Puppy SOS! How do we handle this?

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woahthisjustgotreal2018 :  this!

OP, your little guy is probably whining because he’s not used to sleeping without other warm dogs around him. If the crate is locked up at night, try elevating it on a chair or table right beside your bed, then when he starts whining, just stick a hand in and place it on his body. I think he’s just looking for physical touch and warmth. 

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Your puppy is so cute! 

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Please don’t assume that he can hold it pee all night just because he has woken you up and not gone potty. He may have days when we drinks less and doesn’t need to go but it takes time for puppies to learn bladder control just like toddlers. He may be lonely even if he can see you. He is still a baby and may feel unsafe. They are pack animals and puppies sleep together. I did not crate train. He cried too much. I have downstairs neighbors who I didn’t know well when I got him and I told them that he was a puppy who may bark at night or early am and although I would try my best to keep him quite to let me know if they were disturbed. Most people understand even if they don’t have puppies. 

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yourhandinmine :  Omg no way we pick up our little 8 week old retriever baby on Saturday. So I might be making this post next week haha

One thing I might suggest for night time crying

My parents have this little fuzz ball called Leia. When she was a puppy they had real trouble getting her to sleep through the night as well – constantly waking up crying. And when she woke up, she would need to pee. Drove them bonkers.

It took about 10 nights of hell to realise what was wrong – she was cold! Always waking up because she was too cold. So they invested in a really fluffy mat thing to go at the base of her crate, and added a heap more pillows for her to snuggle into.

Not a problem after that – she was good as gold – pee breaks went to every 3-4 hours instead of every thirty minutes

Not sure if anyone else suggested it (I haven’t read everyone’s posts) – but it may be worth a shot. Puppies like to feel warm and protected, which is why they tend to sleep between objects – it’s the safety of being surrounded by their litter mates they miss, all snuggled up together.

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Sounds like it could also be a combo of crate training. We got my pup at 6 weeks, started crate training at about 7.5- 8 weeks. We had to keep her kennel in the living room with blankets over it to make it dark. It was rough, I swore up and down I will never do it again. But it is doable. We stopped creating all together at about 1.5 years, once she showed she could be trusted left alone or through the night

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yourhandinmine :  can we see a picture of the puppy?


ETA: you get right up and attend to that sweet little boy’s needs whenever he calls! neighbors be damned!! 😍😍😍 

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yourhandinmine : 

Oh how lovely he is.  Please, please don’t lock that baby (or any dog )  in a cage at night, so awful….keep him close to you and where you are able to touch and pet him when he is  lonely or cold.   He won’t need it forever,retrievers are quite calm and unneurotic  dogs almost always –    but he needs it now, only weeks from  being  actually  in  utero, and even less since  his  mum and  siblings were there all around him .   

Yes I agree with  PP , take him out , properly out, everytime he seems to need or ask. He is a baby and he is utterly dependant on you for everything.     Stuff the neighbousr , you owe it to him.   

ETA, do be careful with these sorts of attriibutions ” so that he knows the ONLY reason we’re up is to help him pee” he  doesn’t really know anything yet other than he is uncomfortable or cold or lonely or happy and ready to play etc.  Don’t  imagine he is reasoning or planning stuff or remembering  or being deliberately  naughty ,  he is far too young,  and in any case, a dog not a person .In time he’ll be clever and  intelligent and responsive ,  but  he  still will always  be a dog.

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I have four dogs, and every puppy I’ve had has been trained from day one to sleep in the bed.  All dogs are different, but at 8 weeks, I set an alarm for every two hours, carried the dog to the door, outside, and onto the same spot in the grass.  Leash them, set them down.  Lots of praise for an outside potty.  Remember that potty time is never play time.  The crate can be used similarly.  The general rule is that a puppy can hold it for one hour per month of age.  At 8 weeks, two hours.  At 12 weeks, three hours.  They shouldn’t be forced to hold it longer.  They should always go out immediately after waking up or eating. 

If your puppy is waking up and whining to go out, take him out of bed or the crate, and carry him outside.  Don’t give him any other coddling.  Let him know that whining gets him potty time and that’s it.  If he cries when you put him back in his crate, ignore him completely.  Don’t soothe him.  Don’t yell at him.  Don’t even breathe differently.  Take deep, soothing breaths as though you’re asleep.  Even rolling over and groaning “ughhh this puppy” to your SO is reinforcing the puppy’s barking and crying.  He knows you can hear him, and even negative attention is still attention.

My recommendation is NEVER to use pee pads.  All they teach a dog is that it’s okay to go in the house.  Many dogs will transition from pee pads to outside with very little trouble.  Some, though, will move to peeing on anything on the floor that resembles a pee pad:  towels, t-shirts, gym bags.  You don’t want that.  Dogs should pee outside. 

As for your neighbors, a nice note letting them know you’re potty/crate training a puppy and the worst will soon be over should make things easier.  Most people have done this before; they know it’s not easy!

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elderbee :  this is terrible advice. Crate training is not “awful”. It’s safer for the puppy. Dogs are den animals. 

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Agree with PPs about letting him out to pee at night. Another thing is that he’s probably lonely in his crate. When my pup was a puppy, he would whine and cry the entire night, even after we’ve let him out to potty. One night I decided to put a plush dog toy (of course make sure it’s dog friendly) in with him that’s similar size as him. He sluggled with it and slept like a pig ever since. They’re still best friends after 2 years πŸ™‚

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I train dogs. First, you do need to crate train. He needs the crate, just as a baby needs a crib. For his safety and the safety of your items.

second, puppies do get up through the night. You need to take him out at night. That is normal.

third, I do not recommend puppy pads. Teach the puppy to go outside because that is ultimately where you want him to do his business.

i babysat a puppy a few weeks ago for a weekend. I got very little sleep and it made me very sure that I don’t have it in me to get another puppy at this time. 

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You do NOT need crates. True, dogs like “dens”. A den is NOT something that is closed and locked at night or whenever the owner feels like it. Dogs need to be trained to go to a specific place and stay there if they’re told to do so. Dogs need to be trained not to eat otherwise destroy things, they do not need to be put in a crate for that. In Germany what you call crate training sounds like it would be banned by law! I literally know nobody here who locks their dog in a crate at night or at other times.

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yourhandinmine :  Sounds like you’re own the right track, and aren’t you lucky that he’s letting you sleep! It took my pup a few weeks before he let us sleep more then 6ish hours. You’ll find the crate training hugely helpful down the road as well. I no longer keep my dog in his crate over night (he’s 7 months) and during the day we have sectioned off a safe area of the house so he isn’t crated during the day either. But he will still go in his crate for naps, we use a crate installed in our car for safer travelling, we are training in agility and use the crate during lessons and will use the crate during competitions (if you end up competing in anything a crate is so so useful). Keep up the good work! And post more puppy pictures cause they are the best <3

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