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I just had to register so I could log on and also warn brides-to-be to STAY AWAY from Ao Dai Vinh (www.aodaivinh.com)!  They have a great website and only post the positive comments there so don’t be swayed by all the rest of us who had horrible experiences.

Basically, I live in the UK and ordered my wedding gown, wedding ao dai and all 6 of my bridesmaids ao dais from them online.  At first, the owner was really good at replying to all my queries (sometimes almost instantly no matter what the time). She constantly reassured me that she would re-do this or that and I could choose the colours, material, etc. My parents were travelling to Vietnam that summer so I told her they would pick everything up.

Well, it’s a good thing they did go in person because they had only made 4 of the bridesmaids ao dai by that point and they were in the wrong material and were bright pink (after she kept reassuring me she would make them dark purple). Then, when my dad asked her to redo them, she told him to go away because they were too busy!!!  Then, he discovered that instead of the promised embroidery, they had glued on all the beading, etc. to the ao dai robe and the bridal crown. Also, she doesn’t make anything herself, but hires in local neighbours and relatives to handle her orders so you’re not guaranteed a proper seamstress at all. My parents said the shop was very crammed and unprofessional and dirty and my dad had to reprimand the owner for being downright rude to his face, which is uncalled for in a business sense, but also extremely rude socially.

THEN, they got my wedding gown all wrong from the design we had chosen as well. I had wanted a dark purple gauze over it and they sewed on a light blue overskirt in something similar to raincoat material!!!  It was awful!  Then, when we tried to call or email, we never got any response at all.  On top of that, they almost didn’t deliver it on time for my parents’ return flight and demanded more money in cash before they would hand it over (it was all crumpled up in a dirty grocery-type bag, not even in a proper garment bag). 

So, we had to rush to have my wedding gown re-tailored once I finally got it in the end, and I was NOT happy with the way they deal with us.  It was like after we had wired her the money, she didn’t care and we had to live with it. In the end, my wonderful seamstress aunt rescued it by taking off the blue raincoat material and pulling it to the back with a rose bud…but if not, it would have been terrible and I would have had to rush to get another dress.

So, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from Ao Dai Vinh if you want extra grief or don’t really care if you get what you ordered!!! I have spoken to a few others who have ordered dresses from there only to have the same problems of them ignoring queries AFTER they had the wired money (which they insist upfront BEFORE they make your dress). They do advertise atractive prices, but in the end, you pay for what you get!!!  And the grief and wasted just isn’t worth it when it’s your special day!!!

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Hi all :

I am sympathizing to all griefs that you have been through with the ao dai order situation.  When I first see the ao dai online deal, I feel so happy and relieved with the money amount that it is posted.  However, I am still skeptical, so I call a childhood friend in VN and asks her to order a dress there herself as if she is me.  Then, my friend gets the ao dai for me & send it to US herself.  I get many compliments wearing the ao dai since the works have been great, especially the maker has never met me & only make it from my measurements.  So, I recommend the website to my girlfriend (who happens to make her wedding in rush that year).  Unfortunately, my girlfriend has no relatives/friends in VN to do the orderings & deliveries.  We plan everything online with the representative from http://WWW.AODAIVINH.COM.  We get all worried when the ao dai have not come since the wedding is about 2wks away.  My gf has to pay extra shippings for them to ship express internationally.  Then, when we receive the ao dai, these dresses are far worse from what my own dress looks before since the craftmanships are done in haste & not very professional.  Flowers fall off the dresses as we look at them.  The materials are cheap & hard.  Considering my friend has to pay over $200 to make all dresses, I feel so bad & would have been more careful before recommending this place to her.  Luckily, she only needs to wear the gown for 1hr during the home ceremony & changes into her white gown for church so geee…  never again would I recommend anybody to deal with http://WWW.AODAIVINH.COM over the internet.  They know that people oversea/faraway need a good deal & would not able to return the products so they think that they can cheat and nobody can come after them.  So I say, stick with the deal we have where we live, probably our best chance to have what we really want.  If we really want to deal with unprofessionalists, we need a backer to deal with them.  Good lucks & I hope my post will help those looking for a good ao dai deal in the future.    

