in and the couple is us. The noise is us trying to get the house back into shape again. Due to our cats our garden most definitely doesn’t have vermin. The garden is in a right state because we can’t fix up the house AND work AND sleep AND fix up the garden at the same time. We may look a little wild, especially my other half but there are no drugs here and we’re always happy to help out when somebody runs out of milk or eggs.


If you have doubts, maybe just ring at their door and say hi. Ask about the neighbourhood. Don’t just ask the people from the nice-looking houses but also the ones from the not so nice ones. They might be perfectly fine neighbours.

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My fiancé and I just bought our first house, and the thing we paid attention to more so than the condition of neighboring houses was the build quality.  You want your house to be on par with or worse than the other houses.  For example, the house we bought was a big old Victorian on a block full of big old Victorians in various states of repair, so on par.  Another house we looked at was an epic stone house with gothic details from the 30s, but it was surrounded by dumpy little tract houses from the 60s, so no matter how awesome you make your gothic castle house, you’re still surrounded by property-value-damping incongruity, regardless of how nice or crappy they are.

Are the neighboring houses of similar build quality/size as the house you’re interested in?  Do you think the neighborhood is on the up and up?  If so, the condition of neighboring houses will probably improve in the coming years. 

On our street, there are two houses right across from us.  One was one of our comps that sold for 100k more than ours did.  It’s gorgeous.  The other one is a shitheap.  The shitheap house used to be as pretty as the other, and will probably be returned to a nicer state in the coming years once the owner-landlord runs out of money and sells.  All in good time.  It’s just something that we’re dealing with because we didn’t want to buy in an overheated neighborhood where the only options were overpriced flips full of hipstertastic staging furniture.

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Sometimes the person might not be well enough to keep the up keep going or they are invalid or elderly.   Also the owners of the properties might not live there full time and let their yards go because they only come home once or twice a month.  

  Maybe just go introduce yourself and just leave it be.  

The reason I say this is because my grandfather is in his 80s,  he isn’t well as he had complicated surgery.   I don’t live near him, but I know he doesn’t look after his yard.     Some coward neighbour sent him an anonymous letter ranting about his yard and sending vile threats about the yard.  Leaving comments describing about what rodents or dangerous creatures can do in his garden as if my grandfather is an imbecile.  SMH.     Even saying they took photos and will continue taking photos until my grandfather cleans up his yard to make the street look “pristine” and perfect.

That poster should have checked in on my grandfather instead of being an arse.    My grandfather has been living in his house his whole life.   That is for another post.

What I’m saying is if I was you and worried about neighbour’s yards,   I would go introduce myself and see the situation.   As long as they are not nosey, noisey etc then you really don’t have a problem. 

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woahthisjustgotreal2018 :  Your story reminds me of my grandfather.  He is a great guy but as I said he is elderly.   Wants to keep being independent but he physically can’t keep up the yard up keep.    We try to clean up his yard as best we can when we are there.   However there is stuck up people in his street.  

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