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some dogs don’t get along with puppies but are fine when the puppy is older. for now you just have to keep them separate and have supervised interactions with each other.

when you see the puppy, don’t get anxious. your dog will notice. instead, act happy, make your dog look at you, and give him a treat. keep doing that and he’ll come to associate that dog with treats. google focused attention for more details. it worked extremely well for us!

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@roxy821: I’ve been told that time outs don’t work for dogs. They just can’t associate it the way children do. You should definitely remove him form the situation if he’s being hostile, but after 30 seconds or so he’s not going to remember why he was pulled away.
I second what kitzy said though about positive energy and keeping the experience pleasant for your pup by treating good behavior. Another great way to get anxious dogs used to each other is to walk them together. Start off walking the dogs with your parents so that the dogs are kept far enough apart, but are close enough to watch each other and take cues. They’ll relax as they get tired from the walk and if all goes well your dog will realize their puppy isn’t a threat or a nuisance.

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It could be a puppy thing that gets better when the little one gets bigger and less annoying or it could be because the puppy is a female.  How old is the new puppy?  Some female dogs develop a dislike of certain other female dogs and can never be trusted along together.  

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A while ago we brought a new puppy into the house. Our breeder told us to give extra attention to our first dog, as he would need time to adjust to there being a new dog around. Don’t feel bad about “ignoring” the puppy to give attention to the other dogs, puppies aren’t used to it so they don’t know what it’s like to not have it. I’m guessing that your first dog is feeling jealous…just reassure her with lots of attention. Hope this helps!

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Alot of dogs who are socialized, but show their teeth to puppies especially are just making it known that they are alpha over that puppy. They don’t hurt the pup, but when the pup plays rough with them they will let them know and the only way to do that is growl and show teeth. It’s a warning like you would warn a child before they did something bad.

If your dog has shown aggression toward the pup and bites and hurts the pup. Then I wouldn’t socialize the two without both being on leashes and closley watched. If your dog is only snapping, growling and showing her teeth when the puppy jumps on her then that’s normal, but should still be supervised.

Remember dogs can’t say NO and STOP THAT! they can only growl, snap and show their teeth to teach the other dog manners.

My two huskies who are constantly at the dog park are the same way to my FH mother’s rambunctious (*spelling) boxer puppy.

The boxer puppy jumps all over them and tries to play very rough with them. My dogs who are very socialized and well-mannered did the exact same thing that your dog is doing when it comes to her puppy.

They showed their teeth, they barked, snapped and growled at the pup the puppy tried to test my dogs, but my dogs finally let their dominance be known and the puppy finally rolled over submitting to my dogs and they started playing nice.  

Just let your dogs teach the puppy manners, you will know if it is getting out of control and that’s when you stop it, but normally dogs who are well socialized will just correct the puppy when the puppy plays too rough with them.

Good luck!

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When I’m trying to put my dog in check, I always just “bite” him with my hands. Not sure if you do this or know how to. But if you set dominance over the entire group… and get nasty when he is being nasty to the pup… he may realize that he’s not in control and he needs to respect the other pup. It worked (for the most part) with my crazy schnauzer and my roommates annoying chiuahuah!

**No chiuahuahs aren’t all annoying… but my roommates’ was definitely annoying and pathetic!

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