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I also had a similar experience with aodaivinh.com.  At first the owner replied to my emails very promptly but as soon as they received my money I didn’t hear anything back from them.  Even when I emailed them to ask when my order would arrive… no word.  I did receive the dresses I ordered and was very relieved that they fit.  One of my dressses had the design stitched on and the other one was hand painted on.  It seems like the more difficult the design of the dress, (also the more costly the dress), the higher the chance that they will just paint the design on the fabric.  They basically just try to make their best representation of the dresses that they have posted on their website.  I’m only wearing the dresses for a short time so I did not care about the overall quality of the dresses, I just was glad I got some kind of product in return for the money I sent.  If you do have other alternatives for having your ao dai made, I would recommend your alternative.  Otherwise, if you plan on ordering online, I would go into it knowing you probably won’t get exactly what you want, so I wouldn’t invest too much into the dresses you order online. 

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There is Ao dai at Hoankathy bridal really mordern and so cute with reasonable price…your guys should check it out…I saw on facebook under hoankathybridal

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  • Wedding: June 2014

@bokchoy: Im super agree with you. That’s totally true. Ao Dai Vinh is truly horrible. I was ordered 2 (the most expensive one at that time 2006) OMG, when it arrived, one was wrong color, and one was clue all the detai on my Aodai, so after my mom washed, it all gone!

It’s truly a nightmare. So in the end, in my wedding, I have to order Ao Dai from California by the designer, it cost alot of money. But it worth. After experiment by order online Ao Dai from VN, I never want history repeat itself again. Cheap but totally waste.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

I just want to say that these reviews have made me very skeptical about ordering from Aodaivinh.com…. But I did it anyway and my ao dai went beyond my expectations!! I usually don’t post reviews, but I felt that there were so many negative reviews out there that they needed to redeem themselves.

I live in Houston, TX and barely speak a lick of Vietnamese, let alone write it. It costs ~$500-600 to get one made by someone you don’t know. I don’t have any connections in Vietnam to get it made in person, so i ordered this design online on 15-Oct-11:http://www.aodaivinh.com/gold-wedding-ao-dai-wg097.html

It includes the ao dai, pants, jacket, and hat.

I received an email from Thi and she said that I will receive my ao dai around 15-Nov-11. One month after ordering. I asked her a few questions and she responded very timely (within a day or so). The package came in the mail on 16-Nov-11.

It came in a UPS 13.5″ x 11″ x 3″ box. Everything was folded and wrapped individually in a clear cellophane bag.

The jacket was a gorgeous soft and light organza fabric (I thought it was going to be the rough fabric like the wire-edged ribbon you see in craft stores). I was afraid that the beading would be ‘glued’ or ‘painted’ on as said by other reviewers. I was hoping for it to be embroidered. But each bead was HAND SEWN into the jacket. I can’t express how truly impressed I am!! The pictures online don’t do it justice.
Even the back of the jacket had beads sewn into it! I LOVE THE JACKET!

The ao dai and pants and hat were in a beautiful fabric and color. The ao dai is a very bright turquoise color with gold/light yellow flowers. The fabric gives that ‘silk’ look due to the sheen. The pants are a light gold/cream color that matches the jacket. It isn’t as dark as the hat.

The fit of everything was great! They tell you to measure close to the skin but I made sure to add 2-3 cm to everything for more breathing room (I want to be able to hold my arms up lol). I also like how they show you how to measure yourself. The pants are a little long…they probably expect you to wear heels but I am going to wear flats, so I will have to hem them.

Overall, they went way beyond my expectations. I emailed them and told them to thank their seamstress(es).
Their quality may have been bad in the past, but they have definitely improved. I told them I will post this review on several forums as a ‘thank you’ and as a way tho show that they have redeemed themselves.

Below I have attached some pictures. Please pardon my crappy camera phone. The colors are really skewed in them. I hope to get more pictures after the dam hoi/engagement. (I wasn’t going to wear an ao dai on my wedding day, but now I really want to!!)

1. Front of Jacket.

2. Close up of front

3. Detailed handsewn beading 

4. Back of jacket

5. Pearls sewn into the back

6. Flowers in the back

7. Front Ao dai with flash

8. Close up of fabric without flash

9. Jacket, pants, hat, without flash

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  • Wedding: August 2012

Me wearing the ao dai! What do you think?

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