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We were pretty lucky because when we were on completely different schedules when we got our dog, so he was never really left alone for more then an hour or so. As a puppy, he would whine for maybe five minutes at night, but that was it. We got in the habit of saying “see ya later” when we put him in, so it was an exciting event to him when we put him in and took him out.

It lasted until he could make it thru the night without needing to pee 10,000 times.

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Our older dog was never crate trained and I couldn’t get her in one if I tried. With our new pup, crate training has been a breeze, even though we didn’t really know what we’re doing. He screamed the first two nights, but then we moved his crate out of the kitchen and into the living room facing our bedroom door. First night, he cried for a few minutes and then went right to sleep. He waits for us to move his crate for him to go to bed now. When we first crated him during the day he would cry for a few minutes, but then settled in quickly. Now he only cries if we leave the house with our other dog in tow (not often!). I didn’t believe in crates before, but it has saved my sanity and home! Oh and new pup is 12 weeks old, we’ve had him for a month now.

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My dog screamed for a few days when I first got her and I learned that if you put a blanket or a sheet over the crate everytime you put them in it the screaming stopped within the first couple of times and never happened again. We got a second dog and did this from day one and no crying!

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Cute, yay for new pups!

We tried for about 2 months (with ~3 hours of sleep each night) to crate train our dog, with no success. She had terrible separation anxiety and we decided we would rather have her hog our bed at night than deal with any additional sleep loss at that point. It’s worked out great for us, but it would be nice if she were crate trained. We do plan to crate our next dog though as it will be much easier for pet-sitting purposes. 

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we did not crate our puppy in the first year. wish we had tho. we left him in the foyer (closed) and would cry himself to sleep. it got better each day as he was used to that routine, sometimes. We do crate him now during the day while we both at work (he is 2). he goes in no problem. we call it his “house” . we tell tell him to go your “house”, gets a treat, close the crate’s door and have about 15 sec to leave the house.

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Our first one cried in her crate at night and we gave in and let her sleep with us but had to get up with her and let her out often at night. Our second only cried for a week or so. He still sleeps in his crate at night at they are both almost 2 now (got him around 10 weeks) all we have to do it tell Capone “crate” and he runs into it and waits for a treat. πŸ™‚

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ADORABLE puppy, crate training is the way to go! First couple of nights were rough for us bc our boy had definite seperation anxiety. My fiance slept with on the floor beside the crate one night with his finger in it and the puppy was silent and slept perfectly hahaha! It definitely took atleast a month for no crying to occur whatsoever. After that we could just say “go to bed” and he’d walk on in to his crate by himself…we’d close it, and all would be well for the whole night! Good luck with your cutie! We’re getting dog number 2 next Spring ourselves. They are the best.

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I don’t remember our little lady crying a lot when we crate trained her. We had the crate in the bedroom and she could clearly see us, so she would just give a tiny wimper if she needed to go potty. We took her out ever couple hours at night in the beginning which pretty much eliminated any crying. She wasn’t a big fan of being crated during the day when we went somewhere or if she knew we were in the other room, but I think she got over it pretty quick as she got older and more secure. She has a naturally submissive and somewhat shy personality,  it didn’t take long for her crate to become somewhere safe and positive. She’s 3 now and still sleeps in her crate most nights by choice, unless one of the cats gets there first and steals her memory foam bed.

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Our lab was sleeping through the night in his crate by 9 weeks old. He’s been un-crate trained since he was a year old but I’m glad we did it because of boarding/going to the vets.  

It’s important to not let her out when she cries bloody murder while you’re doing things around the house during the day. There will be times before you’re done crate training where you may need her to  be in her crate and still gets things done. 

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fvsoccer:  1. ADORABLE!!

2. My boy, a 1 1/2 year old Coonhound, was definitely crate trained. It took about a week for him to settle down for is. But then again, we got him when he was 13 weeks. For most puppies it takes a few weeks. 

Just make sure they are exhausted at bedtime. It makes it easier. Although I was a sucker and would bring him into bed when I had to take him out in the middle of the night.

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fvsoccer:  Our pup, Wesley, is 5 months old now and is mostly okay with his crate.  FI started putting him in bed with us at night, so now if we put him in the crate to sleep he’s pretty whiney at first.  When he was a puppy he never whined in his crate when we first put him in, only in the middle of the night when he had to go to the bathroom.  It took him a good two months before he was making it all night without going out.

I had to laugh when you said she peed where she was lying!  Wesley was so tired the one day from playing with his dog pals that I had him outside to go to the bathroom and all he would do is lay down- and he actually pooped laying down!  lol crazy puppies πŸ™‚

Also- your puppy is ADORABLE!

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We only half crate trained our puppy when we got her, meaning she went in the crate when we weren’t home but was free to sleep in the bed with us or anywhere in the bedroom at night. We had a couple issues with her chewing a couple things up for the first couple months but after that it was totally fine. i dont really remember her ever crying when we put her in the crate unless we were in another room with company or something but it has always been in the bedroom with a blanket draped over three sides of it which I’m sure helped with the safe and cozy effect. At 2.5 she now voluntarily will go nap in her crate durring the day even if we are home or if she gets frustrated with getting kicked at night in bed. We’ve also given her a small treat (like break a single treat into multiple pieces so it’s really just a taste) every time we ask her to “get in the crate” and that I’m sure also helped her have a positive association with it as well.

good luck with you’re new little one-she’s adorable!!

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fvsoccer:  One dog didn’t cry at all. Another dog cried for 45 minutes, but it helped when my husband put his fingers in his crate. The crate was by the bed so they both slept that way. Lol! Puppies are a PAIN, but they sure are cute!! Especially yours!!

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