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For my parents dog, a black lab, it took two nights. He cried for about 10 minutes each night and then after that he loved his crate and was in it anytime he was home alone and at night for a year, then just when no one was home till he was 1.5-2, now he doesnt use it and has free range of the house never destroying anything.

My dog, beagle/hound mix, absolutely hates his crate and has never gotten used to it.  He slept in it till he was one and was in it while we were gone until around then as well. He would scratch at the door in the middle of the night until I would wake up and then he would cry. He sleeps all night no problem since not being crated at night. Now he is just locked in a spare bedroom when we are at work since no matter what I do he is destructive and likes to tear things up and chew on things.  

Also, we tried both wire and the plastic type of crate since the plastic is suppose to feel more like a “den” and be comforting to puppies.  He Managed to chew apart the wires on the wire crate and form a big hole in the back and then push the tray out of the bottom and rip up a bunch of carpet.  The plastic one worked much better, however he  still chewed and bent the bars around the “windows” of the crate…..I know a lot of it is boredom during the day when no one is home, but man he was a tough first dog for my husband who never had one growing up. He is a 1 1/2 now for reference, he is just destructive by nature no matter how much exercise he has.

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fvsoccer:  Our first dog cried, whined and shook in her cage for a few weeks, then got over it. Our newest dog…well he is a head case when it comes to being in crates. He is the calmest dog you will ever meet outside of his crate, but goes crazy when in it. We have had him for a year and a half and he still hates his crate. He recently completely destroyed a metal wire crate…broke the welding, chewed up the bottom tray and busted out so he could walk around freely (luckily he didn’t chew anything up). We have worked with a dog trainer to improve his anxiety, but he has intense separation anxiety. 

What has helped a lot though, is that we give him a kong toy filled with peanut butter. That allows us to distract him long enough so we can leave the house. We also use a small amount of essential oils on the outside of his cage (chamomile and lavendar) to calm him. We just started this a month ago and we are seeing some improvements. He still nibbles on his new plastic cage, but he is much calmer…until we return home. 

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youre pup is adorable! i love the last picture you posted. it’s so cute when pups sprawl out like that.

i think it took a few weeks for us to get our pup used to being in her crate at night. every couple of hours she would start crying and since we shared a wall with our neighbors at the time i spent many sleepless nights trying to keep her from waking our neighbors. sometimes she was crying because she had to pee, sometimes it was just that she didn’t want to be alone. when we moved her crate into our room it helped a lot, but there were times that it worked against us too. like, “i know you’re there and i know you can hear me, let me out!” lol but eventually she got the idea and only woke us up if she had to go potty.

if separation anxiety is the problem, you could try putting her crate in your room and gradually moving it out and when you’re going to be away, leave a radio on so she doesn’t feel so alone.

lately my dog’s been weird about her crate- she’s totally fine once she’s in, but she fights us every step of the way, so we’re tryng to work on that issue right now.

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We gave our puppy a little peanut butter in a kong every single time he went in to the crate when we left the house, and within 2 days he didn’t cry.  Now, when we leave the house we tell him to “Go to his home”, and he runs in, and waits drooling for his treat.  He’s 2 years old now (and 115 lbs)!

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Our dog would whine for about 10-15 minutes, then stop.  But during the first week, he suddenly folded the steel door on his crate in half (with his teeth) and ripped it off.  He was 4 months old.  We gave up.  We were afraid he would hurt himself if we tried again.

His crate wasn’t flimsy, either!

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My jack/pug is fully crate trained but we no longer crate her up anymore. She is 6 years old and we leave her out. She doesn’t get into anything at all and we trust her. She’s always hated being locked up after she was crate trained. I got her when she was almost 7 weeks. I let her sleep with me for the first week or so. Took me a few weeks with her to get her trained. 

 I also have a daschund that I had to crate train and she was a year and half when I got her. She used to wine when I put her in the crate now she doesn’t wine and only wines when she needs to be let out but I try to wait until she stops wining before I let her out. 

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fvsoccer:  I started with my pup this month! We did it gradually, it is draped with a big blanket so it was cosy inside like a cave, gave him treats in there and didnt close the door for the first week by then he started to sleep in it with the door open. We started to close the door only at night when we went to sleep and he would whimper for a couple of minutes but then go to sleep and we would take him to the toilet once in the night and he went straight back to sleep! He loves his crate, but if there is a pile of pillows he loves those more 🙂

I am from Australia, not sure if this is available where you are but it is a spray called Adaptil, it is a synthetic version of the mothers pheromones that calm the pups down. It was referred to me by a vet for crate training and also driving in the car (he was terrified at the start), but it worked wonders!! I used to spray it in his crate about 20 mins before he went in there and it really calms them down 🙂 hope that helps!

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fvsoccer:  I have crate trained both pups and have been very lucky that the crying only lasted about an hour and stopped after about 2 weeks. Once they were 110% fully potty trained we let them start sleeping on the end of our bed at night. now they only go in their crates for meals and while nobody is home (for safety reasons because they both are chewers)

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We put him in the crate and put the crate in the room(while we slept.luckily i had a week off when we got him).We did that for a week or two and then we started putting him downstairs and that’s where he stays now. When we leave or go to work he gets put in the crate. At first,keep it short.an hour or so and then increase. This worked gor us.Good luck.

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fvsoccer:  Our first dog never had a problem. I got her at about 8 weeks and from the first day she was in her “room.” She would just lay down and go to sleep. We don’t crate her anymore but she still goes in there sometimes to nap or get away from the puppy.

Our puppy–now 8 months old, we’ve had her since she was ~4 months–has never adjusted to the crate. SHe was pulled out of a hoarding situation and was in a small crate with 3 of her siblings before we got her though, and I think that’s why. We tried everything–treats, talking to her, leaving the TV on, leaving the house, putting the crate in our bedroom, putting it where she couldn’t hear or see us. Nothing made a difference, she would just cry and yelp. We finally decided we’d just try not crating her. We’re about two months in and nothing has been destroyed and she hasn’t had any accidents. I think we’re just lucky though–I’ve never heard of that in a dog that young.

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fvsoccer:  omg your dog is ADORABLE. Ours cried for probably under a week, and never all night long, just when she got nervous or when we first went to bed (or if one of us got up in the middle of the night). Good luck!

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fvsoccer:  She is sooo cute! May I ask what breed she is? We want to start looking in a few months to get another puppy!

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