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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Chewing is a tough stage during the puppy years.

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Bumble bee
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@WillowTreeWade:  LOL!  I feel your pain.  We found a kitten under our grill on the front patio, and she’s in the thick of the chewing stage as well.  My arms and hands are all gnawed up – I can’t wait for it to stop! 

I wonder if forced air would deter a puppy like it does the kitten?

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Honey bee
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@WillowTreeWade:  Dog sitting is THE WORST! Somehow it’s different when it is your dog.  Luckily otherwise there would be even more homeless dogs.

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Buzzing bee
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hahahah we have a 3 month old pup right now, and I SO feel you (although I know myself… I would totally get a puppy again…)

It takes me like, 3 times as long to do anything anymore because every other minute I have to stop her from chewing/eating something. And she does have lots of toys too!  The key is tougher, harder toys for her to grind her little puppy teeth on, so if there’s only soft toys, that could be an issue….

But like, getting dressed: Put on pants… Gemma, stop doing chewing on that! Ok, where was I… oh, shirt now. Gemma, quit chewing on the arms, I am trying to put on my shirt!! Ok, shirt on.  Gemma, get that out of your mouth! Now, socks…. LOL.

And sometimes she’s just so darn cute and I just want to pick her up and cuddle her and instead she’s more interested in gnawing on me. Like, “QUIT CHEWING ME I JUST WANT TO LOOOVE YOOUU…”

The potty training too… yeah, I am getting frustrated there. She knows that when we go outside we should also go potty, but she is still having a bit of a disconnect that we DON’T go in the house. I get so mad at myself (ok, and a little at her) when I am literally thinking “I should take her out”, I get up, put on shoes, turn around………… and she’s peeing on the floor. Damn.

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Helper bee
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Aww!  What kind of puppy?

I’m with you, I have an adult dog and would never want a puppy.  They’re adorable but way too much work.  I have the mellowest dog and his maintenance requires minimal effort on my part…wouldn’t have it any other way.   

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Sugar bee

I have to say, my corgi puppy was and still is amazing! He was such an easy baby.

My little sister’s Shiba Inu was a little terror though. We babysat her for five days when she was less than four months old. She terrorized me and my puppy who was 11 months old at the time. She was supposedly potty trained but would just squat down pee everywhere. Shibas are supposed to hate peeing inside or something but she didn’t care. The chewing wasn’t so bad because my corgi chews like crazy.

Don’t let this face fool you. She is mean and bossy!

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Blushing bee
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I thought my dog was going to drive me to insanity when she was a puppy! My goodness, how that cute little rectangular ball of fur could destroy *anything* and everything made of fabric in my house–my nice new rug, my favorite chenille bedspread, clothes, towels–was beyond me. She was a destruction machine (albeit an adorable one)! I finally resorted to dousing the house in bitter spray, which thankfully stopped the problem eventually; either that or she grew up. Hang in there!

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Busy bee
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I despaired so much when we first got our pup, even though I had waited so long for a dog! He was (and is!) such a lovely boy but you literally could not take your eyes off him for a second. I swear I went for like a fortnight without showering when Fiance went away on business 🙁 and just sitting down to read a magazine was a thing of the past! 

He’s 9 months now and still a handful but I am still scarred by the early days! Will NOT be getting a puppy today although it has been a very rewarding journey overall!

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Honey bee
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I totally agree with you.  I’ll never ever get a puppy again.  Always a grown, trained, dog.

I love my dog to death but she drove me INSANE when she was a puppy. 

I’m pregnant now and my Darling Husband is so afraid that I’m going to react the same way with our baby that I did the puppy…


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Blushing bee
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It is tough, hang in there.  How much longer until pup goes home?  My dog went potty in the house only 1x.  It was an accident, but he’s also an English Mastiff so I am betting he had a huge bladder compared to most puppies.  He’s 9 months and hasn’t chewn on anything.  Maybe the puppy is stressed?  Sing to him lol? 

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Busy bee
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Aww. I guess we got pretty lucky, our dog wasn’t that tough when she was a puppy. The only thing she ever really did was chew shoes. We learned pretty quickly not to leave shoes out on the ground and after that, we were all set. 

One time, she did get into the toilet paper and my now-FI found her on the floor of the bathroom unable to move because she had basically tied herself up with toilet paper. But that was so adorable it didn’t annoy us (and she never did it again).

I’d definitely get a puppy again, but now I’m thinking that there’s no way the next one would be as easy as our first!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’m totally with you! I love dogs, puppies… Not so much. I feel the way about puppies as most people do about kids (that arent theirs.) They’re cute to look at and play with, but then I want to give them back!

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Helper bee
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I was lucky because none of my three pups are chewers! But I certainly wouldn’t like my stuff chewed so I feel your pain!

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