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My roomates freshman year of college were really mean to me. We lived in a 4 person suite and they all arrived to college a few weeks early adn bonded. When I arrived, they immediately decided they didn’t like me and never included me in anything: grocery shopping, going out to eat, going out at night, etc. It was really hurtful esp because I didn’t know a soul on campus and I was really shy at the time so it was tough making friends. I actually had to take 2nd semester off because I was having such a hard time.

Everything was fine sophomore and junior year since I did eventually make some good friends, but senior year we had to split up (4 and 4) and due to schedule juggling, I drew the short stick and had to be roomates with a girl I had never met, but knew the other girls. Well she was horrible to say the least. She was a total slob, never cleaned a thing or put any of her stuff away. She didn’t have a boyfriend, but would hook up wtih random guys at night and have them sleep over in our room wtihout asking and let them stay until mid afternoon the next day. On top of all this, she also decided randomly not to like me even though I was really nice to her – and she would talk about me constantly behind my back and try to get everyone to gang up on me. She was a realy mean freak and I am so glad to be rid of her. She actually had the audacity to ask me to help her get a job after we graduated since I had been hired by a really good company in the city she wanted to live in. After all that, I was nice enough to help her – she interviewed with some managers at my company and they didn’t hire her, but she never thanked me.

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I forgot about my anorexic roomate junior year! We lived in a 6 person suite and went grocery shopping together taking turns buying milk, bread, etc. but for the most part bought our own food. This girl would never come with us – she had a hard time admitting to anyone including herself that she would sometimes actually have to eat food. So as a result, I constantly caught her (after the fact so no proof) eating all of my food including expensive cereal, frozen meals, nutrigrain bars, etc. Finally I started hiding all non perishables in my room (sad) because I just couldn’t afford to feed her, but I didn’t confront her since I had no actual proof. Well one day, I came home and saw her crouched down in front of the fridge with the door open shoving somehting into her mouth. She tried to cram it back in really fast before I could see – but I got there in time and it was my leftover dinner from the night before!!! Who does that?!

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i told this on another thread i think but i lived with a very very good friend of mine when i moved out of my parents house for the first time. at first it was a great thing. then i found out how she “really” was. she was bi and would always tell me she could easily “turn” me. now granted i have had my experimentation but when your roomate is continuously saying stuff like this it made for lots of awkward moments. it was just weird. she was also really kind of Promiscuous. she would have random guys over all the time and was not quiet about it if you know what i mean. the place was a small apartment so that was also weird for me. she had a cat and knew i was allergic but refused to get rid of the cat. one night i woke up to a random guy standing in my bedroom door way asking me if i had a condom. seriously?! that was the night i cried and threw a fit and called my mom .my family owned the building we lived in and i had just had enough and wanted to know if i could kick her out or something. once i told her that we had to find new living arrangements as i was going to be moving to another of our buildings down the street we basically were at war. i paid the heat bill and to spite me she would turn the heat up before she left for work so for 8 hours while iw asnt home the heat would be blasting for no reason, she did it to make the bill higher and make it completely uncomfortable for me in the house since i hated to be hot. she would purposely let her cat go all over my bedroom so i would constantly be sneezing and what not. she would pour my shampoo out and deny it. i went through hell with her for about a month since we gave her 30 days to find a new place. it was just bad. we didnt talk for years after that. now we are friends on facebook and have since let things go but we do not talk really and are just polite to each other i guess.

*side note- out of nowhere one day she calls me (my number is on fb) and is crying because she found out her husband cheated on her. why she called me i have no idea. i mean i felt bad but i wasl ike ummmmm ok well that sucks? like its not like i knew what to say, we havent talked in years. it was a very strange thing.

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My freshman roommate in college was a total psycho. Four days after moving in, my grandfather was killed in a car accident. Instead of living at school (it was only a 25 minute commute), I essentially moved home for a couple of weeks. All of my belongings were still in the dorm room and I’d come every day to get my books, school supplies, computer, etc… It was a temporary thing and I planned to move back permanently after some healing time with my family.

One day I opened the door to our room and my roommate had disassembled my bed, threw my sheets, pillows, comforter etc in the closet, and turned my bed into a “couch”. I later learned that she had her drunk friends sleeping in it every night.


We got in a huge screaming match that day (she also ate all my food and stole stuff from me ALL THE TIME.)

