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We rescued a dog who acted like that! She would actually break out of her crate though and destroy her food dishes. We started having her “practice” being away from us. On weekends we would work on putting her in her crate, giving her treats and saying loving things and then going outside for about 10 minutes where she couldn’t see us and then come back inside and give her some more positive reinforcement. It took work but she eventually got over it and was fine.

We also tried the trick where you just nonchalantly put them in their crate and then walk away like it’s 100% normal and just calm. Yea that didn’t work for us all and made her act out more because she really thought we were just ditching her.

There are a few other tricks we tried as well pm me if you want some other tricks we tried.

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Cute photo! I would be interested in hearing what other have to say. We are having similar issues with our 8 month old pup. The most devestating thing is we actually made the mistake of leaving him out of his crate when we did a day-trip out of town and he ate half our leather couch!

I’ve been told that you can try putting something that has your scent on it in his crate to help calm him. Our dog has calmed a little, but we haven’t found any real solutions other than round about ways. We’ve put anti-chew spray on his things and we bought a cat to keep him company. Now instead of the crate he hangs out with the kitty in the laundry room while we’re at work and this seems to have been the only working solution for us.

Good luck!

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One other thing we use to do when our dog had really bad anxiety from being away from us was…. Now I swear we’re not crazy, we could call our answering machine and talk to her…. Ok I know it sounds crazy but it would reassure her (we did a test run one day looking through the window) and she would have a little reminder that ohhhh I better behave.

Even when we go on vacation we now have it so that when we call to check in my sister who always watches our dogs will put the phone on speaker and they will even sit and lay down by our voice command! So that helps us feel better about when we use to call and talk to her through the answering machine. lol

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Our first dog when he was a puppy shredded any pillow we tried to leave in his little house until he was like a 1-1/2 old.  He did have separation anxiety but he just shredded things because at first he was teething and then I think just because he loved to shred things.  I don’t have any great advice except that for us it went away.  We tried to make sure we had a few short trips so he was confidant that we were coming back and leave him a toy or treat he liked that he only got when we were leaving.  It helped a little but it did take a lot of time for him to not cry when we left.

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they make collars that are supposed to help with this. i’ve never used one though so i don’t know if they work. do you leave the tv on? also, if you can, i would suggest adopting another dog or a cat (if you can get another dog, i would get one that’s older). this does wonders!

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@sizzle: We did something very similar. We would actually start out by backing away farther and farther until he didn’t whine, then leaving for five minutes and coming back in and only giving him a treat if he didn’t whine (then extending that to ten minutes, fifteen, twenty, an hours, etc.). We also jingled our keys and gave him a treat, also anything else related to leaving would be associated with treats. Eventually, once he realized we always came back, he was fine! He loves his crate, so we make sure it is always a happy place for him.

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Our dog has crazy seperation anxiety. He chewed up our front door, he locks the bottom lock on our door sometimes b/c he’s chewing it and got the lock off so we had to replace the doornob. We have a big window in the front that he looks out of and he poked a hole in the wall up there. If we leave anything out, he’ll destroy it, and he’ll find ways to distroy things that we put away. We’ll always find random things around the house that were really high up, but he gets them! And we ended up putting child locks in the kitchen b/c he’d pull everything out of our cabinets.

We’ve tried everything. We were told not to pay attention to him 10 minutes before leaving and when we come back home for 10 minutes so us coming home isn’t a fun exciting experience. We give him a treat when we leave so he’ll pay attention to that and not us (he doesn’t, he waits until we get back home until he eats his treat). We’ve given him natural meds. He’s taken calm dog, we have a scent that we plug into the wall that’s supposed to help, and we tried the collar thing that kitzy mentioned.

Nothing worked, and he was tearing up our house so we ended up using antianxiety meds. He’s been on them for a few months now, and sometimes he’ll still get to things, but it’s not as bad as it used to be at least.

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