(Closed) Puppy won’t stop biting and I’m losing my mind… help!

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In a 16 week old puppy it is not aggression, it is mouthing behaviour!  It can be sooo frustrating at this stage and they feel like a land shark!

The mouthing goes on until about 6 months and they are finished teething.  The only thing I can suggest is redirect, redirect, redirect!  Get some awesome toys, treats, etc that you shove in his mouth the moment it tries to mouth you.  I would recommend bully sticks, antler, squeaky toy or something like a nylabone.  You could also buy a small kong (another fun thing is to stuff it with wet dog food and then freeze it – you now have a very distracting and delicious treat that they have to work for!).   We would have a toy or whatever on us constantly that we could just shove into our puppy’s mouth, haha.  That way they have a safe way to get out their mouthiness and they learn that there are better things for chewing vs human! 


Think of how exciting it would be to chew on you – you respond, you move about, you make noise, it seems like you are interacting and ‘playing’ with him.  Puppies explore the world through their mouths and normally in a litter would be playing constantly and mouthing one another – you are his litter now!  In another month he will start to teeth and it will get better, and then gradually will decrease to nothing over the following couple of months :)<br /><br />Another thing I would suggest is putting him in a time out if it gets really frantic – our trainer recommended the bathroom, door closed, and light out for 30s.  Puppies love interaction, so a good discipline method is to remove their favourite toy – you!  Our dog is almost three and we use time out still if he isn’t listening… if we say time out he actually walks to the bathroom and lays down looking sad, lol.  It totally worked for us!

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I know he is so young and it probably is teething but I wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to lead to something aggressive as an adult (we plan on having kids in a year or so and I want him to get along with everyone!). I’ve tried redirecting him but it seems like he ONLY wants to bite us and our clothes! It does get really frustrating but it is comforting to know this is common and will pass. I feel bad putting him in a time out (I’ve never had to do that with my dogs in the past) but as long as that won’t cause more aggression I’ll try it.


Thanks for your comment- we’re open to more suggestions 🙂

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Hi Bees!

We are having the exact same problem with our 3 month old doberman puppy! I tried the nasty spray for chewing, yelping when he would bite me,walking away..you name it we’ve tried it! Everything at this age seems like a game to them.

What automatically worked for us..this sounds so simple.. is a tin can or container with some coins in it. Whenever he goes to attack/chew us we shake it. The noise the tin and coins make is enough to snap him out of his biting mood, and he usually bolts in the other direction. After he bolts in the other direction we ignore him for a couple of minutes. This is very similar to what his puppy brothers and sisters do.. they usually yelp loudly and walk away. Redirecting their attention to another chew toy is sometimes a good idea, but puppies need to learn what is acceptable to do to human skin, and what is too much. If you don’t allow him to explore that an constantly stick a chew toy in their mouth he or she will never learn how much pressure they can use on a humans skin.. They need to develop their boundaries!

Hope this helps!

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