Needless to say, I moved home permanently and commuted for the next 4 years!!

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@KatyElle: Completely true. I know I was a lot crazier when I was 18-23 than I am now.


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@chittychittybanebane: Your story is so crazy I can’t even imagine dealing with someone like that. I can’t stop thinking about it!

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I once had a roommate who got into iradology (sp? which is studying your eyes to see what all is wrong with you).  She went on and on about how iradologists had cured AIDS before (umm…pretty sure I would have heard about that on the news) and that something was terribly wrong with me because my eyes are green.  Apparently, the only real eye colors are blue and brown.  That was 10 years ago, and I have yet to find out what that “terrible illness” is that’s making my eyes green . . .  Eeesh.

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1. college roommate in 10×10 room constantly had guys over for sexy time, didn’t care if i was there or not, asleep or sitting at my desk wide awake, if our door was wide open or shut, etc. She went down on a guy while i was laying in bed reading once. i clearly walked out of the room.she also…

borrowed my clothes without asking, used glasses of mine to drink juice and wouldn’t wash them out after and would put them back…her 14 year old sister ran away from home to our dorm room for 2 weeks DURING SCHOOL….she would have screaming fights with her parents telling them to f*** themselves and calling her mom the c word while i was in the room…

funniest part: the following year i was at a party talking to a girl about horrible roommate stories and she actually ended up KNOWING my roommate ( i went to a large school so it was pretty odd). she told me, “Michelle would always complain that HER roommate had mental problems!!” AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

2. recent roommate who was actually a good friend…this one is more hurtful and less funny. will preface by saying we both have BF’s who came over and spent the night regularly. my Boyfriend or Best Friend and i were on the couch watching tv one evening and she was sleeping. she came out to use the restroom and thought we were having sex in the living room.we were actually laughing at the TV show and trying to be quiet as not to disturb her sleep. the next day she wrote me a super rude/hurtful/condescending email (EMAIL!!!!!!) where she proceeded to LECTURE me on how i dispresected her, how i disrespected her belongings (the couch) and how dare i do x y and z. it was AWFUL! :o( i don’t think i’ve ever been so upset and angry about anything in my life especially since it was coming from a friend. OYYYYY

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These stories are making me sooooooooo thankful I lived alone before moving back in with my parents. I’d have cut a bitch.

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My roommate might be the biggest psycho and sneak I’ve ever met. Me and hIm were friends in highschool and then in college it got really weird. The kid is the biggest asshole you’ll ever meet . He went behind my back with my sisterblatantly keeping things from me As he tried to have a relationship with her and asked her to keep things from me, and she even lied to me to my face bc of him. He also would yell to me at parties, “I got with your sister” in an attempt to make me mad, he then would complain to her about me until she got fed up and stopped talking to him bc she was just like no that’s my brother your talking about. He then went on to go to our mutual friends to talk about what a slut my sister is and what a bitch. Next, he thewho’s tarted to talk to my girlfriend a lot and talk about the entire situation with him and my sister and told her his problems. And they’d talk a lot and had over a thousand Facebook messages back and forth, and he’d do the same thing with my girlfriend. Hed talk to her a lot and when I went to her and asked about it amd she lied to me. Hed ask her tokeep things from me and sometimes she would, but however me and her were in constant fights and he to my surprise was saying stuff to her like about how I love her a lot and it be stupid to throw it away when she was questioning our relationship. He then gave her his number in case she ever needed anything. And then I find out that she texts him but put him in her phone under a fake name. She tells me she loves me a lot and would rather “jump out of a building then date him”. But why does she be so secretive. Btw me and her are in a log distance relationship so there’s no chance they’ve been fooling around but still the whole situation is weird to me and I’m not quite sure how to handle it. I wanna trust my girlfriend she tells me I mean the world to her, but why is she being so secretive . Maybe bc she knows I don’t like him she doesn’t wanna have me get mad but idk I’m confused 

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Uggh I had the flatmate from hell. Biggest mistake of my life was letting a girl that was in my class at school move in with me. Felt sorry for her cos she just broke up with her Boyfriend or Best Friend (mistake I know).

Ok, so why so bad? Lets just say she was: ultra clingy, invaded your space, didnt respect privacy and attempted to get me to sleep with her on more than one occasion.

