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My first roomate was naked all the time. : (. She used to try to hug me while she was naked. She also, within the first two weeks of living together, told me we would live together after we graduated and planned on going on all my trips to visit my boyfriend at the time, who was in the navy. I also got really sick that semester and needed sugery, which put me really behind in my classes and I wasnt sure I would catch up, which stressed me out. She walked in on me crying once and then told the RA that she thought I might be suicidal and possibly anorexic. (my illness caused me to lose a lot of weight). This spread to the rest of the floor and made things very uncomfortable for me for a while. There were a lot of awkward “interventions”.

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My one and only roommate used to be my best friend from high school. I have not talked to her since I moved out after a year of living together. 

Let’s see:

– After 1 month of living together her ex-bf moved in with us, I was not asked. He lived there for about 8 months when she ‘broke’ up with him again for some other guy and left me to deal with him when he came to get his stuff. 

– She got a cat that scratched and bit everyone. A friend slept over on the couch once and she had to sleep with a spray bottle to scare off the cat. In the middle of the night the friend put the cat in the bathroom so she could sleep. Roommate flipped out in the morning on me when I had nothing to do with it. 

– She and another friend sat me down & told me everything I had ever done wrong in the past six months. Really petty stuff too, “We didn’t like the way you looked at us on February 5th…” I have finally blocked out most of the stuff that they said. 

– My parents came to visit me once, we all walked in and she refused to even look at them and say hello. Same with every friend and Fiance (then BF). He was sure she hated him. 

There was SO much more but overall she turned out the be the most passive agressive person I have ever met. Also totally not the person I thought she was. She even said in front of me “I’m never living with roommates again, I’m so sick of them.” and could not understand why that was hurtful. 

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lol. I have a terribly awful roommate story… but I’ll give you the short(ish) version:

We were starting the same grad program, met on a fb group and decided to be roomies (mistake #1). Thought she was rather talkative and self-centered when we spoke on the phone, but hey, maybe she just likes to talk (mistake #2). Moved in before classes started, and she was suuuuuuuuuuuper clingy from the start! As someone who values their personal space and alone time, I immediately started going insane. She also loved to use the fact that her parents were divorced as an excuse for everything. “Oh you’re lucky your parents are still together…I’m a divorced child.” Uh, what?

OK so at this point, you’re probably thinking, “Ah come on, this is just a personality clash.” But wait, there’s more!

So, shortly into the program I decided it wasn’t for me. I was having a really difficult time and was crying just about every day…and I was trying to figure out what to do next. So what does roomie do?? Make it about her! She offered NO sympathy or support, and continued to complain about how she feels like I don’t want to be her friend/don’t like her! Um hello, I’m dealing with a personal crisis here!

So at that point, I had to find someone to sublet my room because I couldn’t get out of my lease. So I posted on craigslist in hopes of finding someone in the remaining 3 weeks of school (SUPER stressful). She had the nerve to get pissed that I posted an ad on craigslist without asking her! Then finally, the thing that pushed me over the edge: She asked if my parents could help me pay the rest of the rent I owed or if I could take out a loan to pay off the rest! That conversation turned into a full out screaming match…and I am not a screaming match type of person. I just thought it was super rude of her to ask me that, because I know it was for her own selfish reasons (she didn’t want another roommate).

Yeah, so that’s my roommate story. There’s way more to it but I just wanted get the major ideas off my chest, lol. Needless to say, I’ve moved on and am much happier now! 🙂

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Oh I have a good one. I went to collge. I basically raised myself from 14. My mom got cancer, my dad did drugs. I graduated HS at 16. Worked from then on, until I could go to college at 18. I went from living alone to 2 other girls, in one room.

3 girls – 1 room. NEVER GOOD. 2 become friends. One gets left out. Well my boyfriend went to school there so I already knew the school. The first week, they locked me out of my room, because I had an appt at 8am. So at 10 I was trying to get ready to go to sleep. Took a shower (community shower) and I could hear the TV in there. I asked them to turn it down. They turned it up. It was up to 90%. Went outside to sit and make a new friend. Girl who lived in the room next to us heard me say, I was so mad I could kill someone. Well she went and told them I threatened to kill them. They locked me out. Wouldn’t let me in. 

We had “counciling” more like, put us in a circle. And we don’t talk together…

I at one point had chocolate in my shampoo. They left took my food out of the fridge to spoil it. Opened my mail. Stole my graduation gift from my (then) Boyfriend or Best Friend (now) FI’s mom. She’s sense passed away. So I would have NEVER gotten that back. 

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The worst I ever had was two flatmates who were complete assholes and slobs. They left all kinds of unspeakable messes over every kitchen surface no matter how many times I asked them to clean up after themselves, they had loud parties in the kitchen until the wee hours of the morning, and the one I shared a wall with had a girlfriend who squealed like some sort of injured baby animal while they were having sex.

