(Closed) pseudopregnancy…i think i’m gettin there… :-(

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Oh man, i kinda feel like you are LOOKING for symptoms. Just chill out a little, give it some time, and cut back on the drinking. Eat healthy and see if that sort of mellows everything out. I can get really bad heartburn occassionally and when my GI tract acts up, i have had nausea for a week or two–it makes me wonder, but there’s always an explanation. Stop looking for symptoms and thinking “omg i’m pregnant!” In a month, take another test if you’re still worried.

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Oh, wow. You do have some serious pregnancy symptoms. But, I would say it’s too early for some of them to crop up if you’re only possibly a couple weeks pregnant. My breast/nipples hurt something fierce right before I implanted when I was pregnant. I had dizzy spells/felt weak. I had to eat every few hours, I was always hungry like that. I also quickly bloated and clothes didn’t fit as well.

You wouldn’t possibly test positive until closer to your missed period anyway. But I would say there is a very real possibility that you are pregnant. (And yes, you should be “safe” rather than sorry….)

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I had that issue too. The first month that we tried to get pregnant I was light headed, (TMI) my nipples killed, etc. And I wasn’t pregnant. I think it might have been b/c I just got off birth control. Then when I got pregnant the next month I had no symptoms. I know it’s hard, but just try to relax and have fun trying!

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I talked to my doctor about some similar issues. I kept thinking I was preggers because I had a ton of symptoms. I have had a misscarriage before and had all the same symptoms as that pregnancy. Too Much Information: sore nipples, more vaginal wetness, irritability, little weight gain, tiredness and naseau. She told me all of these could also be symptoms of the change in season. Darker and colder weather can also effect a woman’s body in the same ways. Ugh.

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I totally understand, I feel like I’m imagining symptoms too and I’m only at 7DPO! Last night I woke-up a few times with a dull ache on the right side of my stomach. I’ve also been a little sensitive to smells and tastes. I felt faint after not eating as soon as I woke-up (I’ve never in my life felt this way) and felt dizzy after walking a few flights of stairs. 

We just started TTC – in fact we weren’t supposed to actively start until Feb but somehow Darling Husband has been for it since we started NTNT just last month. I know I’m delusional since it’s our first time trying and I’m likely just fighting off a cold/have indigestion/slept wrong/dehydrated but I can’t help but secretly hope. 

I’m hoping it goes well for both of us! But even if it isn’t time this month, there’s always next month Smile When are you expecting your period? Mine isn’t due for another week! 

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Have you recently changed anything about your diet/medications/environment? In my anatomy class we talked about strange things causing pregnancy like symptoms in women because of hormone changes. One good example I can think of is THC (marijuana) withdrawls that do this. Women who have recently quit smoking marijuana have shown symptoms like breast and nipple tenderness, light headedness, mood swings, and nausea. There are many other common foods and products that can have these types of effects too.

Also, pseudo pregnancies can happen. There have been medical studies that show some women who hope to be pregnant and think about it constantly can actually give themselves symptoms before becoming pregnant. Best way to know is to take a test! If you are ever unsure of whether or not you are pregnant you should also avoid drinking. I know it’s hard during the holidays, but 0 for 9 is very important!

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Why not go to Planned Parenthood and get a pregnancy test to give you a final answer one way or another? If you are not insured they will work on a sliding fee scale, based on your income. If its a matter of just not having the insurance card yet, any doctor’s office can still find out your insurance info without the card.

If you are not using any protection and having sex, you’re going to get pregnant, sooner or later. I don’t understand this distinction between “trying” and “not”, and your body certainly doesn’t understand any distinction. I hope everything works out for the best.

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@MamaHusky3: Omg, you’re late and you and your Mom have both known to get a late positives — I do NOT think you’re delusional at all! I agree with gabrielleelise, you should stop by Planned Parenthood for a test! I’m excited for you! Keep us updated!

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I was doing this too – making up symptoms in my head and convincing myself I was pregnant last month. I was so disappointed when Aunt Flo finally came!

It sounds like you have a lot more than what I did, but try not to get your hopes up too much. Based on what you said about your first pregnancy not showing up until 6 weeks and your mom’s not showing up until 8 weeks, it’s unfortunately a huge, torturous waiting game! I’m trying not to get my hopes up now b/c I am at day 35, but have zero symptoms. So frustrating and I know when Aunt Flo comes again that it will be disappointing, but here’s to hoping you are (if you want to be)!

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First let me say that you are not alone in thinkng that every little thing is a sign that you are preggers.  I have noticed that I have been doing this lately and it has to stop.

I took 5 tests and AF isnt even due for another 3 days.  I was just convinced that I was preggers.

It seems like every woman I know right now just had a baby, plus my Fiance and I have been talking a lot about kids.  He is finally ready, In fact he asked me last night what bedroom room would we make the nursery.

Its hard not to get over excited when you are just ready.  But everything will come in its own perfect time. Try not to get to worked up or excited and just let whatever happens happens.  

I’m going to take some of my own advice too.




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FH and I aren’t actively trying, but we aren’t being careful at all

That’s pretty much begging to get knocked up!!

Your doctor’s office can call your insurance company if all you’re waiting on is the card–totally not a big deal.

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