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Bben2009:  Oh, I have puppy fever too, but we’re actually bringing home a puppy April 18th! Why isn’t he for a puppy?

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Bben2009:  Here is our new puppy! If he doesn’t give you puppy fever, I don’t know what will lol. We just picked him up this weekend! The only thing I can think of is to show your man puppy pics and cute videos…. hopefully he catches the bug lol

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have you had a puppy before?

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The thing about puppies is that they don’t stay puppies. They turn into dogs! Either way, both of you have to be committed to getting a dog or it isn’t fair on the dog.

There’s also no such thing as a genuinely hypo-allergenic dog either.

But I guess to be able to convince your Fiance you have to get to the real reasons why he doesn’t want one. So that’s the conversation to have next. 

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vmec:  this. 

Let me cure your puppy fever. 

1. I did not sleep through the night for 2 months after getting him

2. i had daily episodes of cleaning poop, pee or puke for the first 3-6 months

3. i had daily episodes of cleaning destroyed items around the house from 12-20 months when we were training him out of his crate.

4. I still have weekly occurances of cleaning up destroyed items around the house

5. this winter has been especially hard walking him. he has alot of energy but its cold and if we work long hours he just doesnt get out enough

6. the guilt, i feel awful when i cant take him out as much as i should. poor guy destroys stuff now ONLY when he hasn’t been properly walked

7. the hair. My life is covered in hair. My clothes, my bed, my food. 

8. no weekend vacations. we cant just pick up and go skiing for the weekend, we need to find or pay for a dog sitter. My parents hate having to dog sit since he has so much energy. 

9. your floor will never be clean. i live in the country. this spring there is no point in my washing my kitchen floor. 


Cured? I love my dog NOW that he is 3. i will never get another puppy. 

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Have you had a dog before? Do you own a home or rent one or do you live in an apartment? How many hours a day do you work? Do you take a lot out of town trips? Are you willing to commit 10-15 years of your life to a dog? I’m only asking these because a lot of people who have puppy fever and have to have a puppy abandon or rehome a dog a few years down the road. Or maybe you wouldn’t do that, but your Fiance has a good reason for not wanting to get a puppy right now. When is your wedding? Are you taking a honeymoon afterward? Who would watch the dog in that case? 

All that said, though, did you ever talk to your Fiance about wanting a dog before you were engaged? Someone who didn’t want a dog in his life would be a dealbreaker for me, but I had two when I met my S/O and he didn’t really have much of a say in the matter.

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Bben2009:  I love our eight month old puppy to death, but he is a LOT of work. When you get a dog, you are making a commitment to him that you will love and care for him for his entire life. It’s not unlike marriage! I don’t think it is fair to bring a dog into your family unless all the humans are 100% on board.

Here’s a good list of questions for you and your Fiance to answer before you decide to get a puppy: http://www.aspca.org/adopt/adoption-tips/questions-ask-yourself-adopting

Don’t forget about the financial responsibility too: http://www.aspca.org/adopt/pet-care-costs

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Bben2009:  What did he do with the dog that his ex “left him with”? Please don’t get a dog unless you are both completely on board. And like others have said, puppies are HARD work and they are a 15+ year commitment through thick and thin and eaten shoes and puke on carpet and trips to the ER vet (the last one cost me $225 + a follow up visit). And if you absolutely have to get a dog, consider one from a rescue. I got mine when she was 2.5. (actually they are all from rescues) She was potty trained and a bit more relaxed than a crazy puppy. I’ve had her 13 wonderful years and I wouldn’t trade one minute with her for anything. I also got her as an owner surrender because the wife didn’t want dogs, but the husband did. The husband finally decided (thank God) it was no kind of life for her and I got to take her home with me.

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Swizzle:  +1 to all of this!

Puppies are adorable sweet little MONSTERS. Completely worth it but lord there are days… Can you compromise? what about fostering a rescue and see how that goes first? THEN talk about a pet?

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I’m obsessed with my puppy, now 130 lbs at 11 months. But I was going to jump on and say something similar to Swizzle: and merpitymerp: who both said it very well.  I’m not looking to be a downer at all, but honestly, both pet “parents” need to be 100% on board for me to encourage getting a puppy. They are so, so much work. <br />

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Bben2009:  Also, what happened to his last dog?

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Bben2009:  Not that I want to discourage you, but puppies are a LOT of work and do not stay puppies for long. Honestly, if he doesn’t want one then you need to accept that since you can’t just bring a dog into the house obviously, but maybe he can better explain why he doesn’t want one. Just a simple no isn’t enough explanation. If he seems kind of on board, make a list of pros and cons to getting a puppy.

As PPs said both people need to be on board when it comes to a puppy. I really wanted the puppy, and Darling Husband was on board, willing to share responsibility, but now he’s doing most of the work because I’m pregnant. If it had been all me wanting our dog and I got it with him being on the fence, I’d be in a world of hurt!

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Bben2009:  I’ve had labs my whole life. They’ve all slept through the night within the first week, potty trained within several days, etc. They love attention, but I dont feel like its “work” because I love spending time with my pets. We have 1 dog now, getting our 2nd April 18th and possibly a 3rd in a couple years, plus our cat. I can understand him being allergic, and that could really throw a wrench in things. Otherwise, yes you both have to be ready but maybe go to an adoption shelter and have him feel it out, see how he interacts with them-if hes not ready, hes not ready. Don’t push the issues because it’ll only cause an agrument. He knows you want one, and when he’s ready, he’ll let you know. Good luck- hopefully soon you get a little fur baby!

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