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My sophmore year of college I thought (for some reason) it would be a good idea to move into a house with 7 other girls. It was the messiest, loudest, and most obnoxious place to be all the time. Each girl kept moving different boys in and out, and 2 ended up getting pregnant within the same month. About 4 months after living there, one girl decided to move her boyfriend from out of state with his best friend and 2 year old son. She also decided to get a dog, only to leave it in his kennel and not feed him. Another friend and I eventually kidnapped the dog and gave it to a good home, even though she still doesn’t know that it was us that took her dog. In the end, we were evicted for domestic violence because one girl that decided to let her boyfriend move in attacked her boyfriend with an aluminum hairspray can and split his head open. PSYCHO… 


Ugh… it was a learning experience to say the least. Cheap rent is NEVER worth that!

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Ugh, my worst roommate story was when I first moved to Australia (before I met DH).  I had a place lined up to live but couldn’t move in for four weeks, I was sick of staying on a friend’s couch so I found a short term lease through gumtree.   

I met “Jane”, she seemed nice enough, so I moved in for the month.  My first night there, she went out, I went to bed.  I was woken up at 2:00 a.m. by some drunk guy who burst into my bedroom, screaming, asking where Jane was.  Holy crap, who are you freaky man?  Get out of my room!  Scary.  She wasn’t home yet so he eventually left.

The next day, Jane said that was her ex-boyfriend and he stole her keys a couple of weeks ago and must have made a copy of them.  Great, could we possibly get the locks changed?

A few days later, I come home from job searching and he’s sitting on the couch in our apt smoking a joint.  Jane wasn’t home, no idea why he was there.  More importantly, I work in a profession that requires fairly in-depth police checks and having someone in my apt doing drugs is NOT ok.

Random scary guy stopped coming around, I eventually made some comment to Jane who said “He is back in prison but I KNOW he didn’t do what they accuse him of doing.  He was on parole and he would never do something like that!”  WTF.  Awesome, just awesome.

We lived on the third floor of our apt building and in the flat directly below us were what we call bogans (total trash balls) who sold drugs out of their apt according to Jane.   They also played loud music with the bass turned up all throughout the night, which annoyed the crap out of Jane.

On one particular occasion, the music was too much for Jane so she went down and banged on their door telling them to turn it down, it turned into a full on brawl with me cowering in my apt hoping like hell it didn’t spread up to our apt.  Jane ended up running back into our apt but the people from downstairs followed but fortunately didn’t get into our apt.  They ripped our screen door off and threw it against our window (fortunately it did not break and the dead bolt on the main door held).  They sat out there for about 30 minutes yelling threats at Jane before finally going back downstairs.   I wanted to call the police, Jane refused for whatever reason (I think she had her own dodginess she was trying to hide).

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I was finally able to move into my new apt.  I still look back now on the St. Kilda experience and can’t believe that was my introduction to Australia!  CRAZY.   

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I lived with a couple girls who were really mean. They would talk shit about me when they thought I wasnt home and leave passive agressive notes whenever they had a problem. :/ It got to the point where I would start crying when I had to go back to my dorm.

I transferred, and loved my new roommates! They make up half my bridal party. 🙂 We’ve had some serious issues, but we have always managed to work through them. 

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Bumble bee

Ugg DO NOT want to relive my college years, but lets just say my last roommate situation ended up in COURT.  Needless to say I haven’t had roommates since.

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Sugar bee

I had one that after I told her that I wasn’t going to be wearing a particular piece of lingerie for v-day took it from my bedroom, cut the tags off and shortened the straps (i am much taller than her, obviously to wear it or had worn it) and then hid it in her room. she lied to my face about having it and another roommate and I had to search her stuff to get it back. ugh!

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Where do you want to start?  I had a roommate who once started doing sexual acts with her boyfriend while I was in the room, and blocked the exit so I couldn’t leave.  She thought it was funny and was laughing the whole time.  I did not find it amusing, it was gross.  Same roommate who I found using my tweezers to clean her toenails.  Finally after I asked her if she had one of my shirts that I had planned on wearing to a job interview that day, she told me it was dirty and I did not want to know what she and her boyfriend had gotten on it, I put a padlock on my door so she couldn’t borrow my stuff anymore.  I went back home for the weekend and when I came back, she had unscrewed the lock from the doorframe so she could borrow more stuff.  And didn’t see anything wrong with it!  Uhm, who exactly do you think I was trying to keep out??

Another roommate’s puppy had diarrhea all over my chem lab workbook.  I know that’s not exactly her fault, but she didn’t even clean it up, I had to.

Another roommate only paid rent like once every three months and it was never what he owed.  And he ate all of my food and never went to the grocery.  And told me that I was the best roommate ever.  Yeah, I’m sure, because I didn’t kick you out for being a squattor!  He paid what he could when he could and was a good friend who I didn’t want to be homeless, so I let it go usually.

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I had horrible horrible roommates and feel sick every time I think of them. The house was a disaster, they left notes for me all the time, they harrassed me online, yeah… not good.

Why? Because one of the girl’s best friend decided that they wanted to move in. She told me “My friend needs a place to live, so you’re going to have to move out.” I told her “I’m on the lease so you can tell your friend to find another place to live and get a lease there.”

Aaaaaaaaand the harrassment began. It was ugly. I did end up moving out. Nothing is worse than dreading going to a house filled with tension and hate. I ended up moving in with a really cool girl and we got along swimmingly.

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