Ok so I was 19 and living with a girl would be fun – they are so much cleaner and easier to get along with than a guy right?

Well this girl certainly had a different spin on fun. Her kind of fun was spending 99% of the time totally naked in my house. Started literally the day she moved in. I had picked her up from the bus station in the morning before I went to work. Came home that afternoon to find her on my lounge in a towel painting her toenails. Stupid 19yo me thought “ohh i wonder if shes got anything on under that towel”? 2 mins later the phone rings and she goes off to answer it. Takes the phone into her room and lies face down on her bed facing away from the door….towel at this point now unwrapped and yes shes totally nude.

That same night she comes into my room to ask about using my computer while im at work. She catches me quickly pulling my sheets up around my neck and asks if im naked in bed. Of cos Im not and explain I didnt want her to see me in just my jocks (was summer). She replies – ohh that will be interesting if we bump into each other on the way to the loo in the middle of the night cos she doesn’t sleep with even undies on unless its her period – yeah like i wanted to know.

From that point onward the more and more of her I literally saw. She would shower with the bathroom door open and do her hair standing in front of the mirror with absolutely nothing on. She would walk between her room and the shower with nothing on. She would sleep on her bed with nothing on with the door open. She would walk to the loo naked at night…if I happened to be up late watching TV or on the computer often she would stop to say hello along the way. After about 3 weeks there was no privacy at all. She would come out and have breakfast with nothing on and even then sometimes do the dishes or sit on the couch next to me to have a morning chat.

It did get pretty weird tho. Apparently she had bad dreams from time to time or was frightened by thunder storms….you guessed it would climb into bed with me totally nude. I would even wake up from time to time to find her on my computer wearing nothing.

It got weirder, I made a smug comment during a sex scene of a movie saying “at least that girl was shaved down there”. She asked if i preferred that kinda thing, to which i replied “of cos” (still just making a non serious comment). Well well well, 2 days later she comes into my room while im having an afternoon sleep and tells me she has a secret to share. She opens her bath towel to reveal her newly Brazilian waxed muff. I was told not to worry “it was a bit red and swollen only cos it had been done that morning”….aggh!

The crowning glory came shortly after her Brazilian. I was called to her room to find her with no pants on sitting on the side of the bed. Apparently her tampon string had broken off and she needed “help” getting it out. Needless to say I drove her to the hospital instead.

She even would from time to time just jump in the shower with me – explaining cos Id seen her already so she had no worries with it. Apparently the world is also in need to save water, so this was also her attempt to save the planet. Needless to say Id jump out fairly quickly and leave her to it.

Then there were the 4 or 5 times she asked me to sleep with her. The first time this happened she even had a boyfriend still (apparently he was religious and didnt want to lose his V with her just yet). She climbs into bed with me one morning and feels that not all is flaccid (as per standard for a guy in the morning). After a few attempts from her to have a bit of a feel she whispers into my ear that she is “ready” and “if i wanted to do it with her to just go right ahead – she was ready”. Im not sure but I also think I caught her having a bit of a lady fiddle a few times too…on the lounge….i didnt stay around to see if this was the case, instead opting to leave the room as quickly as id entered it.

And of cos she would get clingy and cranky when I had girls over. Apparently I wasnt allowed to live my own life.

Thankfully she had a fight with our downstairs neighbour one day and they threatened to call the police. She had already had an argument with a former neighbour, so I took the opportunity to kick her out….best day of my life…and i never had another flatmate (except for my engaged) since. Oh wait, all was not so simple as she then chucked a pshyco and told me she was going to kill herself because of what I was doing. Nothing more embarrasing than having the ambulance at your house removing your screaming flatmate that is totally naked in the back of their van.

What is it with women wanting to show guys their bits? I thought this kind of behaviour was reserved for 5 year old boys wanting to show the girl next door his willy!

