Psychic/Medium experiences?

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Most psychics don’t have any special talents or “gifts.”  They just know how to subtly get information out of you without you noticing, and they know how to make vague enough predictions that could apply to large groups of people while making them sound like they’re tailored just to you. For example, most people dislike their bosses at least some of the time, and most people have considered changing careers at least a little bit.  Most yong couples want to try for a baby, but not too quickly; and most get pregnant fairly quickly once they start trying. He’s got a 50/50 chance to be right on the eventual baby being a girl, and a 50/50 chance on it being a little premature — because babies rarely show up on the exact day we think they’re showing up. 


Think about all the notions the psychic put out there that you said “no” to. It’s probably more than you think, and it may be hard to even remember them, because our brains discard those details as being unimportant. But all those No questions are a simple strategy to get you to volunteer information. Which is fine if you just visit psychics for the entertainment value, but be very cautious about taking the information too seriously.


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youngbrokebride :  I found one who completely blew me away. Since then, I haven’t been impressed by anyone else. She nailed my sil, the medium was like “I’m getting… go away go away, fix your own life”. People usually go to mediums to talk to people who they loved and who loved them. I wanted to see if she would pick up on the complexities of our relationship before I even mentioned anything, and she did. I also talked about her husband and the medium went “ooohhh… she just growled… were there problems in the marriage?” And I laughed because they pretty much hated each other. She also nailed the problems my bil is having with the kids, however, I’m sure that’s a given being that he was suddenly widowed.

She also said that I will have another baby, and that she was seeing July. July is when we plan to try, so that was neat.

I like the medium, she’s friendly and it’s almost like a therapy session, an expensive one though.

I think it’s something fun to do, you just can’t take it too seriously. There are people who just try to take your money. The medium I went to seemed legit, and I liked chatting with her (and my sil lol)

As long as you just do it for fun and don’t plan or change your life based on what they say, I think it’s ok

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youngbrokebride :  my experience was tough to explain too. The medium walked out of the room and told me to shuffle the tarot cards and she would be right back (this was the second time I went) I got a chill and goose bumps on the right side of my face and my right arm

The medium came back and I started to explain that it was my sil who I was there for and she said “she’s here, she’s right there” and she waved her arm to my right side

I hadn’t so much as rubbed my arm or my face and I didn’t say anything about the chill that I had, so it was interesting

During that session she said she saw a lot of legal paper work coming, I asked if she could be thinking of the car that we just bought and she said no, that this was different. We had tons of paper work after my nephews evaluation, the evaluation itself was over 20 pages 🤷🏻‍♀️ Paperwork is a part of life, but something about her seems so real, you just can’t really explain it

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youngbrokebride :  Did you give your full name or pay with a credit card? Easy enough to do a Google search and find out info for a “hot reading” 

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youngbrokebride :  I haven’t been to a medium, but my Mother-In-Law went to one after her mum died. The medium managed to get that she died from bowel cancer following a long period of unexplained illness, that her husband was still alive, the names of her husband and two brothers, that she had three daughters, that she left her eldest daughter two costume rings but that one ring didn’t fit, that her great grandchild had passed away before her (my eldest daughter, who died aged 7) and even got that my eldest daughter was named after a tree.

I’m tempted to go to one, particularly after my daughter died, but I’m very sceptical and afraid I would probably be disappointed. 

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youngbrokebride :  victorian here and if I remember correctly your in regional Victoria!!?? Can you give me the name of this guy. I’m totally interested in seeing someone who genuinely has an ability and it sounds like the person you saw did have ability.

I used to be a sceptic about all psychic stuff and paranormal stuff too until something at work happened that had no logic that could be explained away. Won’t tell the story here because it’s an identifier as people irl have heard me talk about it and I want to be a little incognito here.😉

It sounds like you had a great reading and only time will tell if the majority of it happens. He was very specific so I’d be surprised if he’s not on the money. The fake fakers are usually more vague about stuff from what I’ve heard. A friend of mine got a reading from Ann Ann years ago and it was all 100 percent accurate. I think genuine readers do exist.

Totally curious as to what city you are looking to move too. Over here trying to play guess this city!! 

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Its 100% a scam. Pleeeaase don’t start giving your money to these people. As someone who describes themselves as broke in their username, you can’t afford to waste your money on this stuff.

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Super interesting! I’ve recently become interested by the idea of mediums and aura readers since seeing some on TV shows. I’ve never had the urge to get my palm read or do tarot cards though. I also don’t want to know anything dealing with death/deceased family members but anything that can give some insight into health/career/family/pets seems kind of cool to me. It’s a fine line but I don’t put much stock in it, I’m just moreso curious to see if I can find one that’s accurate.

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wonderwedding :  you spend money on entertainment, right? Why would this be any different? It’s something fun to do that I enjoy on occasion 🤷🏻‍♀️

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So I’m as skeptical as they come, but decided to get a psychic reading just for fun this past Halloween because I was in Salem. What better time, right?! This psychic is also a medium.

My friend booked the readings under a psuedonym and with a fake phone number. She went first. During her reading, she was asked “Do you have a best friend that is an engineer but does research?” ODDLY specific. Most of the other things in her reading were pretty vague. She walked away somewhat unimpressed.

However, for my reading, holy shit. As soon as I sat down she got FIRED up and started talking about Donald Trump and what a horrible administration this is and going on and on. She looked at me and said, “Normally I don’t get this carried away. But when you sat down something fierce came out of me, I think it’s your political energy. Are you going to run for office one day?” I was literally going to ask her about a future career in politics. Woah.

Then after that was over, the very next thing she said was, “Who is Michael?” **Cue the sobs** Michael was my father that passed away, who I was secretely hoping might pay me a visit. She flipped over my first tarot card and said, “Ah! He’s a Leo! His lion energy is coming through in your cards already.” Woah. Yeah, he was a leo. Next she said, “What’s up with hearts? I keep seeing hearts?” Weird. I do cardiovascular research and dissect hearts regularly. 

Out of all of that though, the thing that really struck me was when she said, “Why are you going to Zurich next September?” WHAT. Literally the only people that know about that are my boss, my husband and me.

Another oddly specific thing, she asked me about the significance of the Fleur-de-Lis. As many of you bees know, I have a Fleur-de-Lis hidden under my engagement ring, and a right hand ring with them all around the basket. I wasn’t wearing either of those rings, so that was really weird.

She did get some things wrong. She asked me who the Libra in my life was and why they were causing me stress. I don’t know any libras (not any that came to mind, at least). She also asked me who Matthew was, and I don’t know or associate with anyone named Matthew. 

Other than that I felt a weird connection with her, and I will probably plan to go back again in the future just for fun. If anything, we went waaaaay over the time I paid for and chatted like old friends, which was cool too.

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