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I wasnt on hormonal birth control (we use condoms anyway) and I got pregnant the first month. My mum was on the pill and got pregnant her first month after coming off so it can happen. If you really dont want to get pregnant with just yet then I would go for condoms. Yes you could do NFP and abstain from your fertile times completely but they say it takes at least 6 months to fully understand your cycle and by then it sounds like you want to be properly NTNP.

I guess the question is: how much of a problem would it be for the two of you if you got pregnant prior to finishing your grad studies? If its a lot then I would use an alternative, more reliable method.  

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Pull out is actually a pretty effective method, comparable to condoms statistically. It’s my preferred method of birth control, BUT if it would be devastating for me to get pregnant I would probably want to use something else in addition. 

You need to make sure your partner is 100% on board (and is aware enough to pull out in time and not going to get “carried away” or something) and that you’re consistent. The only people I’ve ever met who got pregnant while using the pull out method got pregnant the one time they didn’t bother pulling out…that’s why “typical use” stats are so bad for pull out and condoms, because they require consistency and people will randomly skip the condom or pulling out every so often for whatever reason, but that still gets counted in with the statistics. “Perfect use” of withdrawal has something like a 96% effectiveness rate!

If you combine condoms AND pull out (as in, both at the same time, not switching between the two) then you’ll be VERY safe. 

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It worked for us for 1,5 years until we started actively trying to get pregnant. After we started trying I got pregnant on our 7th cycle. My husband used the pull-out method with his ex of 5 years and she never got pregnant.

But I also know a girl who got pregnant on the pull-out method because her boyfriend didn’t pull-out in time. Just depends how reliable your partner is in that respect :).. is he really able to pull-out in time?

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Pull out is NOT a method of birth control. It works only in 20% of times.  If you really don’t want to get pregnant at a certain time then stay on the pill or use condoms. 

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If you absolutely don’t want to get pregnant, I’d use another form of birth control. That being said, when I went off my pill about 6 months before TTC, we used the pull-out method. We knew we’d be OK with getting pregnant prior to our official TTC date, so it wasn’t very risky for us. We did not get pregnant while using POM, but did the first cycle we started TTC.

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tagerosan:  this is utter garbage! Practised properly and with an awareness of your fertile week, withdrawal can be over 96% effective. 

I have used withdrawal for 5 years and have also used other methods. My partner and I have worked hard to be 100% confident that we both know our limits and it works for us. 

My mum did the same but conceived me her first month of trying. 

it can work very well but it’s your personal decision as to whether the small risk is worth it. It’s worth using another method during your fertile days – of which there are only about 4 in your whole cycle. 

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My Aunt uses the pull out method….3 ‘supprise’ children later she is finally coming round to the realisation the pulling out (or lack of) may be the issue. Its not a good idea if you do not want to get pregnant 

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tagerosan:  I agree with the sentiment but that statistic is pure BS

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It works and is the most natural method birth control is horribly unhealthy if you think about it I have had some nasty side effects, this is mine and my fiance method of choice and we have sex everyday so it seems very effective, I think its advised against mostly to sell birth control drugs.

I think its a sure method for us we have done it for over 2 years but trust is important and it wouldnt be the end of the world if we got pregnant although not planning until after we are married.

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We did this on its own for ages as I found hormonal bc really hard and Darling Husband hates condoms! No unplanned pregnancies, and we got pregnant on the first try both times when we stopped being careful, so it definitely wasn’t successful because we were less than fertile. 

The only thing I’d say is that you do have to make sure Darling Husband is practiced at getting out in time! Trust is huge, and if you definitely are against getting pregnant accidentally (we wouldn’t have been THAT worried if I’d gotten pregnant unexpectedly), I’d say it’s probably not the ideal method. 


It it did work for us, though. 🙂

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anonbebe88:  You know what they call people who use the pull out method….. PARENTS! 

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ktsteimel:  Exactly.

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It really is one of the least reliable methods of preventing pregnancy. Charting AND using withdrawal is slightly better, but few people are able to practice any method perfectly, and “natural” birth control methods are the most prone to error. If you truly do not want to be pregnant, use another method.

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Check the stats at Planned Parenthood.  It can be an effective method, but this depends a lot on the male partner.  If your husband is a perfect user (because it mostly depends on him reliably pulling out) it’s almost as effective as condoms (I think the difference is 98% for perfect users of condoms, vesus 97% for perfect users of withdrawl — I was shocked!)  The average user stats are a bit lower, because some men aren’t so skilled, wait too long, etc.  It’s not a good method for many, but if you planning on having kids soonish, your partner has good control, you want to avoid hormones and hate condoms, it certainly is way better than nothing.  

My husband and I got sick of using condoms after I went off the pill and before we were trying to get pregnant.  Good old fashioned pulling out worked great for us for about two years.  I got pregnant the first time we were TTC as well, so I know we don’t have any underlying fertility issues.  I never thought I would have been a user of withdrawl, but which birth control methods are appropriate for a couple can really change over the course of a lifetime.  To each their own.

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my husband and i used the pull out method for two yrs. it worked and i never got pregnant that way. however….my husband has alot of control when it comes to ejaculating. does your SO have a lot of control in that department? i had a couple of scares. can you live with an oopsie?

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