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I’ve had the misfortune to have not one, but THREE terrible roommate situations in the past two years (starting to make me wonder if it’s me)…

First one was freshman year of college. I had a double with a girl who seemed pretty nice from the start. She presented herself as being really laidback, liking music, people, etc. Well apparently not. After the first few weeks she started becoming a noise Nazi. One time I had to make a phone call in the room (my phone was dying and needed to be plugged in the wall) and she flipped out. Interrupted the phone call to yell at me about how I didn’t care about academics and how she liked to use HER room to study and nothing else… she turned a five-minute phone call into a 20-minute ordeal. Later on our room had a terrible vinegar smell like fermenting fruit. She went through my stuff, including crawling under my bed while I was still on it, sniffing everything to find what she suspected was meth. Um. Guess what it actually was? Fermenting fruit that she had left out… She also did not allow visitors without 24-hour notice, not even if they were waiting at the threshold for a few minutes while I grabbed something. Eventually we had mediation and she proudly told the RAs that she had been writing down what time I slept because it made her uncomfortable. Um, what? I just stuck that one out because I didn’t know any better.

2. The next year I made the idiotic decision to move into a house where 6-8 people lived at any given time (most of them illegal subletters). Over the course of the year, 12 different people lived at this house. At one point my fiance agreed to let a friend of a friend take up residence on the floor of our bedroom… He became incredibly paranoid and accused us of stealing from him, although I suspect that he stole from me on more than one occasion. Once he got up in the middle of the night and stood at the top of the stairs for more than an hour wielding a knife and saying that someone was inside the house. He also told me that I wasn’t welcome in the house (even though I had lived there longer than he had) and would complain about my fiance to me.

Then one of the other roommates here, who WAS on the lease, blatantly stole from me and got us into all sorts of trouble with the landlord–I’m genuinely surprised we weren’t evicted. On more than one occasion he hosted a party with more than 200 people, most of them complete strangers because he left the door open and didn’t care who came in. A random guy came in and punched a hole in our wall, stole stuff from our roommate, then left. This same roommate would also “borrow” my car or our third roommate’s car without asking almost every other day, making us miss appointments or be late to things… He brought my car back one day with the inside smelling like weed and a huge dent on the side and claimed he didn’t know what happened. Uh-huh. My fiance and I eventually moved out but we were kicked out two weeks early by this roommate because he wanted the space (he already had the master bedroom to himself), and he still took our money for the whole month.

3. My current living situation is a little less crazy but still equally fucking annoying. My fiance and I now live in a 2-bedroom with one roommate and he is the biggest slob I have ever met. I’m a pretty disorganized person and I still can’t stand to live with him. I have watched him throw garbage directly onto the floor and leave it there until I pick it up a week later. His girlfriend is basically living here, and he smokes inside the building even though it’s a blatant violation of our lease and we have asked him multiple times to stop. He told us we weren’t allowed to have alcohol or drugs when we moved in, which we have obliged happily and respectfully, and now he is smoking weed and drinking every night because he wants “to find out” if he’s an alcoholic. He also recently lied to our landlord and said that my cat (an emotional support animal that was approved by the landlord) was defecating on the carpet and making the apartment unsanitary, and I just got a 10-day notice. So yes. Fuck him.

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Old thread, but I’ll gladly share my story.  I moved in with a girl I found on an online flatmate site (which to be honest, was very successful for me twice afterwards!).  I met her at the apartment, it all seemed fabulous, she was lovely, seemed to have similar interests, had an extensive DVD collection, it was a nice place in a nice area, even if my room was quite small.

WELL.  I never saw her have any natural light in her bedroom.  She insisted on us keeping the blinds closed in the lounge, yet she’d have the door open even as it was going into winter (obviously not as cold as areas where it snows, but still cold!).  Barely spoke to me.  As in, she didn’t want to talk when we got home, my smalltalk was met with one-word answers.  Her family dog died and I found out because I heard her talking about it on the phone.  I barely learned anything about her in the three months I lived there.  

After about two months, she told me I was spending too much time in the lounge and it was upsetting her.  She’d leave her dishes in the sink, and get upset when I didn’t do them, even though she’d never do mine.  Long story short, I would have moved out quickly if it wasn’t going into winter and I knew it would be hard to find another place.  She ended up kicking me out!

The kicker?  A couple of weeks before I moved out, she texted me at work on the Friday and told me that she was having friends around for poker the next night and that she’d “really appreciate it if she could have the apartment to herself.  They shouldn’t be later than midnight” !!!! I am not a night owl, she must have realised that by then, and that just rendered me speechless! .

Very glad to get out of there, and fortunately my next two roommates, when I eventually rented & furnished my own place and found my own flatmate, were a lot more normal!  And the second was even the one to dare me to sign up for the online dating site where I met FH the very next day 🙂

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